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Found 23 results

  1. Long time lurker here, hoping for some guidance really. I'm trying to make sense of all the variety's & hybrids out there & am ready to admit defeat. Can anyone recommend a seller of good generic T. bridgesii seed? I've got a few years to kill, digging myself out of a hole I made. Germinating some slow growing prickly boi's feels like the right kind of metaphor to learn some patience, in my old age.
  2. Hi about 2/3 weeks ago my grafted peyote were thriving (grafted Nov last year), The first picture was taken late Nov, I don't know if it is because there is more caterpillars' inside or it is fungus. I will leave overnight and will probably wash the soil off and repot with new soil mix off the ( 1 peruvianus and 2 pachanoi bases). I have many other non grafted ones and they seem to not have suffered in any way. About 20 that were on the same window they have always been and some new ones recently done too. I'm confused as what could cause this. The guess I have is sunburn or light problem / Infested with something is the other. i have Williamsii, Ariocarpus and Williamsii Var. Caespitosa I have had deaths before but have been learning for a while now. I found contradictory information a lot, and have learnt the best people to learn from are people how actually do it or at least try. I have 1 window in the right spot or id have them on every possible place i have never grown bored of watching them, many mistakes over the years, the mistakes hurt but I'm happy i keep trying as they make me happy. I have grown cacti numerous other plants of all sorts for most of my life. Now stuck in 2 room appartment for a while, ill have my garden back soon one way or the other :D I appreciate any and all help I did have a look through to see if anyone had the same problem or similar but didn't see anything. Again thank you all for you time
  3. Hey! My obtusifolia has suddenly turned red in the older leaves and yellow in the newer ones, can anyone tell me whats happening and if i need to fix it? Cheers!
  4. TheMooseZeus

    Mushroom culture confusion

    Hey all! Im getting into cultivating and am very confused about buying cultures. For example these prices are ridiculous: $150 https://www.newgenerationmushroomsupplies.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=101_120&product_id=229 This in the middle: $40 https://forestfungi.com.au/collections/agar/products/white-oyster-petri-dish Compared to this which is very cheap: $15 https://www.miltonmushrooms.com.au/store/p10/White_Oyster_culture_(Pleurotus_florida).html Am i missing something? Where do you recommend i look for mushroom cultures in Aus? - Cheers all
  5. TheMooseZeus

    Frog feeding help

    Hey, i've been keeping frogs for a few months not but they aren't quite old enough for shop bought crickets or worms. I've resorted to using woodlice/slaters that infest the back of my garden. Only problem is, they run straight into the water and drown or they hide, die and pollute the inclosure. (Interestingly enough, the woodlice that sink to the bottom survive as they run underwater and up the side of the bowl. If anyone knows how to make water less buoyant that would be great.) So if anyone keeps frogs or any animal that eats very small moving insects please help! The woodlice will do for now (The frogs aren't going unfed)
  6. TheMooseZeus

    Please ID :)

    Hey! A friend of mine picked these up not long ago. Was just wondering what it is? -Thank you!
  7. TheMooseZeus

    Stubborn\ Acacias

    Hey, this is my first post so please excuse me if its a mess I planted acacia seeds about a month ago, 8 obtusifolia and 4 floribunda, 2 of each of these popped up in days, not problem. Since then in the last 3 weeks i have planted an additional 15 or so floribunda. So far I've only had 2 obtusifolia germinate and are doing great. And 2 floribunda which also popped up fast after planting. The remainder seem to be laying dormant. Is it common to have this much gap between germinating acacias? Could it be the difference between planting at the beginning of summer and towards the end?
  8. Need of some assistance what could be making the plants go like this. It is like the ends have been burnt with a lighter or somehing then the other one like just the tips are oike dead then the third picture all leaces are dead . Abd if there is anyone in sydney area that would like to meet up for some talk on growing these plants or succulant cacti stuff aswell . would love to gain some more knowledge and actually build a nice garden thanks in advance have a lovely day
  9. saylor twift


    hey guys n gals, This maybe applicable to some of you and you may not even realise.. so please tell others about this aswell.. I moved back home with my parents over a year ago after some personal problems with ice, long story short i came home with some convictions..nothing drug related, mainly violence, besides the point. Mum's been paying the home insurance thinking everything is fine when in fact we may not have even been covered at all... https://www.theguardian.com/money/2009/feb/01/home-insurance-family-finance-criminal after speaking with the insurance company for the last few days they have decided they wont cover my Mum and Dad's house because im living here with a criminal record...accroding to them its too high risk for them to cover the house anymore...had Mum not found this clause in the agreement they would have happily kept taking money and if something were to happen to the house theyd have a perfectly legal loophole to bend us over...now there is the problem of needing the insurance for the home loan... major dramas. I hope someone reads this and maybe you can save yourselves the heartbreak of not being able to claim anything because of this clause.. if anyone has any advice or anything to add please leave a reply thanks for your time cheers Saylor
  10. irabionist

