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Found 17 results

  1. Hey Gang. I did an Iboga pod giveaway on fb, I figured it’s only fair I do one for the forum folk right? So whos keen? Comment with a number following in consecutive order and I will randomly select a number in a few days. There’re ripening up fast! So... for example. First person comments 1 Second person comments 2 Third person comments 3 and so on and so forth. Winner will receive 1 fresh Tabernanthe Iboga fruit (Roughly 15 seeds inside) with postage paid. (These seeds take some skill and patience to grow. My last iboga seeds took 6mnths to germinate! Please consider this before entering It would a shame seeing these seeds go to waste) Below is a link to some solid propagation info. http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/knowledge-tabernanthe-iboga-propagation.html *PLEASE NOTE: You need to have a minimum post count of 10 to enter.
  2. I've got 100 cuttings of Chrysopogon zizanioides to give away to members of SAB. It holds potential for land management, applications include Carbon sequestration (currently calculated at ~ 3 - 4 x the efficiency of rainforest plots of the same size) Cleaning heavy metals from waste water Treating sewerage *The applications listed above are theoretical until proper research papers are published. There's not a lot of information out there about this plant, but I found this -> 'The medicinal properties are sedative, aromatic as well as antiseptic. Some of vetiver essential oil constituents include benzoic acid, furfural, valerenol, terpinen-4-ol and khusimol. Khus roots essential oil is extracted and utilized for perfumes, aromatherapy, cosmetic, creams, herbal skin care as well as soaps used in a Ayurveda. Khus oil is a good remedy to treat sores and acne due to its antiseptic medicinal properties. Khus roots can improve red blood cells deficiency, treat poor blood circulation, dry skin, cracked and brittle skin, wounds, cuts, rheumatism, nervous conditions, arthritis as well as muscular aches and pains. A syrup can be made from vetiver which can flavor ice-cream, milkshakes, yogurt and various beverages. Khus khus roots, another versatile medicinal herbs. The exert below is from a research paper My partner's father is doing a PHD project on this plant and has lots of it spare. I can only send domestically at this stage, however there are suppliers for the East Coast. You can find more info on them at www.vetiver.org/g/plantsuppliers.htm Cuttings are 1 foot long. Recipient must cover postage or pick up. PM or reply to the thread to arrange.
  3. El Presidente Hillbillios

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Hey guys and gurls, lets try the free trade thread again and see how it goes this time. HOw this works is you post somthing, a plant or some seeds etc. To give away to the next poster at your postage cost. By posting you take the offer above you. The next poster claims the offer by saying taken and then posting their offer. This goes on forever. For this to work you really must offer something and come through with posting it. previously this thread has failed due to people failing to post things asking questions breaking into conversations etc. If we all stick to the same format for the posts it makes the thread easy to read. Ill post a few post below so its easy to get the idea. Any questions please pm me *Australia only to keep postage managable and please no posts besides taken with offers* *All trades must be legal and within regular forum rules* Any other questions please pm me
  4. Hey everyone, I was blessed with a large amount of very fresh Mitragyna speciosa var. "Green Malay" seeds coming straight from a Kratom farmer in Malaysia who harvested them. Someone I know is in direct contact with the farmer who sent him the seeds and he was kind enough to give me what I estimate to be at least a thousand of them. This is a rare opportunity and I'm very grateful. I haven't sown them yet but my friend already has many sprouts in less than a week. These are pic's from my last year's grow, Rifat seeds. Seed to propagation: This plant plays an important part in my life so it's important for me to share it. And what better place than SAB to share those, hey? Especially considering what I heard about Shaman Australis being the pioneers who grew out the seeds Claude Rifat brought back from Thailand, which gave birth to the famous Rifat clone. Any details on this? I'd love to hear more of that story @Torsten The farmer said he might be able to send more seeds of other cultivars soon as well. So I might do more of these giveaways in the near future. One is a strain they call "Urat Merah" in the Kuala Lumpur area, which the farmer said he thinks is the strain we call Red Vein Thai. Apparently we will receive those around mid-February. Another one would be seeds of horned kratom (sometimes called Maeng Da), he said a friend of his is traveling to Vietnam this spring and might be able to bring some seeds back for us. And finally, and I'm very interested in this one, he talked about a strain of kratom they call "Ketum Daun Jambu" which roughly translates to "Guava Kratom" of which he says the leaves are smaller than average but the potency is at least double that of other strains. Anyways, enough rambling, put a number between 1 - 100 down and I'll randomly pick 10 winners in a week or two. Please check if your number has already been picked, if two people pick the same number the first one will be the winner. The winners will get a pack of approximately 30-50 seeds of Green Malay, and I'll throw in some Rifat seeds as well which are starting to get a bit old (~10 months) but you might get lucky and have a few sprouts still. If by chance the "Urat Merah" a.k.a Red Thai seeds show up by the time the winners are picked I will include a pack of those as well.
  5. J Smith

