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  1. I can help you graft it if you want to head to Brisbane.
  2. I know people can be slow. But July 2nd and multiple misleading conversations makes you concerned that he ripping people off. i only lost 25 dollars but when you start trying to get hundreds of dollars ( as I imagine this loph went for- not sure is $100 is serious) then you should probably be concerned that others are being ripped. Glad you got what you wanted my man.
  3. Did you get the lophs? I have feeling “kindness” is a scam artist given my previous dealings.
  4. mark80

    Astrophytum spp.

    Hey everyone! I hope I get some leniency- as I am bringing up an old thread. I had a Pretty big collection that I left to develop ( read as: ignored due to life) that didn’t make it through the floods in Townsville. That being said, restarting my collection has ignited new vigour! Only one loph made it through. But I have some new astrophytums! Finally nearly 15 years in the making I have a an Astro caput medusae! more to come!
  5. mark80


    Chasing bulk Pereskiopsis. can trade some cool cuts or cash. let me know my people!
  6. Anybody have the prints yet? Paid on July 2nd with the promise they would be sent the next day. Contacted July 17tg and said they had been sent that day. Still nothing. Not super pleased hey.
  7. mark80

    Looking in Brisbane

    Hey, Lost my garden that I had for 10+ years in the Townsville floods. Moved to Brisbane after. Looking for few tricho cuttings and pereskiopsis for grafting. Happy to pay. Thanks heaps guys and girls!
  8. mark80

    Looking for a Cubensis print

    Hey guys! its been awhile for me too. So if anyone can help me outthat would be appreciated to.
  9. mark80

    Varius seeds/cuttings wanted

    was this before or after you edited your post?
  10. mark80

    Varius seeds/cuttings wanted

    your getting ripped off. Don't swap all that for some pretty coommon cutting!
  11. mark80

    A hobby I never knew existed.

    i sued to amke them. peice of pvc tube some kno3 S and charcoal mix em and ram in the tube that first had kitty liter rammed in it. than some more kitty liter in top and bam there a rocket. Kno3 and dextrose melted togtehr worked well expcet for the hydroscpoticty..
  12. its a public profile so he can ceck it out as much he likes iwthout justiing shit to you?

    Whats up?

  13. there is a very informative site that details local acacias with pictures about mackay up. Won't post the link but its out there so keep looking.