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  1. Cubism

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Bougainvillea - those spiky buggers make such a mess
  2. Sorry I still haven't got to a proper computer yet, don't really use them anymore. So I'll just leave it as I disagree. But if it's a positive experience for you then it's not really useful for me to argue otherwise right. So carry on dude.
  3. I will do my best to reply properly though when I manage to get on a laptop. Cheers 'lostmypants' I do like your zeal.
  4. Thanks for the answers mate. I do disagree with you on pretty much every point, but the fact you answered is great. Apologies for not posting my disagreements but I'm on a phone and it would take half a day to respond with any clarity. Thanks again for your answers though, I appreciate you taking the time.
  5. Is there going to be any answering in this AMA? It still means Ask Me Anything doesn't it?
  6. Do you pay for the programs? You could just go to a Buddhist temple for free right? It just seems like neo-buddhism, only having to pay for it? And what could you achieve on a 3 day program? Would anyone truly liberated claim to be liberated? Unless you're a Buddha or something similar, it just goes against the whole idea of liberation doesn't it?
  7. Cubism

    Anyone in WA have spore-prints for microscopy?

    I would've happily given you some but I gave my whole (pretty big after 10+ years) collection to a mate last year. I wouldn't worry about Australia Post delays too much. The ones over ten years old still worked well, under a microscope of course. So long as you keep them in a fridge in an airtight container they seem to last for ages. There were three or four different genuses (genii???), some sent from the UK too. Even the wild ones were good with a bit of extra work, not just the sterile ones. But he did the most obvious ones first no probs, which were some of the oldest. I can appreciate your concern for sure, but a few extra days in the post shouldn't make any real difference if they're properly packed dry. Saying that, if you can get some from WA if definitely wouldn't hurt. Happy microscoping mate!!!
  8. Cubism

    Words about peyote

    That's a bit confusing? Perhaps they mean well minded people trying to reintroduce privately grown plants to the wild to boost populations? I don't know really. Obviously reintroduction could be a bad idea but private gardeners having them in their collection seems a bit extreme? Poachers aside of course. Or is it a more religious thing of respect for the plant, their ceremonies and their religion? As it is sacred to them and their rituals and should only be used for that by them rather than growers having them in collections? If they're anti people just getting high for fun I can fully understand that. It's a pretty broad picture to paint though if you consider lots of people on here and how for them it's a journey, not like tripping balls at a doof or something? I dunno, I'm quite confused. Also, how do the Alaskans get it? Through their southern brothers/sisters? Must be impossible for it to grow up there right? Unless it is grown in a greenhouse or something? Which just takes you back full circle doesn't it? I don't know.....I know almost nothing about American Indians and absolutely zero about Alaskan Indians. Interesting article in any case.
  9. Cubism

    Competition : Favourite Succulent.

    No idea what this is but it looks great when it flowers. PS don't need the cliff cutting as awesome as it is, I just like competitions. Thanks Mr BC
  10. Thanks fyzygy. Hard to disagree with any of that. I really appreciate your input. Sort of hoping micromegas and Mr Trout spot this and have time for some input. That would be awesome because I'm sure there's others but those two dudes have knowledge way beyond all of us. Fingers crossed! But once again, thanks slot Fyz. Cheers.
  11. Urghh the uploaded file link isn't working for me. The researchgate link seems to be fine though.
  12. This came through on my google scholar alerts just now. Sounds potentially like a good read, and I thought it might be of interest to some of our members here who are clued up on all this, but also for the rest of us less scholarly in this stuff. I haven't had a chance to read the whole thing yet but skimming through, it looks quite interesting. The full copy is on researchgate for anyone interested, but I've also tried to upload it, so hopefully that works and makes things a bit easier. The researchgate downloadlink link is - https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Eduardo-Schenberg/publication/355140588_Overcoming_epistemic_injustices_in_the_biomedical_study_of_ayahuasca_Towards_ethical_and_sustainable_regulation/links/615f9ebbe7993f536ca28437/Overcoming-epistemic-injustices-in-the-biomedical-study-of-ayahuasca-Towards-ethical-and-sustainable-regulation.pdf Not too sure if this is the right place to post it but hopefully it's a good read for at least some of us here. I'm certainly keen to read any thoughts by any of the awesome folk on here. Overcoming-epistemic-injustices-in-the-biomedical-study-of-ayahuasca-Towards-ethical-and-sustainable-regulation.pdf
  13. Cubism

    Salvia divinorum

    Maybe write a post in the trade rep thread so if others check them out first they know to be careful. If they don't already have a thread in there just start one. It's a pretty damming way to have your trade rep started with a negative post. But it also gives them a chance if they get their shit together to improve their rep if others post successful trades or sales. In a way it's a win win situation, others know what their like, but they also have a chance to turn things round. Really sorry to hear about your experience though mate. And sad for the forum too. The amount of people on here that have gone above and beyond and far exceeded my expectations is amazing. Don't let one bad egg spoil things
  14. Cubism

    Don't try this at home ...

    Culturing cubes from his blood is pretty bloody scary!!! Despite him being in a pretty bad place to begin with, I wonder if he was thinking along the lines of how researchers like Carhartt-Harris and co inject their participants. Problem is, there's is pure, synthesised in a lab, quality assured and costs something like US$1000 per gram. Either way, culturing cubes from blood is scary enough, hate to imagine where else in his body mycelium was growing. Interesting for a case report, but I hope he makes a full recovery physically, and gets some excellent help mentally. Bipolar 1 is hard enough when medicated, unmedicated it's orders of magnitudes worse.
  15. Out of curiosity, how do people ID them other than the flowers, or pod size?