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  1. VertigoRouge

    Syrian rue seed wanted

    Hey guys Just looking to find someone with syrian rue seeds that wouldn't mind selling me 100 grams or so, Thank you Vertigo
  2. VertigoRouge

    P. Som seeds requested ! :)

    Hello friends ! I had a few Afghan/Danish/Persian varieties, and my seeds don't seem to be viable anymore if anyone can help, PM me - will reward cheers ! Vertigo.
  3. VertigoRouge

    Looking for bark for dye extracts !

    Hey all! I've been getting from rootbarkdotcom, but they don't have that much stock or options. Am looking for acacia bark/rootbark, if anyone has a few hundred grams they would part with for a reasonable price, or a recommended vendor still not confident in my ability to identify wild plants, so I will leave that part to the ones with access to more sustainable stock for now msg me if you can help, Thank you heaps! Vertigo.
  4. VertigoRouge

    Caapi leaf wanted !

    Hey lovely beings! I am just looking for someone who can spare a few B. Caapi leaves? Dried preferable for postage. I need maximum 10 grams - happy to pay postage and trade a little tricho or $$. Thank you infinitely :)
  5. VertigoRouge

    Looking for good white wine grape vine cuttings/seeds

    Ahhh okay! Sorry, I don't know that much about wine grapes. So I guess that would mean I'm searching for a cutting more so than seeds.
  6. Hello Haven't been online in a while! I'm looking for anyone who might have grape vine cuttings/seeds, preferably the green grapes used to make white wines & Eau De Vie (The more exotic strain the better) Let me know what you've got and I'll make you an offer. Looking to make a sweet and floral wine. I also have tradable shamanic botanicals ♡ Thank you very much (edited in regards to cuttings)
  7. VertigoRouge

    Looking for Sage clones

    EDITED: Hope this is okay.
  8. VertigoRouge

    Looking for Sage clones

    Never heard anyone get scorned asking for lophs... just saying Peace love chaos
  9. VertigoRouge

    Looking for Sage clones

    Hmm no I got plenty of help already. Wasn't asking for anything illegal, I just think regular sage is very divine!
  10. VertigoRouge

    Looking for Sage clones

    Hey am looking for sage for cultivation! Let me know if anyone can help <3
  11. VertigoRouge

    Trade :D show me what you got!

    Hey everyone, Let me know what you've got to trade! I've got 3 -25 cm Trichocereus Bridgesii cuts, 2 30cm macrogonus cuts and Acacia Longifolia seeds I'm specifically interested in Artemisia Absinthium Wormwood plants, Petite Wormwood, different kinds of mint and sage and roses, spearmint, peppermint, hyssop, and different kinds of spice and peppers aswell as ALL psychoactives! :D
  12. Hey everyone! I'm looking for people with medium sized to mature Artemisia Absinthium plants that would sell me bulk fresh leaves?? I will pay nicely, can trade too. The reason I need fresh leaves is because my friend is working on a homemade French style Absinthe based on a 19th century recipe, any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hello! I am looking for a few plants, Artemisia Absinthium (and cultivars! ) and Lavender (specifically Lavandula Angustifolia "Munstead", but interested in other types) also Catha Edulis, Kava plants, and the elusive S. Divinorum. Apart from these I would love to hear what people have in their collections that they would be interested in selling/trading main interests are mild to strong sedatives and relaxants, like Kava and Khat. Also seeking viable poppy seed. I have a few types of seeds for trade, PM for details, also happy to buy with $$. Thank you <3
  14. VertigoRouge

    B. Caapi, P.Nexus,Khat & More - Trees, Roots & Vines

    Hey mate, interested in picking up some Khat and HBWR, hearing more about your Eroxthylum and potentially some caapi. In Brisbane, pm me
  15. VertigoRouge

    Plant sale

    Hey there Very interested in the kava and some peru cuttings if any are still available ^^