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  1. Thelema

    No Longer Thelema

    Dear All, due to federal and international issues, I am no longer Thelema and I will no longer contribute to this forum. All the best my sisters and brothers, Yours Sincerely, T
  2. Dear All, I wish to clear up a misunderstanding occcuring at a high level - I am not a member of the O.T.O, A.A or ecclesiatica gnostica or any other group. I wish I could revert my username to "Horatio Churchmouse". I apologise for any attempts or connotations to the contrary. Thank-you,
  3. Deleted Entity Contact Manifesto from the pen of a Magus.odt
  4. so do heroin addicts consume a lot of meat? are they carnivorous largely? What about meth?
  5. Thelema

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happiest of Birthdays torsten, sorry for all of the ridiculous bullshit over the years, we did some good stuff together. Here's hoping your year is great!
  6. I had a chicken-curry pasta packet yesterday for lunch without even thinking. Boy the chicken made me feel quite ill!
  7. it's basically a thread about a little-known type of male masturbation technique as practised by Kings and squires throughout history. the idea of the sister being involved is complicated - one ruler insisted that his sister be present and tie the band around him, that's all.
  8. I wonder if it has got something to do with GDNF upgrading or some sort of dimer physiology?
  9. so, this is a hilarioulsly distasteful subject, so it seems. But I have been reading some ancient literature around masturbation and sex and have tried some of it it out - yeah,go, Thel. The most amazing thing I found out is that if you have a sister, or even if you masturbate about a sister doing this to you, provides the most sexually satisfying orgasm in male-life. This is indeed a weird science we have much to thank the compulsively-masturbatory yogi's for. Place a very tight elastic band around the whole base scrotum and around the top of the penis. Ideally your sister is doing this to you. Pull backward and downward against the shaft, digging your fingers into the testicles, and pulling the erect penis up by groping at the testicles and pullling them vigourously downwards. Rubbing like this on the side of the and down the testicles should give what is called a "squire" orgasm. It is usually accompanied by a stong smell emanating from the scrotum, and doesn't require touching the penis at all. In the old days, this type of masturbation was reserved for kings, and they had the youngest female consort as a passive oral recipient of semen.
  10. Thelema

    Post your word of the moment

    facetious, the only word in english that has all 5 vowels in the correct order bookkeeper, since it's form was approved de-hyphenised, the only english letter with 3 consecutive double letters. check out this one for multiple repeats ("and" 9 times in a row): There's a girl called Kate and her husband John. They go on holiday to visit a pair of demented brothers with the surname "And". These two brothers have a general store set in their name called "And & And". Kate and John pose before the shop with the 2 brothers and have their image taken. Later on, Kate shows the developed picture to John and points out: LOOK! "Kate and And and And and "And&And" and John! 9 ands in a row can you beat thta bullshit? Supercomputers love this bullshit by the way.
  11. It's not an ethical argument, by the way. And yes with prawns I go with my eldest son and will avoid them, he has always been anti-prawn based on a similar mystical shock. what about you thunderidealilovephilsophy mrs squiggles?
  12. I went out to shop for my nightly meal, and found,again, what psychaedelics have been trying to teach me my whole life: Meat and meat-products are disgusting. I walked past the aisles in revulsion. I bought a big bad bag of habnero chillies and some tins of firey mexican beans. This has finally done it, I'm afraid - I've been listening to them tell me for years about smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol being just as bad as carnivory. I have always accepted the former 2 without question, yet that has not made me not a convert. But I'm converted. I do not need to keep taking things like this in order for the truth to finally hit me on the head: yes, a former canivore, I have decided immdiately to finally beocme what the universe want's me to become and that is vegetarian. For reasons of insight, there are still some sea products I will eat, like sushi, raw fish, calamari, octopus, prawns. But gone are oysters and mussles. I will still have fish and chips.I will still continue to honour the cow by drinking it's milk and eating its cheese in return for the love we give them. I think the veal industry that tags along with this is the most VILE meat trade in the world, apart from human flesh. Are there any others like me who know what I'm going on about? Have you ever had psychaedelic experiences or anxieties that have forced you to awake into vegetarianism? Would love to hear...also welcome to speculate about theories, I know someoneone like Alchemica is bound to have an interesting theory, I look forward to these.
  13. Thelema

    Searching for information?

    planthunter my dear friend please send me a PM. i seem to have difficulty sending you one
  14. Thelema

    Post your word of the moment

  15. Thelema

    Making sense of HBWR

    O yes, these seeds were in the round pod, nice and greeny, not dried so much. Yes, very possible to get ergot poisoning I'd say - very similar to what I imagine ergotamine to be like. (St. vitus)