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  1. Phoenix6

    Any one recommended me a seed vendor?

    Don’t think any of those vendors have a good bridgesii seed. You’re on the right track. You’ll find more carefully created seed on the fb auction group if you’re on there. I have a heap of seed, will make things easier for me sharing them with you. Send us a pm.
  2. Phoenix6

    hoja santa seeds

    Anyone helped you out? Ive got a few piper auritum around my yard, haven’t seen seeds yet despite fondling the flowers of a few different ones. They throw lots of suckers when happy and are easy to propagate that way.
  3. Available are Cambodian prints on al foil 11 aud each or two for 16 pm for details
  4. Phoenix6

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    #6 maidens Wattle ~3yrs from seed Confusa, acuminata, and longi Phlebophylla received as a ~20cm seedling 18months ago
  5. Phoenix6


  6. Phoenix6


  7. Phoenix6

    Acacia seeds - sorted now thanks

    Started my gardening adventures growing acacias a few years ago and would like to relive those joys this coming spring. Anyone have a handful of acuminata or obtusifolia seed they’re willing to share. have cactus (seedlings mostly) and fungi culture to offer for trade.
  8. Phoenix6

    Anything to trade/Sell

    Count me in msg sent thanks!
  9. Phoenix6

    Piper Auritum

    Quick little google and atlas of living australia has some sightings of it around cairns specifically the botanic gardens. Pm me if you’re after a plant for the cost of shipping, very weedy and you can turn a sucker into 6 large plants or so in a season.
  10. Phoenix6

    ISO: T. Pach ‘Music Teacher’

    Looking to add this plant to my garden. Assistance will be appreciated. thanks
  11. Count me in please!
  12. Could it be me that is last luckily Thankyou Infinity.