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  1. zed240

    Silene Capensis seed giveaway

    I'd like to try some if possible too.
  2. zed240

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    I have been meaning to take some pics of this, and today seems like a great day to update this thread. Happy Birthday, Sir Jeans!! One of your babies is flowering for me on a couple of columns this year. I am SUPER stoked about this, as it has genetics that deserve to be spread. I have 2 large plants I don't cut, (and some smaller ones I'll cut if needed). I have wanted these 2 big ones to produce flowers, and the one in the pot has now done so! It's much scrappier looking and slower to grow than it's clone I have in the ground, which pumps out massive linear growth on all 8 of it's columns each year, but no signs of flowers on that one. And a comparison of the one flowering in the pot, and the much larger one in the ground. So it won't happen this year, but this is one step towards possibly being to make Jeans X Eileen and vice versa, at some stage. This year the crosses will be something else.
  3. zed240

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    I am keen if there is enough, please.
  4. zed240


    I have pollen in the fridge from last season I can send you if you can't find any fresh in time. Feel free to message me when your flowers are getting closer and I'll send you either fresh pollen if I have some at the time, or refrigerated pollen from last season if you want to try that. Nice plant!
  5. zed240

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    I'm guessing that'd make me 28, if brothernature is 27..... If so, I'll take 28. very kind of you J!
  6. Bump - have updated the post with what's available now. Cuts have now calloused enough to plant so will be ready to go the second they arrive to you.
  7. I have some tricho cutting for sale. PM me if you would like to grab any. Buyer pays postage on top. Payment to be made via Paypal (via friends/family option) or bank transfer. Scopulicola X bridgesii "Tig" Very FAT, definitely scop sized cuttings! 97cm tip - $90 87cm tip - $80 HB01 mid - 26cm - $21 Psycho0 tip - 61cm - $45 Bruce X PC pachanoi - this plant is very sexy, looks like Psycho0's long lost sister to me. (tip pic included for reference) (unfortunately this plant fell over in bad weather as I didn't have it planted well, but there are only very minimal blemishes on these mid cuts) mid cut 31cm $23 Tip shot of same Bruce X PC plant Macrogonus 37cm tip - $30 30cm mid - $23 30cm mid - $23 The plant it came from Macro (different to other one) tip 42cm - $32
  8. zed240

    Coffee please...

    http://shaman-australis.com.au/shop/coffea_arabica_var_catuai_coffee_plant_pr_832.php http://shaman-australis.com.au/shop/coffea_arabica_var_amarello_coffee_plant_pr_1362.php http://herbalistics.com.au/product/coffea-canephora-robusta-coffee-plant/ https://www.diggers.com.au/shop/fruit/other-fruits/coffee/wcff/ I also found one for $5 (on special), at a local hardware store. They seem to be reasonably readily available. I also purchased one from the SAB store some time ago.
  9. zed240

    Leggy (Etoliated ?) Seedlings

    I do what you've described above. I make a top layer about half an inch deep out of something inert, like zeolite, or very small pebbles, above my normal soil mix where the roots are. It holds the stem until it thickens up, but isn't too organic in the hopes of lowering the chance of rotting. I have never had a seedling rot from doing it this way before.
  10. zed240

    Acacia acuminata

    You could try @communacacian . I have got some great seeds and plants from him in the past.
  11. Update on Server Donation auction results! We had some payment issues where FF couldn't process paypal donations to SAB. So after a while of looking into the options he transferred the AU$101 to me via bank transfer and I donated it to the SAB server cost from my own paypal account as soon as it cleared in my bank account. (yesterday) I also sent Fungal Forest his winnings yesterday via express post, and threw some extra stuff in too for playing the game. Thanks to the people who bid on this auction. Proof of donation
  12. There are still seeds left for people who are interested in growing some cool hybrids! Check the list above for what's available and PM me if you'd like some.
  13. Congratulations! @Fungal Forest - you have the winning bid of AU$101. Thanks heaps for this contribution to the forum server costs. Can you please donate the money and be sure to upload a screenshot with a payment confirmation into this thread as proof the money has been donated. Then PM the address you'd like the seeds and Validus OP seedling sent to and I will get them in the post to you the next day. BTW - Fungal Forest - If you decide you'd like the plants in either of the 2 higher tiers feel free to either donate $125 or $150 (or more! ) and I will send you the extra plants also.
  14. Not long left to bid on this now, (about 2.5 hours). Fungal Forest is currently in the lead with a bid of AU$101