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  1. I have coveted this trichocereus for the last 2 years and today was my day. I got a nice sized piece and I'd like to know what others think about it's ID. I've always considered it a bridgesii, although it is VERY fat for a bridgesii, (it's fat for a PC pachanoi for christs sake!), it is planted in the ground and has been for at least 15 years. You'll notice it has basically no spines on the top half of each of the columns but the bottom parts have some pretty gnarly spines, usually 2 per each areole, sometimes 2 large ones and one small one. You can also see it next to another more normal, (but certainly not a small), bridgesii I also got today. The column I was given has big spines on the bottom 12 inches but is basically as spineless as a scop on the top 3 or 4 feet. There are a few areoles on the "spineless" part that have tiny spines about 1 or 2 mm long, but most are completely bare. I've included come close up pics of the areoles with really tiny spines. Please look at the pics and let me know what you think it may be. I think it could just be a unique form of bridgesii but I would like opinions. The flower hair was quite dark black when I saw them last summer but I have no pics of those for you. Also, it's about 5 or 6 metres high and the flowers were right up the top. BE AWARE THE PICS ARE A DECENT SIZE if you happen to be on a slow connection. I have made them smaller but tried to keep some quality in them so detail can be seen. BTW - also happy to hear what people think of the other bridgesii if it happens to jump out as similar to anything you know. But mainly interested in this weird, fat, sometimes spineless, sometimes spiny one. And here are some pics of the cut I got. It's next to the other bridgesii in these.
  2. Lot of various trichocereus hybrid seeds for sale! Fresh from this year and very few left from the 2 years prior in case anyone missed out back then. Pics of parents included with names at the end of the post. All flowers were covered with bags before and after pollination to ensure no cross pollination, guaranteeing that you will get the hand pollinated hybrids you have chosen, and not something random the bees chose. I will donate 10% of the total cost of each order made through SAB to the SAB Corroboree server costs. $3.50 international postage - $2.50 Australian postage. Payment via Paypal using the Friends/Family option only. (or possibly bank transfer, via negotiation) Some types are quite limited so don't delay if there is something in particular you'd like. Maximum 1 bag of each type per buyer (PM me if you're interested in bulk, as I might be able to do some types). Some of the varieties that are limited contain 30 seeds per bag, most varieties have 100 or more seeds per bag. (If there is a number in the "limited" column it means that's the maximum number of bags of that type I have available) Please include the "cat number" with your order to help with speedier packaging. 2015 Cat number Price Limited Z002 Psycho0 X Yowie $5 Sold Out Z004 PC Pach X BBs Scop $3 Z005 Yowie X PC Pach $5 Sold Out Z006 PC pach X Gawler peru $3 Sold Out 2016 Z009 scopulicola X Anakie (peru) $3 Z010 Gawler peru X scopulicola $3 Z011 Norma (peru) X Anakie (peru) $3 Sold Out Z012 Tipz macro X scopulicola $3 Z013 Gawler peru X Norma (peru) $3 Z014 scopulicolaX Norma (peru) $3 Sold Out Z015 Super Pedro X Norma (peru) $3 Sold Out Z016 Norma (peru) X Hahn pachanoi $3 Z018 scopulicola X Hahn pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z020 Tipz macro X Norma (peru) $3 2017 Z022 "Roy" pachanoi X Fields pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z023 "Roy" pachanoi X Super Pedro $3 Z024 (Scop x Fat Spach) X Scop $3 Z026 Chilensis (fat Strath) X scop (Heynes) $5 Sold Out Z028 Gawler Peru X Hahn Pach $3 Z029 Gawler peru X SA SS Tersch $5 Z030 Hahn pach X Roseii 1 $3 Sold Out Z031 Hahn pach X Roseii 2 $3 Sold Out Z032 Hahn pachanoi X Fields pachanoi $5 Sold Out Z033 Helen (Secret Garden) X Gawler peru $3 Sold Out Z034 Knuthianus X (Juuls Giant X scop) $3 Sold Out Z035 Knuthianus X Hahn pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z036 Knuthianus X scop (Heynes) $3 Z037 Knuthianus X scop (or red grandi??) $3 Sold Out Z038 PC pachanoi X Super Pedro $3 Z039 Riverland peruvianus X SA SS Tersch $5 Sold Out Z040 SA SS Tersch X Fields Pachanoi $5 Sold Out Z041 SA SS Tersch X Gawler Peru $5 Sold Out Z042 SA SS tersch X Hahn pach $5 Sold Out Z044 SA SS Tersch X PC pachanoi $4 Z045 SA SS Tersch X Roseii 1 $5 Sold Out Z046 SA SS Tersch X Scop (heynes) $5 Sold Out Z047 Schick Pink X Ech. Spring Blush $3 Sold Out Z048 Schick pink X scop $4 Sold Out Z049 Scop X SA SS Tersch $5 Z050 Scop (Heynes) X "Roy" pachanoi $3 Z051 Scop (Heynes) X Chilensis (fat Strath) $5 Sold Out Z052 Scop (Heynes) X Scop (Hillside) $5 Sold Out Z053 Scop (Hillside) X Fields pachanoi $3 Z054 Scop X (Juul's Giant X Scop) $3 Z055 Scop (worm) X Helon (Secret Garden) $3 Z056 Scop (worm) X Scop (Heynes) $5 Sold Out Z057 Scop (Zed's) X "Roy" pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z058 Scop (Zed's) X Fields pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z059 Scop (Zed's) X Scop (Hulk) $5 Sold Out Z060 scop (Zed's) X Super Pedro $3 Z061 scop X Gawler Peru $3 Z062 scop X knuthianus $3 Sold Out Z063 Super Pedro X Gawler Peru $3 Sold Out Z064 Super Pedro X Hahn pach $3 Z065 Super pedro X knuthianus $3 Sold Out Z066 Super Pedro X PC pachanoi $3 Sold Out Z067 Super Pedro X SA SS Tersch $5 Sold Out Z068 Tipz Macro X Hahn pachanoi $3 Z069 Tipz Macro X Super Pedro $3 Much love and happy cactusing! zed240
  3. zed240

