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  1. Boof

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Fuck it! Go away for a bit and come back and find all the jobs have been given to ya! Right: - The scout camp one is camping right on the river bank and is 30" closer to Bris (both good), but was always pretty shallow and weedy there (no good) - The hipcamp one is camping on a flat a little above the river, located 10 mins closer to Bris. Fishing is a very small walk. Good part of the river here, deeper, good flow. Only two cars but? Would need to car pool from a convenient location... No other campers to contend with. Unknown how far the site is located from the owners. So of these two I reckon the second one. Not perfect, but would be fine. @sharxx101 We should go for a drive on the weekend to see if there is river access back at some of the spots around the place.
  2. Boof

    Meet up: Ipswich

    Found a couple. One I knew of close to Fernvale looks to have closed. There are one or two council reserves that free to access, but will have to put up with others close by and previous visitors rubbish. Have a look at these. https://wikicamps.com.au/site/Queensland/Campground/Allawah+Scout+Camp/279970 https://www.hipcamp.com/en-AU/queensland/weefarm-brisbane-river-camping/weefarm-brisbane-river-camping#group_size=1&adults=1 The first one is closer for those from Bris and has showers and toilets. Pretend camping really. Says it gets busy though but I reckon with our numbers we could claim a large section. The second one is a private place, up to 20 people I think it said, but only two vehicles? There is of course the camping area on the other side of where we catch up?
  3. Boof

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I'll be there! There's a couple of good youcamp places along the river there too, to guarantee privacy.
  4. Boof

    *** cuts

    So the cutting I purchased 14 months ago arrived yesterday, mailed after the post I made above, which I made after the seller created a new ad to sell more cuttings. So it turned up, better late than never. Thought I better acknowledge that. I also need to acknowledge that it took 14 months to get here, commitments made by the seller by way of update weren't met, I had to initiate all communications to obtain updates and some of my attempts at follow up went unanswered. OP - In relation to the illogical DM you sent me following my above post, if you truly believe you are the aggrieved party in this, then we occupy different realities. Thanks for eventually making good though!
  5. Boof

    *** cuts

    Does this mean the one I paid for in March last year is in the mail? Be wary people...
  6. Boof

    Salvia divinorum

    Nah man, not yet
  7. Boof

    Acacia ID

    They are a beautiful tree to look at, certainly my favourite of the acacia types at my place. Thanks for your help.
  8. So I have avoided writing one of these "please ID" posts, and tried IDing the four or five different acacias that grow on my block, but man, I find it difficult. But since the soft soil due to the rain allowed one to fall last night, I thought I'd ask for help, since , well, fresh is best you know? Don't have any photos of seed pods. Located SEQ. Thanks
  9. Boof

    Meet up: Ipswich

    You wanna lift?
  10. Boof

    Check this out

    When proofreading that post I did wonder about my use of lower case, particularly in this forum...
  11. Thanks so much, I didn't expect such a resource. I don't like beer, but that lemon balm ale sounds good!
  12. Hi All. So I've found a few threads on here that discussed some similarities to my question, but none of them seemed resolved. I'm after some discussion of people's experiences with brewing / fermenting and adding some herbal goodness. I keep bees so am lucky enough to frequently have an abundance of honey. As a result, I make my own metheglins (fruit flavoured meads), mostly cyser. Been thinking of adding some different botanicals, but am unsure of what stage to do so. During first ferment? Or during second ferment after racking off? Or at bottling when I back sweeten? I'll say straight up that I am not scientific at all in my brewing, I don't use a hydrometer or anything. Maybe I will one day, but for now, I've found a recipe that works and I just make subtle changes to it and see what results. I read somewhere recently that damiana steeped in wine makes a great drink for couples, which got me thinking about the subject in the first place. Botanicals I am thinking of include damiana and HBWR. I read in another thread on here that particular mushrooms might not be suitable due to the breakdown of components to less stable compounds. That makes sense to me. Anyone tried such a thing? Thanks
  13. Boof

    Meet up: Ipswich

    I should be around. We got the plague in the house at the moment, so as long as it doesn't continuously roll through us for three weeks one after the other, I should be right.
  14. Boof

    Sick cactus

    Thanks for your help mate, I did see the recent post re cinnamon, I'll give it a go.
  15. Boof

    Check this out

    Thanks so much! The better half will be stoked to have an id!