    Modafinil queries

    Heyo, So back at the end of last year, had some police over at the ol' household and they saw a packet with 50x Modafinil pills that I had in my room. They couldn't determine whether it was naughty or not but confiscated it until they could figure out what to do. I believed at the time that it was alright to have Modafinil, you needed a prescription to buy it within Australia, however you could purchase up to 3 months worth of it from overseas without needing a prescription. Now at the time I wasn't 100% sure but I did mention it to them. Now, a friend recently received a letter from TGA stating pretty much what I thought was true, that if you purchase from overseas you don't need a prescription. So, my question is, how should I go about it? Should I call up and ask for it back? Would I need proof? Kind of just don't really know how to start, so any advice will be appreciated. Cheers Letter my friend received attached below
  11. Hey i noticed this Peyote was getting very soft and squishy and turning purple, does anybody know what to do about this? Also it seems there are a lot of small sand flies or something crawling around through it for some reason.
  12. I'm a long time opiate survivor and I got sober then I was diagnosed with cancer and had to be treated with opiates no matter how much I refused I was basically told my life depended on it because I couldn't sleep because of pain, now I desperately need to get off it but am scared the trauma of withdrawals will unlock the cancer again as this is what happened last time I withdrew, of course drs won't listen. I'm currently looking into Ibogaine treatment, so any suggestions help experienced info would be very much appreciated.
  13. The Dude

    Is my vine of the dead dead?

    So I've neglected my B. Caapi and it looks to be in a pretty sorry state. I wonder if simply watering it more often will save it? I've been adding Seasol too. I thought perhaps I need to prune it so it has a chance to properly rehydrate. Any tips guys? Thanks! -Dude
  14. a few others in the same location less then a k away in town.
  15. hi im looking to find an a.muscaria in australia qld, Not to try exactly but just for curiosity of nature. so i know the basics, ive done much research and i know it grows under berch trees an some natives of aus but not exatcts an im a padantic person who likes to be sure what im looking at. No point wanting to find the mushroom an then just ending up beinged amazed with is poisonous counterparts. So please any info.
  16. Trying to track down Tasmanian, giagantheum, Danish, chicken and hens, anything on papaver somniferum
  17. Bert&Ernie

    SAB Support Thread!

    Everyone has problems! And just talking about them can help you get a clearer picture of how to solve them, even better is getting other peoples opinions! So here is a thread for all you lovely people to post issues and get opinions on the sort of things you can do to get through the tough times! there are many wise members on this forum who have probably lived through some really tough times or have gone through the same issues you are having right now and im sure they will be more than willing to help anyone having problems. If you are having issues post them here and hopefully one of us can help you out! Peace!!!
  18. Is this Mugwort?Just popped up under cherry tree. I can get more photo's if these ones aren't up to scratch. I really hope this is mugwort(and think it is) I think its mugwort but wanted a genuises point of view.
  19. So I've had a look at another post in 2010 about kanna having sort of the same problem. Worked out that it may have something to do with the soil as its got wood in it and that's bad? My soil is 50% potting mix with added fertilizer i think its called newfert or something, and other 50% is Cacti and Succulent mix and I haven't had chance to get perlite for it. I watered it yesterday and you can still see it on top of soil. I've had it for 4 days from cutting and I've noticed a little bit of wrinkling and I don't want it to continue. The really intense wrinkling was already there when I got it. But the stuff on the top 3 leaves is new I believe. It's showing signs of healthy new growth but I am not sure if that's gonna last, Is it possible to cut it in half and make a cutting off top so I have 2 or would that not work?
  20. I have been writing some Aussie Hip Hop lyrics recently. I have tried my hand at sampling and production with a few different programs. Clearly I lack the patients and talent for this. To put it bluntly, after a week or 2 it was obvious I just plain suck at this part. It's crazy frustrating that the only lyric free hip hop tracks I can find are incredibly american and wreak of gangsta rap. I'm wondering if there are any other Aussie Hip Hop fans who have produced any tracks in the past or would like to try their hand at it. I now realise that my linguistic flare is in no way match by musical talent and am now on the hunt for a collaborator. Peace
  21. Hello and thanks for letting me join the website! I've done a lot of good reading here so far very interesting indeed ( on top of everything else). I live with my girlfriend and best mate (sort of new age young hippies) , but theres one thing we've had trouble with over the years and thats finding other enlightened souls around Sydney that we feel are similar to us! Would anyone be able to suggest some ideas? Maybe some upcoming festivals or conventions where we would meet people such as yourselves? Or perhaps a regularly updated blog that posts events. We're not too familiar with Sydney and we're sick of meeting regular 'drinkers' Someone suggested we move to NIMBIN to mingle with the laid-back scene up there??? We don't want to move just yet! -THANKS! Much appreciated! p.s - I attached one of my latest paintings for unnecessary viewing pleasure
  22. Hi All, Are any of you willing and able to do a bit of volunteer webmastering for a small, profession-based, drug law reform group, already registered as a not-for-profit? I don't know if they already have web pages written or not, a domain name registered or not, and/or hosting arranged or not. But I can find out, if you want to know before offering to help. They'll most likely be wanting something pretty basic. There may be a desire for members-only pages, but that's just a worst-case scenario. You can always just "flesh out" one of these 2,000 free templates... www.oswd.org If not, do you know of anyone who could and would do it? Please pass this on. Please contact me directly, off-list, for an introduction. Thanks very much, Carl Turney Mobile 0427 024 735 [email protected]
  23. Hey all. Here's the deal - I'm looking for either one of the two above species. O Nidiformis is naturally occuring within Southern Australia, but I haven't ruled out finding P Stipticus, as part of someone's collection. Anyhoo, the plan is to go on a road trip down south to find O Nidiformis this winter, probably the first recorded case of someone heading down that way to find non-active mushrooms. Anyway, if someone has any advice, sightings, or better yet, a spore print, agar culture, I'd love to hear from you. If I can find anything, I'll definitely get them circulating once I've had a chance to cook up some agar.