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  1. XavierDass

    P. Sub?

    I'm fairly confident, actually. I probably didn't need to make a post, but sometimes I second guess myself! Yeah, and I didn't even invite them! They just went and volunteered to show up here -- so I can't be accused of cultivation
  2. XavierDass

    P. Sub?

    Found on my property near a dam and a bunch of pine.
  3. XavierDass

    Isolation chamber

    Hope you're keeping well Ferdie, keen to see how this is coming along!
  4. XavierDass

    Isolation chamber

    Absolutely! You'll learn a lot and probably hone some skills Have fun, keep at it, and make sure to keep us posted
  5. XavierDass

    Isolation chamber

    How will you be making the inside water-tight?
  6. XavierDass

    Isolation chamber

    Keep it coming!
  7. XavierDass

    Meet up: Perth

    Good thinking Acacia. See y'all there. Respect everyone's profile on the facebook event. Don't be snooping, sharing profiles, or taking screenshots.
  8. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Haha! I'll get around to it as soon as I can. I need to set up some irrigation for them as they settle in to my loamy clay soil
  9. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    I've bought a bunch of the recommended items. I'll report back in a few years with before/after photos :)
  10. XavierDass

    newby how to use forum?

    Hi John, when you begin composing a message, there should be an area just below the text-capture where you can 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files...' the 'choose files' is a link that will allow you to search your local directories for image selection.
  11. XavierDass

    San Pedro for sale

    Size? cutting/rooted? Probably not enough info here to sell your plant ... Also, is a hilarious way to say the same price twice while sounding like you're providing a deal
  12. XavierDass

    Scopulicola pollen

    Hey Phyto! You might get more traction in the Seed & Plant Exchange > Seed & Plant Swaps section : https://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/forum/35-seed-plant-exchange
  13. XavierDass

    Loph sale

  14. XavierDass

    Meet up: Perth

    Sounds good, I'll be there :) I might have a couple things to contribute to the giveaway.
  15. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Yes! Bonus points for scented