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  1. rottenjonny

    Kambo gone wrong?

    Currently being spoken about on ABC news. They threw ayuahuasca in there as also dangerous and pointed to the facts that it took a long time for ambulances to be called. I guess that is what happens when you criminalise these things.
  2. rottenjonny


    Anyone have experience of this plant trichopus zeylanicus?
  3. rottenjonny

    Guerilla mycology

    spyra is a $140 water pistol but for some reason I'm still intrigued
  4. rottenjonny

    Guerilla mycology

    Haha, I love it. The Council has been doing this through woodchip dispersal for years!
  5. My maidenii trunk has certainly become more rough with age
  6. rottenjonny

    Psychotria Nexus

  7. rottenjonny

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    What is talking you out of the idea that these could be P.Cyanascens?
  8. rottenjonny

    Free Heimia salicifolia

    also interested
  9. rottenjonny

    Catha Edulis (Khat, Qat) Seed Germination Tips Tutorial

    Seeds just coming up now were sprinkled and placed with a light cover of sand then kept moist. The medium is sifted potting mix.
  10. rottenjonny

    Contam or paranoia

    I'd say you're looking to hard at it too often HI don't know the answer to the question unfortunately, I usually get this spider webbing look prior to any primordia.
  11. rottenjonny

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    Let the costco witch trials begin
  12. rottenjonny

    Urgent Harm minimisation alert

    Daytura or something? what could the mystery weed be
  13. rottenjonny

    Psychotria leaf propagation

    I'd been doing them with paper towel and a takeaway container on the windowsill and all have taken root. You have me worried about the polarisation though
  14. rottenjonny

    Khat seed

  15. rottenjonny

    Coca cultivation resources

    While I can't help on your search I am off to brew some coffee leaf tea. That was an interesting today I learned from the blog post.