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  1. Hi im looking for an Acacia Phlebophylla tube stock or bigger plant, i know theres seed on ebay but was hoping to find a plant, I have a trichocereus cuts/nice yearling to trade or money. Cheers.
  2. Macca

    Acacia courtii giveaway

    #3 sweet giveaway, heres a Maidens Wattle i grew from seed 3 years old now.
  3. Macca

    A few Trich cuts

    No worries @waterboy 2.0 let us know how ya go, cheers mate.
  4. Macca

    A few Trich cuts

    Hey @waterboy 2.0 is the above TBM still for sale?
  5. Macca

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    I grab that please mate and ill offer 1 x 17cm eilien tip cut 5 x PC x Grawler 5cm x 1.5cm seedlings 5 x Scop x Sass 5cm x 1.5cm seedlings 5 x Yowie x PC 5cm x 1.5cm seedlings 30 x Rosie 1 x Rosie 2 Seeds 30 x Cactus Country hydrid HaHa Op seeds 30 x ALD Macro OP seeds 20 x Frields Pach Op seeds 10 peres tips.
  6. Macca

    Trichocereua cuts for sale

    Ill grab the tip if its still available?
  7. Macca

    A few Trich cuts

    Hey @waterboy 2.0 is the TBM above still available?
  8. Macca

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    I'll grab that please andros88 I'll off a small grafting pack. 1 x 15cm PC pach tip cut unrooted 10 x pere's 5 tips and 5 mids unrooted 6 x 15cm - 20cm Cereus pups unrooted An assortment of tricho seeds. 10 x Dawsons monsters OP 20 x R2 x R1 15 x CC Hybrid "HaHa" 20 x ?(massive spach) x Pink Joy 30 x psycho0 x John 20 x psyhcho0 OP 30 x R1 x BB scop 15 x scop hillside x fields pach 15 x helon x monarto scop Can only upload one photo atm sorry, ill try to down grade the size and upload some more later.
  9. Hi Jeans, i'd be interested in 2 cuts if you can do any more?
  10. Would love some please mate.
  11. Number 6, sweet giveaway, cheers dude!
  12. Macca

    Cactus seed giveaway #3

    #3 cheers mate
  13. Sweet man ill grab an unrooted one if you have any left after all the first comers?
  14. Macca

    Milly's Seeds of Love

    Id love to grew some of milly if there is still some left. Beautiful gester, she looks like she was a very gentle soul.