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  1. rottenjonny

    Emailing politicians

    obviously the politician that represents you? I have had great luck contacting their office directly. They MUST give constituents 15min at least to air their concerns. you will get a meeting/even if zoom with any politician in australia
  2. rottenjonny

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    There's probably more than we think.
  3. rottenjonny

    Mushroom evolution

    Yes please. Do we have professors of mycology and evolutionary genomics in Australia. I thought education was our main industry after digging.
  4. Annoying got some cactiseeds so I can try this?
  5. rottenjonny

    Check this out

    They actually dry out to be a relatively cool looking thing
  6. rottenjonny


    what on earth is that enormous thing in the back with two heads
  7. rottenjonny

    Can a monotub be suspended between flushes?

    Would slow it down. How big is your fridge?
  8. rottenjonny

    Don't try this at home ...

    I'm sure the cotton bud filter was also highly scientific. I wonder if the cubes were straight from the local cow pasture...
  9. would work though. you need a sediment cleaning system/regime in the boiler
  10. rottenjonny

    Bracket fungus id

    Chopped some wood and this was the stump I was splitting on in winter. This has since come up it's very cool but I have no idea.
  11. rottenjonny

    Bracket fungus id

    another forum said it might be something that had been parasitised
  12. rottenjonny

    Pressure cooker

    Looking to upgrade to a presto or similar large canner. Anyone want to sell me theirs?
  13. rottenjonny

    Twins :)

  14. rottenjonny

    E.Novo var Novo

    Also would be a great decorative addition to my garden if anyone or mr_N has any
  15. rottenjonny

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Ahh I had noticed that the season has been getting earlier and earlier and I found this for my area. I've never got my finger on the pulse for a start date but I see the season continue until ambient overnight consistently >15 humidity dependent of course
  16. rottenjonny

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    What range are you looking at? Or should I buy the book
  17. psychotria leaf cuttings maybe?
  18. rottenjonny

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    I'm sure there is a lot he could learn from you
  19. rottenjonny

    Reaper type chilli

    I think if they knock them out quick in something like a hydroponic arrangement then its likely a lot more water than the original. This would account for loss of heat.
  20. rottenjonny

    Looking for a variagated monstera cutting

    https://www.australianplantsonline.com.au/tubestockplants/foliage-colour/white-and-cream.html These guys have a whole variegated section. You will take insta by [email protected]
  21. rottenjonny

    Chasing edible (gourmet) mushroom spores

    I'd be happy to pull some golden oyster out of cold storage for you on agar?
  22. rottenjonny

    Are spore print legal in Australia?

    great doco though I watched it also! People have them on the sales part of the site for microscopy. Aldi has some nice entry level scopes at the moment too
  23. there is one user here who has mastered the art however its super difficult in australia. you will get this kind of green tea sent successfully from overseas though. pm me for details
  24. rottenjonny

    Reaper type chilli

    i've got rats and a dickhead possum at the moment. got any tips to chase them off? Also I'm happy to send through some chilli seeds that are similar to a reaper.
  25. rottenjonny

    Outdoor grow tip for Aussies

    want to scoop me up a bag full of blewitt media so I can try to start this in my backyard?