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  1. Humboldt

    Rapee for sale

    Hi team, I've got a few 5gm/10gm bottles of Onca (Nukini) rapee for sale for ceremonal purposes only. The blend contains Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata), it's intense with a great presence. Clearing, its easily the strongest Cumaru ive come across. $25/$40 each plus postage. PMs if your interested Kindness H
  2. Humboldt

    Cactus Collection for sale

    Wow Glod, that's a tremendous collection there. All the best with the sale
  3. Humboldt

    My first lopho 2 pereskiopsis grafts.

    Parafilm greatly improved my success rate. I dont touch them, dont move them, dont even look sideways at em. For the initial period anyway.
  4. Humboldt

    Happy Birthday Glaukus

    Happy birthday fella
  5. Humboldt

    Ephedra sp. cultivation notes and discussion

    They all look amazing sagi, i love the nebrodensis, the equisetina too.
  6. Humboldt

    covid 19 vaccination

    Protests are now underway against last nights earthquake. Shaking of the earth is an invasion of our individual rights to stand unhindered.
  7. Humboldt

    covid 19 vaccination

    Did look a bit like an Australia first rally though.
  8. Humboldt

    covid 19 vaccination

    I'd love to see the ANMF (nursing union) come and stand up to them. Protesting against fuckwits who make everyones life harder.
  9. Humboldt

    covid 19 vaccination

    Perhaps 'you can turn off Facebook' would be more appropriate.
  10. Humboldt

    Cacti seedling 10 packs

    After an additional 3 packs I now have only 2 packs left. Thanks to all who bought some. Peace H
  11. Some great posts by Vertmorpheus. Shame he's not about still.
  12. Humboldt

    covid 19 vaccination

    I got my 2nd Pfizer dose on Saturday which took a deal of stuffing around, an hour on the phone and 3 hrs travel x2 trips. The only thing advising some 20,000 locals is a flashing roadworks sign with a phone number for the screening/ booking service. To get tested i also need to drive 3hrs, am i expected to do this for every sniffle? Scummo hasn't really managed to embrace the reality of this from the get go (ie attitude to lockdowns, the budget, 'it's not a race', ect). Prefering the status quo but times have changed and your healing hands dont seem to be much chop, Scott. Its clear that the Liberals are a clunky machine made up of swinging dicks and seat sniffers. Any talent that they had, left with Malcolm. If it wasn't for our premiers we wouldn't be in as favourable a position, case wise imo. With the big focus on vaccines, conspiracies and government bungling we forget that better testing and treatments should be well underway too. Ive read that Qld uni have a promising treatment. https://www.uq.edu.au/news/article/2020/03/researchers-set-begin-clinical-trials-potential-coronavirus-treatment Kindness H
  13. Humboldt

    Grafting Book

    Try Hey Fyzygy. Try WB's link.
  14. Indeed WileE. You'd assume it's a vehicle to drum up high end investors at those prices.
  15. Humboldt

    Cacti seedling 10 packs

    Yeah, they've hit their stride. Gday Peyofox been a while.