    Silene Capensis seed giveaway

    I'd like to try some if possible too.
  4. zed240

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    I have been meaning to take some pics of this, and today seems like a great day to update this thread. Happy Birthday, Sir Jeans!! One of your babies is flowering for me on a couple of columns this year. I am SUPER stoked about this, as it has genetics that deserve to be spread. I have 2 large plants I don't cut, (and some smaller ones I'll cut if needed). I have wanted these 2 big ones to produce flowers, and the one in the pot has now done so! It's much scrappier looking and slower to grow than it's clone I have in the ground, which pumps out massive linear growth on all 8 of it's columns each year, but no signs of flowers on that one. And a comparison of the one flowering in the pot, and the much larger one in the ground. So it won't happen this year, but this is one step towards possibly being to make Jeans X Eileen and vice versa, at some stage. This year the crosses will be something else.
  5. zed240

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway

    I am keen if there is enough, please.
  6. zed240


    I have pollen in the fridge from last season I can send you if you can't find any fresh in time. Feel free to message me when your flowers are getting closer and I'll send you either fresh pollen if I have some at the time, or refrigerated pollen from last season if you want to try that. Nice plant!
  7. zed240

    Cactus Plant giveaway

    I'm guessing that'd make me 28, if brothernature is 27..... If so, I'll take 28. very kind of you J!
  8. Bump - have updated the post with what's available now. Cuts have now calloused enough to plant so will be ready to go the second they arrive to you.
  9. I have some tricho cutting for sale. PM me if you would like to grab any. Buyer pays postage on top. Payment to be made via Paypal (via friends/family option) or bank transfer. Scopulicola X bridgesii "Tig" Very FAT, definitely scop sized cuttings! 97cm tip - $90 87cm tip - $80 HB01 mid - 26cm - $21 Psycho0 tip - 61cm - $45 Bruce X PC pachanoi - this plant is very sexy, looks like Psycho0's long lost sister to me. (tip pic included for reference) (unfortunately this plant fell over in bad weather as I didn't have it planted well, but there are only very minimal blemishes on these mid cuts) mid cut 31cm $23 Tip shot of same Bruce X PC plant Macrogonus 37cm tip - $30 30cm mid - $23 30cm mid - $23 The plant it came from Macro (different to other one) tip 42cm - $32
  10. zed240

    Coffee please...

    http://shaman-australis.com.au/shop/coffea_arabica_var_catuai_coffee_plant_pr_832.php http://shaman-australis.com.au/shop/coffea_arabica_var_amarello_coffee_plant_pr_1362.php http://herbalistics.com.au/product/coffea-canephora-robusta-coffee-plant/ https://www.diggers.com.au/shop/fruit/other-fruits/coffee/wcff/ I also found one for $5 (on special), at a local hardware store. They seem to be reasonably readily available. I also purchased one from the SAB store some time ago.
  11. zed240

    Leggy (Etoliated ?) Seedlings

    I do what you've described above. I make a top layer about half an inch deep out of something inert, like zeolite, or very small pebbles, above my normal soil mix where the roots are. It holds the stem until it thickens up, but isn't too organic in the hopes of lowering the chance of rotting. I have never had a seedling rot from doing it this way before.
  12. zed240

