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  1. TFO

    P.eucalypta maybe?

    Found these near gulgong nsw , open forest, underneath ironbarks and white skin euc, growing in grass intertwined small branches and twigs, they sort of remind me of subaeruginosa but not quite hence, so could it be p.eucalypta?
  2. TFO

    Post a random picture thread

    The wee dog, as big as she’s going to get!
  3. TFO

    Caapi response to cold

    Yes, I’ve got one outside that has no problems, the one on the enclosed veranda is also beset by ants farming scale, I think anyway
  4. A gift with no info, any ideas?
  5. TFO

    Caapi response to cold

    Hi Folk, about a month ago a caapi plant of the black variety joined the household, along with a cielo. what I’ve noticed is the black is only growing one leaf to a larger size per set, see photo all other pairs were grown before she reached me she came from north qld is this a cold response? heresa photo of cielo , far more vigorous, from s.e. Qld
  6. TFO

    When I die

    I'd like to be recycled the way I've been recycling road kill over the years, no not eating them but if that's what's required....no really I fertilise the fruit trees with them and any pets that have died, just scrape the grass away , sprinkle some lime, put the animal on top of lime, sprinkle some more lime, cover with sawdust at least 150mm then cover with a cage to stop dogs surprising the family with the rotting corpse of Fido . Works a treat.
  7. TFO

    Define God

    At the moment it's a bit of moldivite inside my pillow
  8. TFO

    Carlos Castaneda thread

    I think his books contained a lot of truth , as in shamanic / Sorcerous practices by which I mean , ways to break social conditioning and from there to percieve different realities . I didn't know Carlos so I've got no opinion of the guy , we have to be careful not to fall into the cult of personality and believing we know someone through what we read , although as already noted Carlos seemed to fall prey (and I mean it literally ) to self importance if he ever really escaped it. His books are a important first step, reading them and applying the methods truthfully will result in a remove from the present reality that everyone else inhabits , well that was /is my experience anyway.
  9. Freedom from the known by krishnamurti , his views on relationships set me free . Spectrum of consciousness by ken wilber , Carlos castenedas books , audio books of ram dass , I too enjoyed radix crayz , the list could go on ..................