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  1. All I truly know about khat comes from my old lab mate from Ethiopia. Its directly responsible for the finishing of many Ethiopian grad student theses being handed in on time
  2. Cubism

    sbs and the nazis eugenics

    Just out of curiosity WC, are you talking about SBS in general, or the Viceland channel? And fyzygy, I totally sympathise with your reference towards Israel (and Palestine implicitly I guess?). Its something very close to my heart. For the sake of keeping things peaceful and diplomatic, I'll only say two things. It's amazing the amount of clickbait trash on SBS these days generally speaking. It's amazing that fascism can be inherited by the very victims themselves of fascism. Time to shut up now :)
  3. Try the link on here mate, works for me - https://www.entheogenesis.org/ega-resources/blog-post-title-four-tp2fg
  4. Cubism

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    Yeah I was trying to think what the mystery weed is too. Didn't even think of some sort of tropane. Reckon it's a pretty good guess though.
  5. Cubism

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    And........ya cant even eat spinach anymore either https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-63995469 McDonald's is seriously starting to look like healthfood
  6. Cubism

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    There's quite a few more brands added now. You can check them out here https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/industry/foodrecalls/recalls/Pages/default.aspx
  7. Cubism

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    Its definitely bad in Batch No 28622BN. Had an unpleasant experience myself a week or so ago so went and checked the batch number after seeing it on Reddit. Whether there's more bad batch numbers I don't know, hope not.
  8. Cubism

    Legality Of Papaver somniferum in Victoria

    I don't have anything about legal stuff etc to add but from just learning about entheo stuff generally is pretty much what Alchemica said. I think it's illegal but is one of those laws that are only enforced in a discretionary way by police. So if it's a grandma's garden or you have a few to decorate your garden, you should get a slap on the wrist at worst. Like Alchemica said, lance them and you risk trouble, same with growing lots of them. I remember reading about that guy in Melbourne. He had grown pretty much a whole garden full, including in his front garden for everyone to see. So he basically grew a crop at home. If you grow some in your backyard, unless you have a complete and utter nosy asshole of a neighbour, there's not much to worry about. I think it is somewhat similar with trichos isn't it? It's more of a discretionary thing again, so long as it's decorating your garden and not in a pot in your kitchen. Also, that law about 10kg of Pedro being treated as 10kg of mescaline by the law seems completely fucking nuts, until you realise it was probably some dick of a politician got it passed through the govt.
  9. Cubism

    What is your least favourite plant?

    Bougainvillea - those spiky buggers make such a mess
  10. Sorry I still haven't got to a proper computer yet, don't really use them anymore. So I'll just leave it as I disagree. But if it's a positive experience for you then it's not really useful for me to argue otherwise right. So carry on dude.
  11. I will do my best to reply properly though when I manage to get on a laptop. Cheers 'lostmypants' I do like your zeal.
  12. Thanks for the answers mate. I do disagree with you on pretty much every point, but the fact you answered is great. Apologies for not posting my disagreements but I'm on a phone and it would take half a day to respond with any clarity. Thanks again for your answers though, I appreciate you taking the time.
  13. Is there going to be any answering in this AMA? It still means Ask Me Anything doesn't it?
  14. Do you pay for the programs? You could just go to a Buddhist temple for free right? It just seems like neo-buddhism, only having to pay for it? And what could you achieve on a 3 day program? Would anyone truly liberated claim to be liberated? Unless you're a Buddha or something similar, it just goes against the whole idea of liberation doesn't it?
  15. Cubism

    Anyone in WA have spore-prints for microscopy?

    I would've happily given you some but I gave my whole (pretty big after 10+ years) collection to a mate last year. I wouldn't worry about Australia Post delays too much. The ones over ten years old still worked well, under a microscope of course. So long as you keep them in a fridge in an airtight container they seem to last for ages. There were three or four different genuses (genii???), some sent from the UK too. Even the wild ones were good with a bit of extra work, not just the sterile ones. But he did the most obvious ones first no probs, which were some of the oldest. I can appreciate your concern for sure, but a few extra days in the post shouldn't make any real difference if they're properly packed dry. Saying that, if you can get some from WA if definitely wouldn't hurt. Happy microscoping mate!!!