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  1. bonecud_56

    Sacred gardening in the media

    That’s a solid thing mate, good that you have that bond and stick by your mates. I don’t have that same bond though.
  2. bonecud_56

    Sacred gardening in the media

    Haha. No thanks
  3. bonecud_56

    Sacred gardening in the media

    $300 for a foot of a randomly selected cactus cutting too. Yeah, in it purely for the love of cactus and spreading it far and wide. We’re all struggling and everyone’s gotta eat, but this just reeks. https://www.themescalinegarden.com/shop/p/numbered-clone-30cm-cutting
  4. bonecud_56

    Sacred gardening in the media

    Openly admitting to illegally importing plants, “look at us and what we’re doing” kind of attitudes, openly advertising a website that pushes more of the “drugs” side rather than plants for growing side….sorry, but I’m one who lost a lot of respect for Liam and Fahim in this one. And can’t see it coming back… This affects all gardeners, not just those who choose to use….. cactus theft was already a problem. Selling 10 OP cactus seeds + a coke bottle for $40 + $25 postage on his website too, c’mon that a blatant rip off in anyone’s language.
  5. bonecud_56

    Cheeze TV

  6. bonecud_56

    Cheeze TV

    Cactaids Nursery is the only one I’ve seen selling that. I think he gave it that name. I don’t know if he’s on here. He’s on Facebook and sells on eBay too, seller name Cactaids
  7. bonecud_56

    MMA on Four Corners tonight

    Very good to see predatory behaviour exposed imo. That couple who abused that woman should be drawn and quartered, to do that to someone who is in pain and trusted them is atrocious. I think that Julian does push the boundaries, setting up a cactus session specifically for tv and charging $170/head for it, not sure what that was meant to achieve? A lot of commentary on Facebook about it today, seems his interview was chopped up to show the side the journo wanted to show to suit her theme of “drugs are bad” Perhaps he has misbehaved, but her “evidence” was based on one Facebook post, by him, 5 years ago. GTFO, tabloid trash journalism. WWA say they’re not in it for the Ching Ching. I call bullshit. Sad that Wile. E felt the need to leave. I really dig that dude
  8. bonecud_56

    Cannabis Propaganda - A Friends Experience

    Trava Health in Vic are great
  9. bonecud_56

    Wanted Acacia Courtii

    I’ve sent you a message about your vine man, I’ve got some Courtii seed and seedlings I could send your way. I’m pretty busy away from home for the next couple of days but will be able to send a couple of pics to you when I’m back home. Cheers
  10. bonecud_56

    Wagga Wagga

    Very keen to learn from locals, surely it’s been wet enough this year for subs. I’m nearby to Wagga and would love to find some if anyone can help
  11. bonecud_56

    Harvest Ethics

    Thanks @Wile E. Peyote, and no worries I didn’t tag you so understood…totally forgot myself tbh until watching the show the other night. I do recall seeing that one can apply for a licence to collect seed too, so that could further strengthen any potential licensed growers marketing plan. I must admit too, I wasn’t thinking along the lines of that kind of Bunnings scale. Would be cool to pop into your local nursery or Bunnings to pick up a Courtii or two though. If I had the land I’d love to plant a few dozen or hundred, even if only to distribute seed. I know of at least one WA grower of acuminata who sustainably grows and harvests all parts of the tree and sells phyllodes and bark for leather tanning. That would be cool to do with Courtii if it had the same tanning uses.
  12. bonecud_56

    Harvest Ethics

    @Wile E. Peyote good show last night, I couldn't remember the question from my previous comment on this thread before. See above question. Any insights? Cheers
  13. bonecud_56

    Competition post a picture of your favourite flower

    I really don’t need more seedlings, but I’ll chuck this up anyway. My first Supernova flower, she’s an absolute gem
  14. bonecud_56

    Competition post a picture of your favourite flower

    I really don’t need more seedlings, but I’ll chuck this up anyway. My first Supernova flower, she’s an absolute gem