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    Hello cactus fans, i havent been around round here for a while but came back to offer some cactus plants to giveaway. Simply post in this thread, your post number is your ticket number (ie this post is ticket one). I'll draw a random number and the winner gets free cactus plants, I even pay for post. Australia only. Cactus are seed grown by me. Rosei #1 x pach, pach x psycho0, spachianus and whatever else I can fit in the box. One entry per person please. Drawn next weekend, probably on the monday. Cheerio
  6. freakazoid

    100th Post giveaway

    *clears throut* Hiya Peeps, yes, I'm late. Following tradition; I'm gunna russle up a little, little, something, I'll visit a few of my gardens when we've found a winner. Effort will be reciprocated ;-) The Contest. Entheogens + you = "insert answer here" As stated, folks involved in thread will, in a few weeks time or whenever we call it, send a 123 vote to me to be collated I'm thinking about 12 wattle seedlings but the ones in mind I haven't checked on lately........so there she goes. Game on
  7. Matt1208

    Giveaway competition

    Guess what plant this seed pod belongs to and you'll receive a bag full of different kinds of seed, I'll edit with a full list of seeds over the weekend
  8. Hi guys, I´ll be giving away some free seeds to my SAB family members here! I´ll limit this giveaway to one type to reduce the the workload for labeling and packing. I´ll give away seed bags of my new Trichocereus pachanoi type from my shop on Trichocereus.net which you can see here. There will be another giveway with Trichocereus tulhuayacensis soon. It´s a beautiful type of Trichocereus that is very variable and can be totally spineless or very spiny. The seeds are fresh from 2015 and I´ll give away one bag per SAB family member. Everyone interested, please send me a pm with the title "Pachanoi giveaway" and your address, including the complete name and the country. I know that most are from Australia but I just want to make sure I dont accidentially send it to some missionaries in Yemen. Please write your address in a way that allows me to print the address on a printable sticker, so I can process this giveaway faster! With that I mean, just write it how you want it to be written on the letter and I´ll copy and paste that. I´ll label the seeds "Trichocereus pachanoi" and declare it as a "cactus seeds" and "gift". Which it is. I cannot use a different label, but it´s a permitted import and all the seeds I send are according to AQUIS and CITES. It´s very possible that seeds are opened, but that´s totally fine as they are perfectly labeled. Shipping can take up to 6-8 weeks because I´ll have to pack these in between processing my orders and doing EG-stuff. So expect 1-2 months delivery time. If nothing shows after that, just let me know and I´ll send you a replacement. So yeah, bring on the storm. Merry Christmas SAB! bye EG
  9. This must be the most boring giveaway we've seen on SAB lately. So to make it more slightly less boring you have to post an interesting fact about cactus, (exceptionally interesting facts about other plants may be accepted at my discretion ), to be elegible to get some seeds. Links to read about more cool stuff and awesome pics will be appreciated as extras to your fact. 5 envelopes packed and ready to go. Each one contains a pack of each of my hybrid trich seeds from last summer as listed below Yowie X Bird's Bondi Scop PC pachanoi X Bird's Bondi Scop PC pachanoi X Peruvianus (pic below) Two random packs have extra seeds in them. 1 has Psycho0 X Yowie 1 has Bridgesii OP (incog's fuckup) First 5 facts of interest posted below will be accepted.
  10. Hey folk Done the very last of my sowing out for this year and have a handfull of seeds left to giveaway so they dont go to waste. They are - Papaver somniferum "Gigantheum" - approx 50 Mimosa hostilis - 4 Desmanthus illinoensis - 6 Datura stromomiun - approx 50 (thx doublebenno! but you sent way too many!) Happy to post to anywhere. Only want to send out in one lot because I'm pretty fucken lazy at the moment. So if your interested, post here and in 24 hrs I will randomly pick one person to take em off my hands. ALSO ......if anyone wants to donate a cut or two of dragon fruit and is happy posting to Perth then feel free to PM me. Will pay postage of course. Thanks to an awesome member I should be right on the dragon fruit for now.
  11. give away for my 100th post, this is for Australia members only (sorry to everyone else) post a number below between 1 and 100 and 3 numbers will be selected by a random number generator numbers will be drawn Sunday around 8pm, good luck ps. Don't choose 1 or 100 ;) first prize; 5x midnight rose seeds 100x sweet wormwood 10x mixed trichocereus 500x mixed Turkish papaver somniferum 100x henbane 100x sida cordifolia 100x phalaris aquatica Second prize; 30x datura stramonium 3x brazillian cherry 150x purple papaver somniferum 50x black and pink hibiscus 10x mixed trichocereus Third prize; 150x Cali poppy 150x Niccotina rustica 10x mixed trichocereus 30x datura stramonium
  12. Matt1208

