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  1. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Maybe there would be people that weren't around before?
  2. toby

    Post your track of the day

  3. toby

    Post your track of the day

    Whole album Katalog https://g.co/kgs/EfcqQP
  4. Yes, perception is limited by attachment to various things the ego craves. Maya.
  5. Awareness changes everyday, and we shall be.
  6. toby

    Post your track of the day

  7. From a Saivist non dualist perspective, Kali, Kubjika, Sakti, Kundalini are all the same energy, as is Shiva. Brahma is associated with creation, Vishnu and his avatars are sustaining, and Shiva destruction. The above 3 are also associated with will, knowledge and action respectively. As soon as Sakti is seen as separate from Shiva the descent (or movement) into duality is begun. There is so much under the umbrella of Hinduism, what I'm saying is more a Kashmiri Saivist, or Tantric view where Shiva and associated Goddess are primary.
  8. You definitely want to look at Kubjika. Mark Dyckowski has done some excellent translations, especially the Manthanabhairavatantra Some brief discussion below. These aspects of God all have associated sounds and letters ◉‿◉ The matrix of energy can be understood as that of Speech. This universal power through which the cycles of existence are perpetuated consists of the primary energy of the phonemes that together constitu te the womb of Mantras. Laid out in a triangular diagram, called Meru, they are assigned to fourtyeight small triangles drawn within the triangle. In one scheme their contents are symbolized as 48 Siddhas who reside in the Yoni. The last two, the letters <<H» and «KS» represent the god and the goddess in the centre in the vertical dimension. Energizing conjunctios are in this way occuring in a num ber of ways. Each male siddha is in conjunctio with the female trian gle in which he resides. All of them together are contained in the one cosmic Yoni in the centre of which is the universal hierogamy that compliments and completes the individual conjunctios. The phonemes thus arranged according to their normal alphabetical order constitute the male Aggregate of Words: - Sabdarāśi. One could say that this is a dominantly male Yoni despite the multiple conjunctios that generate energy both universally and throu gh each particular. To set the balance, a second Yoni is required which is dominantly female. This is achieved by laying out in the same fashion another order of the alphabet which is female. This is called Mālini «the Goddess who wears the Garland of Letters». This second Yoni represents the withdrawal of the energies into the primordial chaos in which male vowels («seeds») are higgaldy piggaldy conjoi ned to female consonants («yonis»). These two, Sabdarāśi and Mālini are, along with mandala and mudrā, Mantra and vidya, one of a triad of conjunctios that together constitute the triadic universe. Their conjunction analogously makes the ritual powerful along with its Mantras and yoga. In this case Mantra is the Nine-syllabled Mantra (navātmāmantra) which is the sound-body of the god Bhairava and the vidyā is the One-syllabled Vidyā (ekākṣaravidya) which is the l-body of Kubjikā. This is the syllable «AIM». Its triangular form with an upward slanting line toped by the nasalizing point nicely represents the Yoni with its clitoris (the female phallus) and the seed that arouses it to fertility and power.
  9. toby

    What is "me"?

    Good answer, no matter what the question!
  10. They are a type that drills, they will however germinate just as well with the awn removed. You can occasionally have the problem of them drilling out the bottom of the tray you have them in!
  11. They will usually be no trouble to germinate assuming they were fully ripe when harvested. Occasionally you have better results after around 9mth post harvest ripening. Should continue to be viable stored dry for around 5 years. Have found stands that are occasionally mown or lightly grazed to give better germination. Best is a year after fire or so.
  12. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Should rustle one up if interstate visitors are coming!
  13. toby

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Thanks for the tip niggles, hopefully I will get along to it ʘ‿ʘ
  14. Yes I'd like to come along (•‿•) Sounds good!