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  1. TheDudeAbides

    Liquid culture syringe

    G'day Myconauts. I'm looking for liquid culture syringes. Are there any reliables sources kicking around here? Or can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.
  2. TheDudeAbides

    Spores to Syringe

    magic! Thank you
  3. TheDudeAbides

    Spores to Syringe

    Looking for advice on how to transfer spores to a syringe. Any tips would be appreciated
  4. TheDudeAbides

    Spore Syringe

    Fellow Myconauts - I'm looking to make contact with anyone who provides spore syringes. Any assistance would be appreciated
  5. TheDudeAbides

    Alcohol tinctures

    A thread for alcohol extraction recipes and links. I'm currently surfing for the best methods. If you have any you'd like to contribute, let this be the place. Namaste.
  6. TheDudeAbides

    Liquid extract - oil

    Thanks for the advice. I don't suppose you have any useful links to making alcohol tinctures?
  7. TheDudeAbides

    Liquid extract - oil

    For it to be water soluble does one have to extract the crystals first?
  8. TheDudeAbides

    Liquid extract - oil

    I'd like to place the psilo into a dropper for micro dosing purposes. I figured an oil base would be the go. But perhaps not? Maybe a water blend would be the way to go?
  9. TheDudeAbides

    Liquid extract - oil

    Fellow Mycophiles. I'm wondering if anyone has extracted Psilocybin into oil. There is little information on how to do this. If there's any resources out there - let this be the place to share. Namaste.
  10. TheDudeAbides

    The poor Victorian.

    Any luck Zool?
  11. TheDudeAbides

    Clarifying Bulk Substrates, Pasteurising and Spawning

    Great thread. One question I have is; what's the best method for inoculation? I'm struggling to find any information on how best to go about sterile inoculation.
  12. My spores have gone walkabout and I'm in need of some more. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out Let me know cheers x
  13. TheDudeAbides

    ID request : 5+ years in mushrooming.....

    why did you put them out!
  14. TheDudeAbides

    Spores needed

    Hello fellow australiens im in need of some spores as i just through some out thinking they were too old. if anyone could help me out let me know cheers x
  15. TheDudeAbides

    old mushies

    very helpful thankyou!