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Found 5 results

  1. Matt1208

    plant and seed sale

    4x acacia acuminata *small* seedlings $8 each 2x mugwort in same pot $4 for both fresh p.somniferum seeds white with purple center, Tasmanian strain i believe 200 seeds for $2 or $1 if purchased with other plants chemical free herbal smoking blend (completely legal herbs) $10 a gram postage isn't included in prices but ill try too make it as cheap as possible can do cheaper prices on multiple purchases, comment or pm if you're interested in anything, or if you're wanting photos of the plants. cheers
  2. for the last 5 or so months I've been playing with different plants and herbs to create an all natural, organic, chemical free, legal herbal smoke blend, I'm not quiet done with it yet but I'd like some Guinea pigs, to try what I have created so far and give me some feedback on the blend, what I'm looking for is feedback on; aroma; taste; smoothness of the smoke; effects on the mind and body; duration of said effects; and a small paragraph/sentence on what you overall thought about it; before anyone asks this is a secrete blend so I won't give up too many plants that are contained within, I will say I have created it for a "relaxing effect" i am wanting to send a free sample to 5 people for now but many more in the near future, please comment here and pm me if you're interested, please Australian people only, and if this isn't allowed on the forum can a mod please contact me upon deleting this post. Cheers
  3. Matt1208

    wanted; papaver somniferum

    wanting some papaver somniferum seeds to add to my collection, after just about any variety, would rather fresh but any are okay, please pm me or post here if you have any available for trade or sale. cheers
  4. Matt1208

    myco stuff for sale

    i have a few myco things for sale, 1 sterile p.sub print -$10 1 sterile b+ print -$10 2 sterile Brazil cube print $10ea 3 non sterile p.cyan prints -$5ea 6 half pint wide mouth jars with self sealing lids and inoculation holes -$10 plus postage about 2-3kg of sawdust -$15 plus postage pm if youre interested in anything
  5. give away for my 100th post, this is for Australia members only (sorry to everyone else) post a number below between 1 and 100 and 3 numbers will be selected by a random number generator numbers will be drawn Sunday around 8pm, good luck ps. Don't choose 1 or 100 ;) first prize; 5x midnight rose seeds 100x sweet wormwood 10x mixed trichocereus 500x mixed Turkish papaver somniferum 100x henbane 100x sida cordifolia 100x phalaris aquatica Second prize; 30x datura stramonium 3x brazillian cherry 150x purple papaver somniferum 50x black and pink hibiscus 10x mixed trichocereus Third prize; 150x Cali poppy 150x Niccotina rustica 10x mixed trichocereus 30x datura stramonium