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  1. These are the seeds I sell and post out. The ziplock bags are small "snack" size, but you can use any size really. Open a bag, spray water in 1 or 2 times. Mostly seal the bag but leave a small opening in the middle. Pinch either side of the 10mm opening and push together slightly to make an opening. Blow the bag up using your mouth then seal it. Give it a good shake to spread the seeds and water around. If the bag deflates just blow it up again, it usually lasts the 2 weeks though. Then put in a dark place at room temp. I did this on 20 August 2021. The rest of the pics were taken 2 September 2021. As you can see germination rate is still good, around 80%. These were harvested December 2020 and kept in a cool, dry, dark place. If you want to buy any seed it's 23 bucks for 150x seeds, all in one bag from tree number 4 which is Vienna White/Pink (running low on others), including tracked postage. Message me here or [email protected]
  2. Hey all! Been a while since i'be been active I'm after some Acacia floribunda seeds taken from wild plants (on properties etc) I seem to have misplaced all mine Happy to $$ or trade if there's anything you're after! Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I have some seeds to trade that I will list under here. Numbers of seeds i have left vary wildly so inquire (generally not bulk) Cacti: T. bridgesii 'Wowie' x T. bridgesii 'SS02' T. bridgesii SS02 x T. bridgesii 'Wowie' T. bridgesii 'Bertha' x T. bridgesii 'Helen' T. bridgesii (SS02xSS01) x T. peruvianus 'Clyde' T. bridgesii (SS02xSS01) x T. pachanoi 'Yowie' T. bridgesii 'X' x T. macrogonus 'hyperspacepixie' T. peruvianus 'Clyde' x Juuls Giant T. bridgesii x T. bridgesii "Psycho0" T. peruvianus 'Clyde' x Super Pedro T. cordobensis x Super Pedro T. pachanoi 'Dan' x T. pachanoi T. scopulicola 'Hulk' x T. scopulicola T. scopulicola x VRG (Echinopsis 'variegated red grandiflorus') T. peruvianus monstrose x huarazensis (misplaced the seeds right now... T. peruvianus monstrose x T. bridgesii cv. not sure need to check VRG x T. scopulicola PHX-PC x T. huarazensis E. eyriesii x pachanoi 'papizinha' T. pachanoi 'papizinha' x E. eyriesii T. spachianus T. lampochlorus MN79 Mixed Hybrid Trich seeds Mixed Loph seeds (haha i did not mix these myself but they seemed to contain a whole bunch of Trich seeds too...) LW LW f. caespitosa LW var. texensis LW var. Hipolito LW var. Big Bend Lophophora alberto-vojtechii Turbinicarpus swobodae Turbinicarpus lophophoroides Epithelantha micromeris Delosperma bosseranum Astrophytum asterias Astrophytum myriostigma f. Quadro cv. Onzuka Hylocereus sp. (costaricensis, undulata, megalanthus, dragon fruit) Other Seeds: Kratom seeds (probably mine lost viability at this point but I can hook u up) Peganum harmala (Syrian Rue) Euphorbia leuconora (Madagascar Jewel) Ipomoea purpurea (Morning glory cv. Star of yelta / Milky Way; and a wild Spanish Ipomoea sp) Papaver somniferum (var. Tasmanian or lilacs) (Ultra) Hot peppers (madame jeanette, also a few other varieties in even smaller amounts: Scorpion, Golden Habanero) Silene capensis (African Dream Root) Acacia acuminata Anadenanthera peregrin (Yopo) Datura inoxia Datura stramonium (sic ; ID?) Datura wrightii Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru / Four o'clock flower) Tamarindus indica (Tamarind) Also FT: Plant growth regulators in pure form. My specialty is actually mushrooms. In another thread I will show what I have as a catalog, possibly put cultures and spores also for sale if that is allowed. What I am looking for: Well first of all, pollen of Trichocereus and Lophophora of all kinds! I am interested in seeds of cacti that I don't have yet, and various other seeds of succulents like caudiciform ones. Big fan of mutants and variegates. Also interested in things that can be used for brewing / fermenting. Or things that can be used for plant tissue culture (micropropagation). Including guidance for micropropagation by someone experienced! And in spores of local fungi like alien looking stinkhorns actually (sorry about that lol). Powder insecticide like Spinosad if it exists.. anything against gnats. Maybe also just items for friends in e.g. Tasmania if not for me. Note that I live in the Netherlands. I will not sit here and say 'Europe or non-Australia only' but considering the potential customs problems I'm sorry but I can't take responsibility if that occurs. Of course you can request how it is to be sent and/or request images of the pack to help avoid it, but generally I make quite good packs.
  4. Irpini

    Caapi Wanted

    Hi all , Just wondering if anyone willing to trade or sell some of their B.Caapi seeds or even a cutting. Been wanting to grow this sacred plant for years but i havent been able to get my hands on one. Thank you very much, Good Growing Irpini
  5. Reaching out in search for some Scutellaria humilis – Aussie Dwarf Skullcap seeds. I have a fair collection of spare seed of varying plants so I'm sure I've got something that may take your fancy.
  6. VertigoRouge

    Trade :D show me what you got!

