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  1. Aether

    Pereskiopsis spathulata

    All good. Found some!
  2. Aether

    Pereskiopsis spathulata

    Hey guys, I’m searching for some rooted Pereskiopsis to graft some seedlings. Would be great if a member had some to sell.
  3. Aether

    Overwintering Trichs

    Hi everyone. I have some questions about overwintering my Trichocereus, and I hope some of you more experienced growers can give some advice. I’ve spent considerable time trying to find info, but because answers vary so much based on location in the world, I thought it best to just ask locals (NSW) what they do to prevent etoliation during the colder months. I’ve had nice plump growth over summer and I’m really hoping to avoid my cacti getting stretched sections over winter as they have the last few years. I went to move a 3ft cactus the other day and because it had a weak spot in the centre and was top heavy from nice growth this year it snapped which I was not happy about. Most of them seem to have this shape to their growth ie. fat / skinny / fat. My options at the moment seem to be: • let them dry right out and put them in a cold, totally dark garage to let them go dormant (this is something I read about, but it worries me to try this one). • Buy a green house so that light and heat can still get to them but deprive them of water over winter My cacti have always been outdoors all year round, and because we get so much rain over winter here on the coast I feel the amount of water and short hours of sunlight are responsible for this cycle of skinny growth in the winter. This being said I know of growers in NSW in similar locations with enormous established cacti that are fairly consistent in thickness. Most of these are grown in the ground, outdoors all year round and I want to know how they are getting this consistency? I’ve uploaded some images as reference.
  4. Good job on the repotting. These look great in the mineral mix!
  5. What a great article. I started compiling a list of what I need to make up the mineral substrate and very keen to give it a go. Cost for shipping decent amounts of things like zeolite aren’t cheap though because of weight. Might be a slow process in pulling everything together.
  6. Would love 2 if you still have anything left... will PM.
  7. Aether

    plants sales

    Very keen... I just PM'd
  8. Aether

    Post awesome gifs here

    ... and now my son knows I like fruit loops.
  9. Aether

    Post a random picture thread

    I know... funny huh!
  10. Aether

    Post a random picture thread

    Was it to get a third grade education?
  11. Hey Pimento, I'm new to the forum and looking for some microscopy prints. Will PM now to get in touch.