    Free pitcher plant seeds

    Just got about 20-30 seeds from one of my pitcher plant flowers 10 minutes ago, I have no need for them so theyre free to anyone who wants them, First come first serve Will have more in about a week when the seeds mature on the other flower
  13. Sorting thru my seed stash for the start of spring and came to the realisation I have way more than I'm ever gonna get around to growing, or have the space to grow. So rather than leave them lying around gathering dust for a year, thought i'd give something back to you SABers. Unfortunately its gonna have to be Australian members only due to a lack of funds for international postage. Anyone who's interested please post just once below and I'll use a random number generator with the post numbers to pick a winner eg first reply will start at No 2 (post number) then onwards. There'll be 2 x First Prize, and 2 x Second Prize. So a total of 4 lots to giveaway. All items are seeds, no plants involved. FIRST PRIZE x 2 Acacia floribunda x 20 Acacia acuminata Small Seed x 20 Acacia acuminata Narrow Phyllode x 10 Phalaris arundinacea Turkey Red x Big Medicine x 50 Rivea corymbosa x 10 Capsicum annum mixed x 20 Hawaiin Baby Woodrose x 4 Trichocereus pachanoi OP x 30 Trichocereus bridgesii x Trichocereus pachanoi x 50 Psychotria viridis x 3 Lophophora williamsii x 20 Cereus hildemanianus monstrose cross x 5 Nicotiana rustica x 50 Heimia salicifolia x 50 SECOND PRIZE x 2 Acacia floribunda x 20 Acacia acuminata Small Seed x 20 Acacia acuminata Narrow Phyllode x 10 Phalaris arundinacea Turkey Red x Big Medicine x 50 Rivea corymbosa x 10 Capsicum annum mixed x 20 I'll finish it at midnight Friday 29 August east coast time, and post the results sometime next weekend. And finally, thanks to everyone who's sent me stuff through trades, giveaways or just the goodness of their own hearts. If you recognise some seeds then theyre most probably from you. Without this great community I wouldn't have any of these to giveaway to begin with.
  14. Hello everyone! Time for me to give something back! I've got two packs of the following pepper varieties to give away. The packs contain 20+ seeds of each variety, bhut jolokia I just recently bought so haven't tested it's viability, all others are from my grow and should have near 100% germination rate. (As far as I'm aware, pepper seeds are allowed into Australia, I have sent successfully before, but please correct me if I'm wrong.) Each pack contains: - Bhut jolokia (no explanation needed, you all know it and love it!) - Big Thai hybrid (short bushy plants, with lots and lots of small, fragrant peppers with habanero level heat) - Satan's kiss (short plants with beautiful upwards fruiting red pearls, very fleshy and tasty with heat similar to cayenne) - Russian roulette (a pepper very popular in Spanish cuisine as a tapas (Padron chili), most of the fruits are milder than jalapeno, but about one in 5 is hoter than a Thai! Even from the same plant.) - Cayenne pepper All you need to do is post here to enter, you'll each be asigned a number in the order you posted, and random.org will do the rest. The contest ends in exactly 48 hours, on Sunday the 11th, 12 PM GMT. Cheers!
  15. I have decided to do a fun little giveaway. It will be interesting to see how much interest this stirs. I am not returning to trading, this is just a giveaway before I disappear into the izness. ( just waiting on settlement over outstanding trades ) AAAnyway...... I'm in the process of drastically downsizing my cactus collection. I have up for grabs in this little competition a very very rare and sought after plant indeed. I have a very healthy Eulychnia castanea V.spiralis. I have never seen one of these offered up for sale before. The plant initially showed discoid growth, which reverted to monstrose growth and is now pushing out some amazing spiral growth ( so showing all 3 traits of the eulychnia castanea's possible mutations as can be seen