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  1. Humboldt

    six years later and i'm back

    Hi fydesvindico, nice to hear from you and congratulations on logging in. I've only been here a relative little while but things have slowed alot, even in my time. Many say that the popularity of the related Facebook page is a factor in things slowing to a trickle. Still its a great vault of information and I for one am grateful for the friendly banter. Welcome back and see you round. Love the pics.
  2. Humboldt

    Bridge cactus disease! Help D:

    I get those bright green little inch worms having a snack from time to time. I don't have the heart to kill them, cute little fellas.
  3. Humboldt

    Music docos/movies/concerts etc, for altered states?

    Thought not a Sikh, I've found the words of the Mool mantra (Mul mantar) have an amazing depth and breadth. Sung perfectly the mantra is said to have a vibration that will elevate and change your fate.
  4. Perhaps such therapies should be free, keeping the corruptive monetary gain at bay. The medical model hasnt done a very good job of tackling mental health anyway. Social determinants have a stronger link to mental health causation than the theory of chemical inbalance. Perhaps a broader social outlook on mental health is better.
  5. I certainly agree Wile E. With the utmost respect to the great minds, good intentions and efforts at work around rescheduling, decriminalization and legalization, I ask where are we going with all this? I may be unduly pessimistic (fingers crossed i am) but doesnt corporatization and consumerism just, and without fail, fuck everything up. TDJ and MMA are getting lots of air time lately and is becoming positioned (at least as far as the media is concerned)and with bogus therapist training courses, to be the shape of things going forward. Where are PRISM,MAPS, EGA, who have done the work, in the media landscape? Passed up for 'the rasict soprano'. Leaving the future of psychedelic therapy in the hands of the venture capitalists, not the shaman. In the hands of the self interested individual not the communal mind. Connected to the $ and Pharma, not to reconnect with our planet. As a species for survival we need to reconnect and stop seeing ourselves as separate from mother nature but given a 'set' that is clinical is that as likely to happen? Perhaps without realizing it we are living the last of what are the good ole days, where the plants were part of a community as folk medicine not part of consumer culture as a patented pill. Tania your singing is flat and may your next trip lead you to some humility.
  6. Humboldt

    Post your track of the day

    Saw a Devo doco the other day which prompted a trip down memory lane. Some favs:
  7. Humboldt

    Post your track of the day

  8. Humboldt

    Multi Loph graft

    Your right about the peres BigRed its right up the clacker. Using a knife would not be good, need something like a apple corer, or a drill bit. I'll let it grow more i think, but down the track am tempted to graft the whole thing for curiosity's sake. If it shows infection I could always cut individual lophs i suppose.
  9. Humboldt

    My seed grown

    Great pics Enjay!
  10. Humboldt

    Martin Ball Controversy

    Hes got a kind of cult leader vibe.
  11. Humboldt

    Multi Loph graft

    Thanks Big Red, what about (if it would be possible) to access the vasculature from the side or top and graft there? Not at the original scion?
  12. Humboldt

    Multi Loph graft

    Hi was after some sage advice. Whilst being impatient and removing parafilm from the scion i accidentally knicked the loph with my fingernail. The result was this multi headed wonder. Q. When the times right can i graft up the whole lot onto a Trichoceres? Or should i slice and divide it into individual bits. Cheers
  13. Humboldt

    Can't load forum pages beyond page 1

    Same here on Android phone.
  14. Humboldt

    Tasmanian trichocereus collectors?

    Hi Shadowcreature, can help out with cacti in the far south. Be sure to get in touch when you get down.
  15. Humboldt

    Post your track of the day

    Miriam did 30 years in exile returning to Sth Africa in 1990. She was known affectionately as Mother Africa. She was an amazing woman.