    Acacia acuminata

    You could try @communacacian . I have got some great seeds and plants from him in the past.
  13. I am auctioning some seeds and the winning bid will be donated to the SAB sever cost auction. SAB has a wealth of old knowledge stored on it, is a great way to record a history of plants and for people to be able to check back over things later. It has helped me connect with other growers, trade, buy and obtain some wonderful seeds and plants, some even through generous giveaways other members have run from time to time. It’s a valuable resource that I’d like to see continue as long as possible. Auction will run from now until 8pm EST Sunday 02/07/2017 – starting bid of AU$23 and going up in at least AU$5 increments from there. Winning bidder must post screenshot confirming their winning amount being donated to the SAB server costs no more than 5 days after the auction ends, post screenshot proof here and I will cover cost of postage to get the prize to the winner. Some of these seeds are very hard to get hold of these days and will result in some wonderful plants! Included in this auction: Nitrogen 2015 seeds: Lumberjack x TPM Psycho0 x TPM Sharxx Blue x TPM Lumberjack x Sharxx Blue Sacred Succulents seed: T pachanoi X TPM zed240 2017 seeds: Scop X scop Scop x SA SS Tersch Lophophora williamsii ABG Werdermannius OP 2017 BONUS – if the winning big ends up being over AU$100 I will also send the winner this seedling: grown from 2015 OP Validus seeds from Mr X’s Secret Garden in SA, currently growing in 10cm pot. Mr X’s Validus is thought to probably/possibly be one of the Fields clones. This seedling will grow into a very special plant! (seedling only to be posted within Aust) Happy bidding and cactusing! [edit] I am surprised but very happy that bidding is already this well underway. SAB will win, as will the person who gets these seeds and plants. MORE BONUS TIERS ADDED! If the winning bid ends up being over $125 I will also send the winner this plant: Chalaensis X TPM - seedling "slab" graft grown from Sacred Succulents seeds. If the winning bid is over AU$150 the winner will also get this seedling "slab" graft grown from scopulicola X Eileen seeds.
  14. Update on Server Donation auction results! We had some payment issues where FF couldn't process paypal donations to SAB. So after a while of looking into the options he transferred the AU$101 to me via bank transfer and I donated it to the SAB server cost from my own paypal account as soon as it cleared in my bank account. (yesterday) I also sent Fungal Forest his winnings yesterday via express post, and threw some extra stuff in too for playing the game. Thanks to the people who bid on this auction. Proof of donation
  15. There are still seeds left for people who are interested in growing some cool hybrids! Check the list above for what's available and PM me if you'd like some.
  16. Congratulations! @Fungal Forest - you have the winning bid of AU$101. Thanks heaps for this contribution to the forum server costs. Can you please donate the money and be sure to upload a screenshot with a payment confirmation into this thread as proof the money has been donated. Then PM the address you'd like the seeds and Validus OP seedling sent to and I will get them in the post to you the next day. BTW - Fungal Forest - If you decide you'd like the plants in either of the 2 higher tiers feel free to either donate $125 or $150 (or more! ) and I will send you the extra plants also.
  17. Not long left to bid on this now, (about 2.5 hours). Fungal Forest is currently in the lead with a bid of AU$101
  18. Thanks heaps for the bids so far! I am stoked with how this is going so far. I have added 2 more plants and tiers to this auction, so if it goes over $125 and then $150 the winner will get more and more cool stuff! Check the OP at the top for pics of the new additions.
  19. The amounts of seed are written on most of the packs in the picture. Nitro seeds between 8 and 17 L willy - 25 Scop X scop - 80-100 Scop x SA SS Tersch - 80-100 T. pach X TPM - 38 etc I will probably add another plant/tier to this in the morning.
  20. zed240

    T. Bridgesii "Jeans"

    "Jeans" is a sexy fucker. I give it 2-3 more years before I get flowers. I hope it surprises me and I get them sooner though! Be sure to hit up the Sir if you'd like some cuts, great prices for a sexy cactus. Here are some pics of one of mine to get you all excited.
  21. zed240

    Encrypted Messengers

    To use Signal do you have to give them your mobile phone number? Or can you create and use a unique username to connect with people, rather than the phone number of the device? I'd feel much better being able to use a messenger service that didn't require my phone number and that I could always only use when connected to a VPN. I know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, and their terms of service state they will share data with their parent company, including your phone number. That's information I don't want to give a corporation like Facebook. Seems to defeat any reasons to use that particular one. If anyone paid them enough, FB would sell your data in a heartbeat.
  22. Still some seeds left if people are interested. Check the list above to see what's available. Another donation to the SAB sever cost has been made. Thanks SAB-ers!
  23. Donation made. I am hoping more people on SAB will purchase seeds so I can donate more soon.
  24. I don't mind if people want to label their plants as "Helon". I personally have seen way too many people misspell clone names or exchange the right vowels for others to really think that is enough to stop confusion though. All it takes is someone to misspell their Misplant crosses as Helon for confusion to start and then set in, it's much less likely people would accidentally add the letters S.G. at the start of the name if it didn't come with those qualifying letters to start with though. All my seeds went out labelled very clearly as "S.G. Helen", I think the S.G. part of the label makes it much harder to just accidentally change one vowel in translation or when there's an up-pot, label change, sale of seedlings to others or whatever. The good thing is this info is now explicitly written in to this thread, which people can refer to for info and mother plant pics of the seeds I've sent out in future. I also think the S.G. Helen looks much more like a spiny scopulicola/FR991 or cordobensis type than it does a peruvianus. But again, pics are available here and elsewhere, and people can make their own minds up if they think it's a peru or closer to a different species. Still seeds left if anyone wants to PM me to make an order.