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  1. Matt1208


  2. Matt1208

    wtb TBM long form

    just a couple weeks back, those two went for over $400 each, interested to hear more about that though
  3. Matt1208

    wtb TBM long form

    hope you’ve got some deep pockets, last piece I seen go was at $350
  4. Matt1208

    Looking for Centipeda Cuninghamii seeds/cuttings

    haha legend, looking forward to it
  5. Matt1208

    cereus seedlings 10-15cm

    Chasing a fairly bulky amount of 10-15cm cereus seedlings for grafting stock, also some 2.5-3cm wide and 7ish cm tall pach tips would prefer to trade if possible
  6. Matt1208

    has anyone used Coconut Water for cacti?

    Agree with glaukus, urea definitely does put it up your cacti quicker but in my experience coconut water does work very well, I’d consider it slightly a slower natural way
  7. Matt1208

    Looking for Centipeda Cuninghamii seeds/cuttings

    I too would be very interested in some if you don’t mind
  8. Matt1208

    What’s causing this ?

    cheers, I’ll put it under a bit more cover, could be either frost or water dripping onto it considering where it’s placed
  9. Matt1208

    What’s causing this ?

    what’d be causing this ? just plain graft stock plant, don’t want to be spreading any disease or viruses to other plants
  10. Matt1208

    Medicinal Weeds

    poppy spp grow here everywhere, all along the highways with these little green seed pods, had a real unique smell so I took a heap to make an extract I could use to make incense, if I lite a few and the room gets kinda Smokey, I get really relaxed almost like those otc codeine and cough syrup ‘sick days’ we all know everyone’s had, not sure exactly what plant but a few had petals on them still, looked just like the Californian poppies I got just bigger bright white and had huge seed pods
  11. Matt1208

    Looking for Sage clones

    haha I wish I was in such an area to grow some sage, never make it past winter
  12. Matt1208


    Will look into them after work today