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  1. migraineur


    Is this Peruvian kk242?
  2. migraineur

    Caapi catha p. incarnata

    Good price for the 3 plants.
  3. migraineur

    Caapi response to cold

    My original caapi vine came from a humid climate and then I grew it in Perth where the humidity isn't that high and it can drop rather low in Winter. The vine did just fine outside.
  4. migraineur

    Cloning setup

    You can also use little propagation chambers that have vents on top of that heat mat. Bunnings and hydro shops have them.
  5. migraineur

    Cloning setup

    Isn't the chance of cloning khat really low? If I tried to clone it I'd probably try air layering. However, plants produce bulk seeds and they're easy to grow.
  6. migraineur

    Banisteriopsis caapi cultivation notes and discussion

    My rooted cuttings are in coir. When they're ready to be transplanted to a bigger container then I use Baileys 25L Premium Potting Mix which is $10 from Bunnings. I add perlite to help with drainage, aeration and to prevent compaction of the soil. If you want the soil to hold more moisture then you could mix some coir into the soil and perlite mix.
  7. migraineur

    Banisteriopsis caapi cultivation notes and discussion

    Yeah, I got my heated propagation chamber out of my storage room and I might use it for my iboga cuttings as I head into Autumn. It's still warm here though at the moment which is handy.
  8. migraineur

    Meet up: Perth

    When is the next Perth meet up?
  9. migraineur

    Wanted: lophophora williamsii seeds

    How many seeds are usually in the fruit pod and how much does they normally sell for?
  10. migraineur

    Wanted: lophophora williamsii seeds

    Do ants or birds ever steal the little fruit pod of seeds from your plants?
  11. Hi What is the general consensus on price per cm for trich cuttings such as san pedro super pedro "standard" T bridgesii Eileen T bridgesii Standard T Peruvianus KK242 T Peruvianus Any other info that you think would be handy would be much appreciated. I've been out of the scene for a while. Also, how much should one pay for lophs and their seeds in the Australian places where they're legal?
  12. migraineur

    Townsville tricos

    Are trichos legal to own in Queensland? I remember this thread about the bloke who had to go to court for having trichos in his back yard:
  13. migraineur

    Trichs now not allowed on eBay?

    There's still Scumtree and FB Marketplace otherwise just get creative with the names so you don't trigger the ban.
  14. migraineur

    Best/Worst Coco Coir brands for bulk substrates?

    Hey, just an update. Richgro doesn't make small bricks of coir any more. However, if you use the bucket tek to pasteurise your coir then I've found that using 4.5 litre of boiled water instead of 4 quarts helps to make sure that the Brunnings coir is less likely to end up with dried, unpasteurised bits that are reluctant to break up. Furthermore, the extra water keeps the temperature higher for longer and your substrate will have plenty of moisture whilst fruiting.
  15. migraineur

    Hardening off cacti seedlings

    Man, you've been a member for 18 years!!! How long was the forum running for before you joined?