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  1. Mosh

    Brugmansia microdosing

    Some very useful information from "PDR for Herbal Medicines 4th Ed." ""JIMPSON WEED Datura stramonium DESCRIPTION Medical parts: ... are the dried leaves or the dried leaves with the tips of the flowering branches. Occasionally the fruit , the ripe seeds, and the fresh aerial parts of the plant are used. Parts of the plant are regarded as poisonous. CHARACTERISTICS: the foliage has an unpleasant smell; the flowers are fragrant and poisonous. PRODUCTION: Jimpson Weed leaf consists of the dried leaf, or the dried leaves and flowering tops of Datura Stramonium. Jimpson Weed seed consists of the ripe seed of Datura stramonium. OTHER NAMES: Datura, Devil's Apple, Devil's Trumpet, Jamestown Weed, Mad-Apple, Nightshade, Peru-Apple, Stinkweed, Stinkwort, Stramonium, Thorn-Apple. ACTIONS AND PHARMACOLOGY Compounds: Jimpson Weed Leaf Tropane alkaloids (0.1-0.65%) : chief alkoloids(-) hyoscyamine, under drying conditions changing over to some extent into atropine, and scopolamane (ratio 4:1), furthermore including, among others, apoatropine, belladonine, tiglolylmetaloidin ETC... Componds: Jimpson Wedd Seeds Tropane alkaloids (0.4-0.6%): chief alkaloids (-) hyoscyamine, under drying conditions changing over to some extent into atropine, and scopolamane (ratio 4:1) Indole alkaloids (B carboline type)including among others, flurodaturin (very fluorescent ).
  2. Mosh

    Brugmansia microdosing

    Best to use dried leaf, as not drying the plant material will cause the oil to go rancid. Just follow a traditional herbal medicine oil extraction process. Lots of books out there. If you are using seeds, lightly roast them first, grind and then cover with oil.
  3. Mosh


    Will retire to bed with a little plantation grown Agarwood. Just lovely! Hey, where are all the Nag Champa heads gone?
  4. Mosh

    Brugmansia microdosing

    From British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1983- "DATURA THERAPEUTICS ACTION: Spasmolytic. Antasthmatic. INDICATIONS: Asthma. Pertussis. Sialorrhoea in parkinsonism. SPECIFIC INDICATIONS: Asthma COMBINATION USED: May be combined with Lobelia and Capsicum, or with Ephedra in asthma. PREPARATIONS AND DOSAGE: (thrice daily) Dried leaf. Dose 0.06-0.2 g or by infusion. Liquid Extract B.P. (1968). Dose 0.06-0.2 ml. Tincture B.P. (1973). Dose 0.5-2ml." NOW THAT IS GREAT WESTERN SHAMANISM!
  5. Mosh

    Brugmansia microdosing

    I'm a retired chiropractor, but still treat the occasional patient. Recently have been using a isoproponol Datura leaf extract on stubborn joints, with full consent of my patient/friends, really helps to loosen joints before an adjustment. Really, in all my years of practice, I've never found anything as good. I think I've mentioned before, that topical tropanes are the most widely used musculoskeletal pain medicines on this planet, that's saying something! Just DON'T overdo it!!
  6. Mosh

    Brugmansia microdosing

    I chew a few seeds from time to time, really good for tooth-aches, just saying
  7. Mosh


    Burning some Australian Sandalwood atm. Just lovely!
  8. Mosh

    Lagochilus inebrians revisit

    I've got some seed that's a few years old now, but should be OK. A decoction is the traditional way, I've found this excellent, with a bit of honey. The herb can be boiled several times before it loses potency. Effects are really strong, as a sedative. More deep body relaxation, with very clear mental functioning. A bit like cannabis without all the racing mental bullshit!
  9. Thanks waterboy 2.0. Got some seed and a commercial grower will have 15 plants for me during Spring. There is no commercial industry anymore, at least not in East Gippsland. Undoubtedly, there are superior phenotypes, they were bred by allowing cross pollination of pot grown plants over a 7 year period, I recall. Most importantly, the whole plant is harvested just before seeds are ready to drop. The plant is dried, and then a fluid extract (50%) alcohol used to capture the actives. This method ensures maximum potency regardless of phenotype. Also sourced some salve, great for skin inflammation, and the dried herb I received, makes a lovely tea, good for digestion.
  10. Mosh

    Brugmansia microdosing

    I have used tropane containing ointment on myself for control of severe pain. A TINY (Index finger-tip dab) amount is needed, directly on the painful area. Beware that approx. 20% people have a delayed response to tropanes, DON"T up-dose if delayed response upon application. Another 20% are very sensitive to tropanes, never use heroic dose applications! Topical application results in local anesthesia and CNS pain modulating effects. Do not apply for more than 3 days in a row, have a break of a few days between. Tolerance to topical microdosing is generalized thruout the body, except the heart muscle, do not use if you have any cardiovascular conditions. Stop if you start losing your memory, have blurred vision, dry mouth. That said, datura ointment is an excellent topical pain killer, used extensively around the world for such. https://banefolk.com/
  11. Mosh


    See here- https://mermadearts.com/ I bought mine here- https://www.grandawood.com.au/ an Oz co. but can't see them on their site atm.
  12. Mosh


    An electric incense heater can be used for any plant material without the smoke. I use it mainly for resins, and woody material (sandalwood, agarwood), but flowers leaves etc also work quite well.
  13. Mosh


    Good point Glaukus, EO's are great, but do miss the whole plant benefits, especially for baths, e.g eucalyptus oil is not as effective (medicinally) as the whole leaf. BTW, I've burned incense all my life, always had a solid fuel heater, I used to smoke filter-less rollies and other high tech smoking instruments. Had a pulmonary perfusion CT scan the other day, mild emphysema in the upper lobes of both lungs was found, an incidental finding for my presentation, not clinically relevant. I'm not saying that smoke is safe, but common sense in my case has only resulted in a dry dog's nose, and lots of enjoyment for me!
  14. Mosh


    I used to overdo it, dried my dog's nose. Now I tend to use Japanese incenses for smaller confined spaces (as they were designed for), can even get smokeless Japanese incense. I use Bakhoor and Indian (designed for open temples in India) in more open situations, or burn before entering a space.
  15. Mosh

    CBD oil?

    Hemp has negligible quantities of CBD, it's Cannabis derived CBD you want