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  1. holymountain

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Can't make it to this one unfortunately, have fun though!
  2. holymountain

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Sounds good!
  3. holymountain

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Sounds good!
  4. holymountain

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Outdoor patches of cubes have slowed to nothing, though one did pop up the other day from my limited observations. I am new to SE QLD and was wondering if anyone is finding subs yet? I have been looking in some likely areas, but understand it might be too early. If anyone finds any, let me know and I will double my efforts and visit locations more frequently.
  5. holymountain

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    Great to see this thread is still going. Brings back memories. Best public patch I ever found was in a park between a hospital and a cemetery a couple of blocks from my work in North Sydney. If anyone knows the area they can probably figure it out. It was near the train station, easy access. Always a busy park but no one ever bothered me. Strangely, out of dozens of mulched areas, all seemingly the same, only one produced fruits. As it was near work I could monitor it throughout the season, checking it every day, catching all the flushes, year after year. An absolute gift and a prolific fruiter and extremely potent. I'm positive that the location between the cemetery and hospital gave it extra, extra juju. I was scared of them. I ended up moving away, and no one I shared the location with bothered to check it out with the same dedication. Last I checked that particular patch is now a car park. Quite the bummer. But back in the day I definitely spread mycellium to all of the other mulched areas so who knows what's happening there these autumns and winters.
  6. holymountain

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I'm pretty keen. Just moved to Brisbane this year. Been up in the NT and haven't been to a SAB meet in about ten years.
  7. holymountain

    Help with Acacia Seedlings - Acuminata and Courtii

    Well just an update... I spoke with the local nursery here and was recommended copper sulfate as an anti fungal treatment. They guy who runs it is pretty knowledgeable about growing acacia so I applied it to the plants - it is hard to say if it helped, certainly the ones that were already droopy did not recover - but they were probably too far gone. Many others are seeming to thrive - but they looked like they were thriving anyway so who knows. I've always ended up losing lots of seedlings out of batches of seed I've planted, so I guess it's just the way it goes. But here's some pics of previous success stories of acuminata - these ones are around 13 months old and looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Of course, the praying mantis love them. Hopefully this new lot of seedlings can match them one day. Keep growing everyone!
  8. holymountain

    Help with Acacia Seedlings - Acuminata and Courtii

    Thanks Glaukus, we definitely get curly grubs here, found a bunch in the compost the other day, but just checked some of the seedlings pots and nothing in there. Soil wasn't wet either which I thought might be an issue.
  9. Hi These acacia seedlings are about three months old. Mix of courtii and acuminata. Great germination rates and all looking good until a few of them mysteriously started to wilt and shrivel and have since died off (and removed). I'm used to losing a few throughout the growing process but these were looking great and can't help but think they should have survived if I'd done something different. Also concerned it may happen to the rest of the seedlings. Any ideas? I'm in Central Australia so it's been nice and warm. They get morning sun and are watered a very tiny bit each day and misted a bit in the afternoon if it's particularly hot. Cheers!
  10. holymountain

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    Would love some if you still have them left. Will also send a PM. Cheers!
  11. holymountain

    my new ethno garden

    Cappi and acacia didn't make it unfortunately, bit tough for them - everything was pretty much left on its own to survive the whole time as I moved interstate. Cactus were left alone - no special soil or fertilisers, I did manage the occasional pruning here and there and managed to collect seeds the last two years - no idea who pollinated who - but they've been viable and growing into nice little seedlings. Actually, if roughly five or six people wanted a mixed lot of seeds just send a PM and I'll send some out free.
  12. holymountain

    my new ethno garden

    Not sure why, but I thought I'd go back in time and find this old thread I started. When I read the last post by Shoomey Goodness' I realised I had to make some updates. Well believe it or not, it's nearly been ten years. So, shroomey goodness and everyone else, here's what things look like ten years later (and after two years of drought and no rain). I'd do it all over again if I could. Big thanks to everyone from back in the day who helped a newbie out with a cutting or two. I hope I've given back in some way. P.S Any id's would be appreciated. I lost that info a long time ago.
  13. holymountain

    Darwin NT members?

    Not sure about Darwin, but might know one or two around Central Australia. I'll be in touch.
  14. holymountain

    Acacia talk.

    Fantastic talk, need more voices like this one. Well done.
  15. holymountain

    PC Pach

    They should be okay, just leave them out to dry a bit before planting. The mold often occurs from the plants perspiring in their postal packaging, making things moist. Leave them somewhere dry with fresh air and they will be fine. I guess if the green flesh turns black and goes soft then you'll probably have to chop the rotting part off, but it looks unlikely that that will happen. It does look like PC as well.