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  1. Lucifuge

    spore prints Wanted!

    I have some Cambodians.
  2. Lucifuge

    Succulents wanted

    I don't have any aloe polyphilla, but I have tons of aloe vera (barbadensis).
  3. Lucifuge


    All good. It's longifolia.
  4. Greeting Lucifuge, just wondering if you have any prints left available? Thanks in advance

    1. ben


      for microscopy purposes of course

  5. Lucifuge


    Yes, they are all still available. Which are you after?
  6. Hey bro, are you still offering the Iboga plant?

    1. Lucifuge


      Yes. It's still available. It's lost a bit of foliage since I took the photo on the thread, but that happens every year around this time and it always grows back once it gets warmer,

  7. Lucifuge

    B. caapi

    I have a few plants. But I am in Queensland. I could post to you.
  8. Lucifuge


  9. Lucifuge

    Bunnings finds

    I buy most of my gardening supplies from Bunnings. I very rarely buy plants there, but occasionally I may find something. I have seen what looks like pachanoi there. But they label most of their cacti as 'designer cactus' or simply 'cactus' so I can't know for certain what they are.
  10. Lucifuge

    Wanted: Kava plants

    I'd like to get one too. Herbalistics has some in stock, but they are quite expensive.
  11. Lucifuge

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Okay. Where is it this time?
  12. Lucifuge

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I'd like to go if people actually show up this time.
  13. Lucifuge

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    I did stand the bags upright. But what does polarise mean? I didn't sterilise the leaves. What is the best way to do that? I left the leaves as they were when I picked them. I didn't cut or wound them, but I'll try that next.
  14. Lucifuge

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    I recently tried my hand at propagating psychotrias from leaf cuttings. I tried it with 4 different plants – a nexus and 3 viridis (generic, shipibo, and brazil). What I did was I picked some leaves off the plants, put some cutting powder on them (Yates cutting powder which contains indole acetic acid and naphthalene acetic acid). I then wrapped them in some wet paper towels and put them in some snaplock bags. I kept the bags in my house in a position where they’d get plenty of sunlight. After a few weeks most of the nexus’ had sprouted roots and new shoots. However all of the viridis just went brown and mouldy. I’ve since planted the nexus in some seedling trays with some coir, which I then put in a clear plastic box for the humidity. So I’ll see how they go. But does anyone have any advice on getting results with the viridis?
  15. Lucifuge

    Meet Up: Gold Coast

    It was great to meet everyone yesterday.