herehttp://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=7&ved=0CDgQFjAG&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cactus-art.biz%2Fschede%2FEULYCHNIA%2FEulychnia_castanea%2FEulychnia_castanea_varispiralis_mostruosa%2FEulychnia_castanea_varispiralis_mostruosa.htm&ei=Oc6RUtSsJqnZigfj1YCAAQ&usg=AFQjCNGJ-HRHSTXVElV_v8igwZ86U_yI5A&bvm=bv.56988011,d.dGI ) The plant measures in at just under 50cm. I know of many collectors both here and outside of this forum who have been chasing one of these with no success for many years. Here is your chance to own one free of charge ! All you have to do is participate in a little game for my amusement. I have been researching a subject that a close friend brought to my attention. I'm sure that everyone here can recall the Port Arthur massacre down here in Australia. The biggest massacre from a single shooter on a civilian population on record in our Country. I had a few things brought to my attention from a close friend. He told me that he was completely certain that the events of that day were planned and executed by nefarious forces and in no way could it have even POSSIBLY been the work of Mr Martyn Bryant. Crazy right ? Now I have always been one to keep an open mind and have been known to entertain the possibility of seemingly outrageous claims of conspiracy and obfuscation. But when I initially heard his suspicions on the events that transpired that day I found it very hard to not instantly dismiss them before listening to his argument. I think that may be because - "if" in fact he happened to be correct the implications are quite frankly downright scary. BUT I make a conscious effort to keep an open mind that is decided on verifiable fact and try to use my rationale and intellect to draw conclusions on the event in question. So I found myself reading the work of a man called Joe vasilis and other concerned parties and quite frankly I was amazed at what I was reading. So... here is the comp guidelines : I'm going to provide a link to some little known info about that day and I want to start a little debate. To win this competition I want you to read the information I provided in the link below. The prize of this beautiful eulychnia will be awarded to the person who presents ( in my opinion ) the most convincing argument either "for OR against" this crazy crackpot tinfoil theory. The link that I provide is just there to get you started. By all means - research elsewhere and source your information as you deem fit. For the point of this competition lets say I am completely undecided. It could be ten words or it could be a thorough analysis - as long as it is convincing. Im very interested to hear peoples take on this and i am sure the prize will coax those that would normally brush over this post to perhaps have a bit of a read and a think about it. I will close the comp at 2200 EST 07/12/2013 - most convincing argument IN MY OPINION wins ! OK GO .... Here she is :D ( a bit of motivation for those not interested in crazy conspiracy theories ) the link-http://www.whale.to/b/viallspam.html
  16. ErraneousHerbalist

    Nicotiana Giveaway!

    Hey there! How's the delosperma been going? I've got some N.tobacum to giveaway for everyone. 10 packets of with just over half a teaspoon is up for grabs. Just leave a comment saying that you'd like one and PM me. Bonus brownie points if you can tell me which book this quote is from "The mother of the mother of tobacco is a snake". EH.
  17. I have 5 Absinthe Spoon's up for giveaway, i have 5 prepaid enveelopes here and all i have to do is write your name on it. There are rules in regards to this giveaway, It is aimed at new members at hense you must meet the below criteria. Have 100-200 posts Thats it.... I have a draw full so those who are not new and would like one also feel free to get one... hang on this giveaway is for anyone... not just newbies.... WHAT THE... happy 420 0_o -v (btw: they are all the same, the come free with Doubs Mystique brand..... just been stockpiling them..., each spoon has had a drink poured threw me, its persional... a spiritual spoon if ye will!!)