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  1. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    definitely in, if anyone wants a ginger bug to have a crack at your own gingerbeer hit us up!
  2. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    fuck yeah, looking good see yas there.. will be rocking up around 11
  3. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    weathers lookin a bit sketchy....
  4. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    next weekend! im gunna bake up a bunch of sourdough goodies and bring some of my home brewed ginger beer. anyone got a gazebo or anything?
  5. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    sweet we'll meet at logans inlet where you can swim and if you wanna fish you just have to get a pass from somerset council. start rocking up at around 11 aye and then play it by ear from there, I'll definately be keen for camping out
  6. After a small amount of fresh psycotria leaves and fresh young caapi shoots for propogation trade or cash but trade preferred cheers
  7. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    How's the 13th of November sound for a wivenhoe meet?
  8. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Thanks for today everyone, was a good catch up. Would anyone be down for a day at lake wivenhoe? Even a camping weekend at some point
  9. DJ-MC

    Post your track of the day

  10. DJ-MC

    Post your track of the day

  11. So with folias still running with his tail between his legs after some dreamwork lastnight ive decided to stop being so crypric and come out say its his head or mine... In simple terms as my karma balances I realize the romeo and juliette programming is strong in some and when I picked it up from him DES saw it then my mum picked up on it and julian denied it creating a perpetual cycle of delusion since drinking with him niw being resolved either its made more and more highlighted in the community of medicine or i take his head but like youll understand the alternative to be is be taking my own head and offering to the gods. So to avoid any law suits someone koowee that lil shrew before I do some different dreamwork tonight pinpoint the whereabouts of this man and pop his realm like a pimple Sorry for the spikey read, Im not an asshole im just a lil confused
  12. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    count me in
  13. DJ-MC

    cactus seed giveaway

    thanks for participating everyone Pedro99 gets it.
  14. DJ-MC

    cactus seed giveaway

    I'll finish up this weekend aye sat 9pm
  15. Loph jourd button grafted on harrisia 35 + post only until 9pm tonight