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  1. fydesvindico

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    5 years! Hectic. Slow growing plants hey. I remember there was a member on here years ago who posted up some pics of monster plants! (Might have been pH) they must have been ancient! Good work, I love the fact that there are people keeping this plant alive!
  2. fydesvindico


    Yeah or mini AB. Economical? I’d say that depends on one's motives. In particular, the intended use of said extract. In theory, I’d say that in one year, 5 or more medium sized plants would provide more than enough foliage for experimentation (in a country legal to do so). If someone had access to one small plant, through striking leaves I’d say they’d have enough plants within 2 years. Easy. Obviously the more the better. I always had trouble growing P. viridis until a member here sent me a shipibo variant. I’m not sure where they came across this particular variant, or if they’re aware of how beautifully this plant grows compared to others - but I tell you, this plant almost outperforms carthagenensis (in terms of growth). I highly recommend anyone looking to grow P. Viridis to try and find a shipibo variant. They seem to do well in colder conditions, and aren’t as prone to mealy bugs and other pests (at least mine aren’t). I might actually look at doing a giveaway if people are keen. Also have berries that are almost ripe too. Anyway. I’d say that viridis is highly underappreciated (and safe) - there’s not much literature in the community investigating viridis (at least there wasn’t when I was looking), but I think its worth investigation.
  3. fydesvindico

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    Such an interesting plant! How old is the sincia in the pictures above?
  4. fydesvindico


    lower heat. defatt. p. viridis could theoretically be a very sustainable resource.
  5. fydesvindico

    six years later and i'm back

    Haha “OCP”. Love it. I'd say most members suffer the same ailment! I know that I definitely do! You are absolutely right. Lamenting the apex of shaman-australis does no good. Neither does yearning for change without specifying what that change may look like. Or at least speculating - I'm clearly guilty of this and I've only been back for 1 post! ..so, yeah I feel ya. It would be hard to hear about the downfall of this community when you are in the midst of it; A fish in water etc. And I guess, upon reflecting... what would I know about the current state of things anyway!? From what you've said, your experience seems very similar to mine anyway! Maybe it’s only relative - my subjective experience tainted by my own expectations etc. I'd say there is some truth to your theory of info being shared via pm. Privacy concerns have always been an issue in communities like this… I know that I definitely held back a lot when I was a member here in the past due to having "privacy" concerns (or perhaps it was just paranoia). Obviously there are actions we can take to avoid these issues.. and surely.. surely! everyone can agree that of all places to engage in allegedly "dodgey" conversations, Facebook is not the place to do it! I'm not quite sure how to explain what it was like. Perhaps I'm just reminiscing.. but I think there was just more engagement. There were a lot of seasoned, or, "professional" members who contributed a lot to the forums; members who were doing either formal or private research, sharing info, interacting with one another. It was like reading conversations between scientists, or listening to specialists talk.. I couldn't keep up with it all. Also, i'm not sure what it's like for noobs here now days, but they were greatly encouraged and info was shared without arrogance or pretentiousness. It was kind, friendly and welcoming. I guess, not too far off what you've said.. maybe things are as they should be? Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting back amongst it all. Hopefully I can contribute in a meaningful way. Reenact some of those positive experiences I've had. Thank you for your generosity, but I seriously have too many cacti as it is - The Mrs. has been trying to get me to offload some for years (she’s probably rubbing her hands together at the thought of me loosing some!) in saying that.. I might hit you up in a PM anyway! Haha. I have some goodies you may be interested in also. Anyway, I appreciate everyone’s replies so far. Maybe we can all help to “make America shaman-australis great” again. Haha
  6. fydesvindico

    six years later and i'm back

    Haha thanks guys! Great to see that some are still finding value in the forums! But.. Facebook? Really? Wow. Do they run trades off there too? This place used to be bustling! Seed and plant swaps used to run so hot they'd turn over daily. Weird and wonderful posts were so bountiful that I'm sure moderators found it difficult to keep up! Was awesome. It was like the wiki of plants.. learnt so much here. Anyway. I'm sure I'll still enjoy the forums, and like you've said, lots of info here. Is the store still operational? What about wandjina?
  7. fydesvindico

    six years later and i'm back

    So... After about 50 failed attempts at logging in, 30 or so more at the email address linked to this account… Then, probably another 30 or so more tries on another old email I had linked to that account, I finally managed to crack a secret question (which to my amazement... and well, mostly frustration, was an ex girlfriends name for the “name of my first pet” secret question… Go figure!). Anyway, after this montage of me trying every possible password, getting locked out, waiting 15 minutes and trying again, spread out over the course of about, what? 3 days… I finally managed to get in! (Sorry for the “fraudulent activity” Torsten - if you're still around). So it appears I have not been an active member on the Corroboree for more than 6 years. There are a number of unanswered messages in my inbox (sorry for the late reply) and I notice that a number of long standing members seem to have disappeared (or maybe they’ve forgotten their secret questions too?). The forums appear a little lonely, and the activity seems a little… dull? (Or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough, you tell me. What’s that community like these days?) Indeed, things have changed. As everything does. But, I’m back! And it’s been a long time coming… There have been many unambitious attempts over the years to reengage, a lot of half motivated, languid stabs at the keyboard; partially completed new accounts - numerous hours spent vexatiously agonising over display names (what was I thinking with this one!) - but it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t the right time. The planets had not aligned, the moon wasn't right.. or, my chakra’s weren’t spinning or whatever other hippy shit I believed in at the time… I wasn’t in the mood. Now, apparently, I am. So, Hello. What’s happening? Anyone else in the northern rivers sick of this rain yet? I pulled a fuck-ton of Trichs out this week that were at various stages of rot. (Fucking clay!) Here’s a pic. And well.. I guess I don’t have much else to say as of yet.. I’ll have to get back into the "forum" swing of things… relearn the lingo, give tips to noobs, post blurry pics and feel embarrassed by senior psychonauts (oh wait, I’m one now!) Anyhow, I will leave you with some of my recently taken, sensual pics to set the mood. enjoy.
  8. fydesvindico

    What's the TOP#3 psychedelic films?

    Cubism is right on the money with naked lunch, my top 3 would be: 1. Naked lunch 2. Samsara 3. Enter the void
  9. fydesvindico

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Was out in the paddocks yesterday, there was quite a few of these bad boys around...
  10. fydesvindico

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    went for a bit of a walk today....
  11. fydesvindico

    Acacia Fruit?

    Yeah they do look interesting, hanging off the branch like that.. That website does have a similar photo labeled as "fruit"... But I dunno.. Any larvae in the one you opened? They do look too smooth to be galls, but I've seen all sorts so who knows. Haven't come across "fruit" on any acacia except for pods. Will be interested to see what anyone else has to say.
  12. fydesvindico

    Acacia Fruit?

    Galls.. Not sure if you can do anything with em.. Usually uglier than that though haha
  13. fydesvindico

    Noob question: Contam?

    ^yeah how fast is the growth? Grey, fast growth usually ends up being cobweb mold, but usually isn't noticed until fruiting.. If your myc growth is slow and more on the grey side you could be looking at a bacterial contam.. Do you know what it smells like? Sweet? Could be a weak strain too, how did you inoculate?
  14. fydesvindico

    Cactus+Plants+Seeds 4 Sale

    Man I wish you did LayBy haha, will probably end up pm-ing you anyways but.. Gotta spend our money somewhere!
  15. fydesvindico

    I'm not a bogan but....

    I'm not a bogan but my whole house is furnished with things found on the side of the road. Also.. I'm not a bogan but when me thongs break, I just fix em up with a bread clip, that way I'll get another 6 months out of em hahaha