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  1. Thanks MeanGreen.. my number of choice is: 10
  2. I planted some B caapi seeds sourced from Europe (unknown vendor, not communicative) and would like to identify the strain (or species) if possible. There is a larger leaf plant which looks like a typical caapi to me. Several of these grew and quickly. Then there is a plant with smaller leaves which is taking much longer to grow but still looks like a caapi. Variation within species or different? Then there is a random imposter which I can't identify. Could be anything but I'm interested to ID it. Maybe a tropical tree seedling from existing soil? Time will tell. Any info from experienced growers is appreciated.
  3. Realm

    Sun vs Shade

    Yep, they both had roots and were transplanted at the same time, with no acclimatisation. Sunburn sounds likely. It's quite an open, hot position and maybe the white rocks reflect extra heat and light. I'll leave the one in the ground and see if it recovers by next summer.
  4. Realm

    Sun vs Shade

    Does that mean the top will stay thin now and later end up deformed with a thin section? ok so maybe a bit more light for the potted ones then..
  5. Realm

    Sun vs Shade

    Just for general interest, Here are pics of 2 cacti. They are the same species and looked almost identical a year ago. I put one in the shade in a pot and another in the sun, unsheltered in the sandy ground, surrounded by rock. Big difference. The shaded one grew fast and is very green. The unsheltered, hot, sunny one turned yellowish with tinges of red/brown. Interesting for me since I thought they'd be a bit tougher than that and would like the harsher conditions. Not sure if its heat, sunlight, exposure or nutrients which caused the difference but I'll be growing them shaded in future. Feel free to identify the species please.
  6. Realm

    Wanted: Mimosa Hostilis and Syrian Rue seeds.

    Syrian Rue is common on ebay or in middle eastern shops.. never a problem to find that one
  7. Realm

    Meet up: Perth

    I'm keen if I'm in town..
  8. Realm

    Wanted - Ashwagandha seeds

    I've got some Ashwaghanda seeds to trade if you're still looking but Im in WA so not sure if postage and quarantine is worth it..
  9. Update.. It's known as Tropical Giant Salvia but its not really a Salvia. Its from Africa and is Brillantaisia. Found a pic of it online eventually.
  10. Realm

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

    There was a young man from Australia Whose attempt to find plants was a failure. He wants to see Sally, growing well in the valley, But was told "Don't try that cos they'll nail ya"
  11. Thanks for that information
  12. Hello Perth people, Thought I'd get this old post going again. I'm looking for Sacred plants, entheogens or medicinal type perennial plants for my garden in Perth. I prefer established plants in pots over cuttings or seeds. I can swap for potted T. bridgesii or Yopo/Cebil seedling or pay cash for potted plants of the right species. Plants that look interesting: Alicia anisopetala Argyreia nervosa B. muricata D. cabrerana Heimia salicifolia Ilex paraguarensis Justicia pectoralis Rivea corymbose... etc Feel free to post your wanted and available to trade list if you're in Perth. If you've got an interesting, rare, useful plant growing successfully in Perth, please tell me about it. Cheers
  13. Realm

    Psychotria type

    Great.. Ive now got both growing well. Does the carthagenensis contain DMT? I'm reading conflicting information..
  14. Realm

    Sacha Inchi

    Update on this one.. Ive got Sacha Inchi growing in 2 tropical locations but still having problems in Perth. It really doesn't like the cold.