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  1. So devastated by this news! I never got to say goodbye in person. We'd been chatting on messenger over the last few weeks and I think Josh didn't want to show how vulnerable he was. We'd been talking of catching up for an Aya session together and it sounded like he was fighting hard and planning for the future, and better times ahead. The last we chatted, he was up and down, but he was mostly good, and I (he) was hopeful for his recovery. We went to the 2007 EGA together and the 2009 EGA. The last time I saw him was at my bucks night roughly 7 years ago, and unfortunately he wasn't able attend at my wedding (which was seriously off the hook, and he would have loved). Josh sent me some pics in the last few weeks, he was a much better gardener than I am. The last pic was from EGA 2009, I was taking this photo (attached in reply). Some likely looking fellows in the frame, (you know who you are) :-) I'm really going to miss you bro, you deserved a better run than this. I'll see you on the other side
  2. Fenris

    Youtube vids

    Sassy The Sasquatch. There are 6 episodes, do yourself a favour and watch them all. https://youtu.be/9OmR0ypCyOU
  3. Fenris

    Origins of changa/inhaled xhuasca

    The ultimate luxury joint, also known as the Jeffrey. Weed mostly, got a bit of opium in it, some Heroin, crunched up E's, clorox, methadone, subutex, Morphine, Peyote, Some other stuff that's unidentifiable, and I think a little bit of Angel Dust I think if I'm not mistaken. Keep it traditional. Like a drug Neapolitan.
  4. I was really surprised to read the following article on Thailand legalising cannabis for cultivation and consumption. https://www.bbc.com/news/61836019 Good on them. Maybe a sign of things to come.
  5. I saw this notice on the ASX this week Australian Government approves the commercial importation of drinking kava for retail sale. See here https://cdn-api.markitdigital.com/apiman-gateway/ASX/asx-research/1.0/file/2924-02454003-6A1063472?access_token=83ff96335c2d45a094df02a206a39ff4
  6. Fenris

    Youtube vids

    I just found a whole program via the tubes called "Tales from the Trip" Have a look here https://www.youtube.com/c/animated/videos Imagine a celebrity narrating one of their crazy drug experiences over 5 or 10 minutes, with animated background to match the story. It makes my daily public transport journeys fun.
  7. I've been asked to FYI this on to the community 22nd August 2021 Session 5 – Ritual and Tradition: Ayahuasca and other examples of practices from South America https://events.humanitix.com/altered-states-tradition-and-ritual-ayahuasca-and-other-examples-from-south-america The return of psychedelics to academic and medical acceptability is the outcome of decades of work, and may signal a coming revolution for psychiatry. But as is often noted, similarly plant-based and consciousness altering substances have most likely been in use for thousands of years in a variety of Indigenous contexts. Uses in such contexts include (but are not limited to) medical applications, although the understandings and treatments of illnesses also connect with broader social frameworks and shamanic modes of relating to the world. These shamanic modalities tend to incorporate not only the classically known entheogens, but a range of other plants along with bodily techniques for altering consciousness. Dr O’Shaughnessy will explore and present some of these based on his research experience with Amazonian medicine—in particular ayahuasca healing practices.
  8. Fenris

    Did I trip from drying mugwort wtf

    I had a similar experience when I put some bay leaves in an essential oil warmer.
  9. Uni NSW has an online drug trend report: https://ndarc.med.unsw.edu.au/resource-type/drug-trends-jurisdictional-reports Interesting/useful to see what's happening in your state.
  10. Fenris

    William Leonard Pickard

    Good news. To anyone who has read The Rose of Paracelsus, or is aware of the very sketchy history of the NeuroSoup host Krystle Cole, you will probably be familiar with William. LSD Chemist William Leonard Pickard to be Released From Prison https://www.psymposia.com/magazine/william-leonard-pickard-lsd/ How Pickard copped the longest sentence & Cole avoided jail seems somewhat unbalanced when you consider what she had been up to. . Here is a legal case regarding the kidnapping & torture of Cole'd boyfriend. https://caselaw.findlaw.com/ok-court-of-criminal-appeals/1251267.html And is probably more objective than the Hamilton's Pharmacopoeia episode "Getting High on Krystle" in which he is obviously enamoured with Cole. Can be seen here https://documentary.net/video/getting-high-on-krystle/ Unfortunately the NeuroSoup channel no longer has the anal DMT administration video up on YouTube (or anywhere), it was a good laugh. If you haven't read The Rose of Paracelsus, its a modern masterpiece of psychedelic literature and deserves to be on your bookshelf.
  11. Post Covid19, my wife was thinking of getting me a ticket for my birthday https://www.eventbrite.com/e/psychedelic-liberty-summit-now-virtual-tickets-65040290259?aff=ebdssbonlinebrowse 2 days of lectures, looks good
  12. Fenris

    Dr Bruce Damer in Sydney

    I was listening to Bruce on a recent Psychedelic Salon podcast https://psychedelicsalon.com/podcast-628-investigations-of-life-from-origin-to-end/ Its a shame he isn't giving a talk in Perth.
  13. Fenris


    Its been a while since I checked this thread out, thanks to all for the input. My son (Huxley aka Huck, or Hux) turned 5 in December last year and we have been dealing with T1D for 3 years now. Huck has a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for the last 18 months or so and it has been invaluable. We were recommended to go on an insulin pump, however with all the issues users have had, we prefer to give him multiple injections a day depending on how he is tracking and just follow the CGM (his phone talks to ours so I can check his glucose levels while I am at work, on my phone). Huck gets morning and night long lasting insulin, and short acting insulin with every meal. It is a constant juggling act to get right, thankfully we have been doing fairly well as his HbA1c has been getting better and better with every check, I think his last one was 5.9 which is pretty good for someone who isn't low carbing. I did look into a number of natural remedies that help lower blood glucose, however I'm not keen on loading up a 5 yr old with capsules, so we decided to just add cinnamon to his breakfast and leave it at that until he can make informed decisions for himself. The depth and breadth of plants that reduce blood glucose is quite impressive and hopefully as he gets older I can encourage him to try some herbal teas or home prepared caps to reduce his insulin load. It seems that as you get older & bigger, the insulin requirements increase a fair bit, so I'm keen to work on keeping Huck's dependence as low as possible. At one point I was trying out the herbal remedies on myself and measuring the outcome, and sure enough, the bitter gourd caps I had made, lowered my BGL to lower than the normal range. From memory I was around 3.8 mmol/l. Anyway, he is happy and healthy and a little bundle of chaos. He is 110% awesome and throws himself into everything with so much exuberance, it can be exhausting. What goes mostly unmentioned though is the that my wife and I can never relax, ever. Our life continuously revolves around Hucks blood sugar levels. Its not unusual to get up 2 or 3 times a night to readjust his insulin, or have to give him some glucose to prevent him crashing. (Some nights are fine, thankfully) Fortunately he hasn't experienced a diabetic coma thus far, but often I wake up , not having been woken by a blood glucose alarm, and wonder if his sensor failed in the night, its always a relief to see his chest rising and falling in sound sleep. There is a constant nagging feeling that I might wake up one morning and my 5 yr old son might have passed away in the room next to me while I was sleeping. Unfortunately it can and does happen. The progress of technology in diabetes has been pretty impressive of late and we remain hopeful that by the time Hux is a young man that he wont have to burden himself too much with his T1D management. After treating his illness for a couple of years, Huck got gastro and had a hospital admission. We were horrified a the level of knowledge and treatment in the childrens T1D ward, to the point where we discharged ourselves against advice so we could better manage the BGL of our son. They take your insulin off you during a hospital admission. I won't go on about that as the post would double in length.