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  1. So with folias still running with his tail between his legs after some dreamwork lastnight ive decided to stop being so crypric and come out say its his head or mine... In simple terms as my karma balances I realize the romeo and juliette programming is strong in some and when I picked it up from him DES saw it then my mum picked up on it and julian denied it creating a perpetual cycle of delusion since drinking with him niw being resolved either its made more and more highlighted in the community of medicine or i take his head but like youll understand the alternative to be is be taking my own head and offering to the gods. So to avoid any law suits someone koowee that lil shrew before I do some different dreamwork tonight pinpoint the whereabouts of this man and pop his realm like a pimple Sorry for the spikey read, Im not an asshole im just a lil confused
  2. DJ-MC

    Meet up: Ipswich

    count me in
  3. DJ-MC

    cactus seed giveaway

    thanks for participating everyone Pedro99 gets it.
  4. DJ-MC

    cactus seed giveaway

    I'll finish up this weekend aye sat 9pm
  5. Loph jourd button grafted on harrisia 35 + post only until 9pm tonight
  6. DJ-MC

    Post your track of the day

    in the now dont ride the wave if you can't feel the storm coming
  7. DJ-MC

    cactus seed giveaway

    in light of the generosity of my fellow plantheads heres a lil competition 10 - karta x blue cube icaro 15 - myrtilliocactus 20 - mixed bag of random crosses from cactilicious and trichocereus australia best ethno themed lyric line gets it ( extra points for a verse ) 1 react = 1 point + 2 points for a verse , most points win! GL
  8. DJ-MC

    Song I wrote

    that sound takes me back to my teens, v clean my man
  9. have been doing this one for the last couple of weeks working towards doing the whole hour.
  10. so a good majority of my astrophytum seedling grafts got nailed by caterpillars last year now they've all come back it looks they're cresting well some of the heads anyway. I cut a couple off and put them on bigger stock (fingers crossed) was just curious how common this is from plants being damaged.
  11. thanks for the words guys if it wasn't for this community I'd be a literal zombie the internet is vast but having a community of this nature literally surrounding me during this shit has me at a loss for words... the more I meditate and play music the muscle memory kicking in and all the rythmic and deep breathing happening almost like riding a bike its almost as if I never stopped. it ain't no thang really just annoying when you have to take a 5 year detour because a reckless facilitator was harbouring a jhin during ceremony lol
  12. you may need to hang from the ceiling, or just read it while doing a headstand if your on mobile
  13. so in light of my recent "manic episode" or whatever a few things happened the main one being an incident with folias on FB where he spat the dummy at me spitting the dummy.... well anyway with this fun mental health system we have though it had taken quite some time to see some of the brighter sides of being bent over by psych ( education support, extra money, the majority of people I dont want anything to do with don't want anything to do with me because I am "unwell". I'll try not to stray from the point to much here as this has many aspects but the crux of the biscuit is I'll be working with some mental health professional top bring the hammer down on plant medicine facilitation in the underground scene and 1 of the 1st points interest is the interaction between me and the "underground" ethno world leading up to my first "pyscosis" now this is something I really didn't think I'd be doing when I first joined this community around a decade ago I thought these things we're looked after and kept up to standard in a sense but obviously house work is still to be done. so before some fingers get lost and panties get scrunched I'll post here to try and make clear what is in motion and also to clarify certain aspects of why certain things had to happen, I honestly feel sorry for the ones who didn't better and even more so for the ones who knew there is a smart way to go about things take ya finger off the pulse for 2 seconds and its legal battle after legal battle....