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Help a long time opiate sufferer who had opiates pushed on him by drs because he had cancer.

I'm a long time opiate survivor and I got sober then I was diagnosed with cancer and had to be treated with opiates no matter how much I refused I was basically told my life depended on it because I couldn't sleep because of pain, now I desperately need to get off it but am scared the trauma of withdrawals will unlock the cancer again as this is what happened last time I withdrew, of course drs won't listen. I'm currently looking into Ibogaine treatment, so any suggestions help experienced info would be very much appreciated.


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Hey, i have no personal experience, however look up the podcast Reset with Amber Lyon. There is an episode on iboga. Also listen to The Joe Rogan Experience, the episode with Carl Hart may be be of interest, although i do disagree with him about some things (he is a Physch PhD and not pharmacology PhD). All the best mate

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I realise this post is old but for anyone interested, there is an Iboga treatment centre in Bali, run with Australian help. Its called Mulai Lagi which translates as "Begin Again" or "Start Over". Their prices are in my opinion high, but its probably cheaper than the airfares to South america. Theres also several Iboga options in Europe. e.g. Amsterdam. For opiate addiction I'd say you're better off with Iboga than Ayahuasca.

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