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  1. rottenjonny

    RDT for AU gov?

    I would assume the consequences are 1. They lose their vote on the next issue. So that leaves the party less likely to be able to pass legislation. 2. They are penalised financially, either a fine or that week/month salary 3. They go on a public register. This could then be used to assess their character by the electorate come next election cycle. Failing that you could simply criminalise drinking or drug decision making in the same way it is for driving.
  2. rottenjonny

    RDT for AU gov?

    They should develop true tests of impairment that can be used roadside and during parliament. Maybe when it affects them personally the path to reasonable drug reform will become a little more clear.
  3. I'll go as far as to say that this is insane and goes against everything we've been told about mushroom cultivation. But if its stupid and it works I suppose its not stupid. brb going to the farmers market for some oysters
  4. rottenjonny

    psychotropic water kefir

    I'm regularly making both kombucha and milk kefir. Are we saying I can throw things in there and create superdrinks?
  5. rottenjonny

    Catha edulis seed or plant

    I'm not sure if we are allowed to send from east to west coast? Otherwise I can offer both
  6. rottenjonny

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    A bit more rain than you expected though
  7. rottenjonny

    Khat and road side drug tests?

    You would just ask here https://www.righttoknow.org.au/ They will most likely ask you for $30 though. I paid the money for my police file. was interesting reading.
  8. rottenjonny

    Growing From Mycelium

    Great experimentation! it becomes actual science if you write it down. Why is direct propagation of mycelium not more common practice? - I think because its more advantageous to have a culture that is "clean". There might also be mixed mycelium in there from another species (just guessing). It isn't totally unheard of and pretty common for people trying to grow woodloving species like subs Is their anything I can do to help it along or speed it up. - It has just been sitting in a dimly lit garage for a few months on a shelf. Simply ignored for the most part. - Get it into a purpose built bed I was planning once I got enough mass of mycelium to relocate it into the garden. Or maybe getting a large shallow tub and filling it with sterile eucalyptus mulch and seeing if the mycelium will eventually fruit. Keen to find out what I have been growing all this time. - For the benefit of science why not do both. Keep us updated, sounds like fun
  9. rottenjonny

    Cacao & Quetzalcoatl & Jonathan Ott & Actec Flavours

    once you star talking about 100% of something does the grading really matter?
  10. rottenjonny

    Cannabis australis

    I'd split postage on some seeds if you want to try it
  11. rottenjonny

    Aus kratom growing

    It's not impossible. They like humidity/heat but I've seen them growing well in the right environment in Sydney. Mine lasted a year or so then died in the Hunter.
  12. rottenjonny

    Laminar flow hood coming up for auction

    current bid is $57, still a bargain
  13. rottenjonny

    Kambo gone wrong?

    Currently being spoken about on ABC news. They threw ayuahuasca in there as also dangerous and pointed to the facts that it took a long time for ambulances to be called. I guess that is what happens when you criminalise these things.