    Hey everyone, Let me know what you've got to trade! I've got 3 -25 cm Trichocereus Bridgesii cuts, 2 30cm macrogonus cuts and Acacia Longifolia seeds I'm specifically interested in Artemisia Absinthium Wormwood plants, Petite Wormwood, different kinds of mint and sage and roses, spearmint, peppermint, hyssop, and different kinds of spice and peppers aswell as ALL psychoactives! :D
  7. TheMooseZeus

    Trade to expand my collection

    Hey All! I'm looking to expand my seed collection by trading with people. Here's a list of everything I have to trade, PM me if you're interested and with what you can offer Nicotiana Rustica Acacia Acuminata Blue Morning glory Pink morning glory Galphimia glauca Heimia Salicifolia Purple Cauliflower Syrian Rue Psychotria Viridis/ cath Datura Stramonium Space Chillies Helix Nebula Ghost Pepper
  8. TheMooseZeus

    Endless Datura Stramonium

    The local weed population is getting pretty out of hand but i'm sure many people would like to put it to good use! I'll be doing the park a favour by removing it too. Mainly trading seeds, These will grow so fast you hardly need to buy whole plants. If you want anything else PM me Will trade for just about anything (Seeds, cuttings, leaves, a nice postcard)! Just gotta be worth the postage ;) PM me! Australia only (Australia's import laws...)
  9. If it's against the rules to create this post with no trade offer, I would like to say that I do have some salvia divinorum H/W strain cuttings rooting right now if anyone is wanting one, I'm personally looking for a mimosa hostillis rooted plant, or any of the high-DMT concentration Acacias. Also B. Caapi root powder. My Fellow Botanical Beings, I created a newish subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/druggardeningmarket Seeing as the Corroboree has such a great community of knowledgeable, passionate folks, I felt compelled to try and lead a few of you to the market I created as to offer my lovely members more high-quality ethnobotanicals. Trust is also important and this forum seems to have less of a reason for distrust than some others I've visited. Im summation, if you wouldn't mind stopping by and checking out the subreddit, and joining if you feel compelled to offer your wares, I'd love to have you as a part of our growing community! Go Forth and Propagate, Famos (DGM Admin) as for the salvia cuttings I will have available once rooted (a week or so), I am located in the United States and would prefer to trade with another US citizen (or illegal alien as long as I can ship domestic)
  10. Currently starting a collection of dwarf citrus, looking for a variety of citrus seed stock, desiring more aromatic (terpene rich) varieties. If cuttings/grafts are available around Melbourne I am also totally interested. Quite happy to purchase or trade for artwork or some of my own seeds.
  11. Evil Genius

    My new seed list for 2016

    Hi guys, here are some new updates for my seed list. All seeds mentioned here are available. I love trading but can also sell some of them if you want! Needless to say that all those types were harvested from culture plants and NOT illegally taken from the wild. If you are interested in anything, let me know. I am located in Europe, which is why this posting needs a disclaimer that not all seeds can be sent to Australia. Most Trichocereus types are not a problem and if you are interested in anything else, let me know and I´ll have a look at the AQUIS list. Enough talking, check out my list! Trichocereus Pachanoi / Peruvianus Intermediate (pic 1) This is one of the most badass Pachanoi types on the market. But it can also be very spiny and is somewhere between Pachanoi and Peruvianus. Viability is great and tested. Trichocereus pachanoi x Tr. peruvianus Trichocereus tunariensis (Cochabamba) Trichocereus tarapacana / Soehrensia taracapana Trichocereus bridgesii type from the Rio Abajo / La Paz in Bolivia Trichocereus puquiensis from Puquio. I do not know much about this type yet. What I do know is that this is probably a five ribbed version from Puquio that´s somewhere between Tr. cuzcoensis and Tr. peruvianus. . Trichocereus poco / Trichocereus Tarijensis Trichocereus tacaquirensis (Tacaquiri, Bolivia) Trichocereus narvaezensis (no real info on this one yet) Trichocereus taquimbalensis (Lecori, Bolivia And the rest of my seed list: Trichocereus Bridgesii Australian Hybrid Seed Trichocereus Cordobensis (almost sold out now). Trichocereus Peruvianus Matucana Trichocereus Peruvianus - Rio Lurin Trichocereus Peruvianus or Cuzcoensis Huancavelica Trichocereus Tarmaensis Trichocereus Knuthianus from North Peru Trichocereus Andalgalensis x Tr. Grandiflorus Crassicaulis Trichocereus Mix Trichocereus Spachianus Stetsonia Coryne Matucana Madisonorium Lophocereus Schottii Trichocereus Camarguensis KK1414 Armatocereus Matucanensis Melocactus Peruvianus Azureocereus Hertlingianus Neoraimondia Roseiflora Oroya Borchersii Arequipa sp. Espostoa nana Haageocereus Acranthus Backeberg Loxanthocereus Hoffmannii var. Seniloides Tephrocactus floccosus Loxanthocereus Pullatus Rauh & Backeberg Echinocactus grusonii
  12. Herbalist

    P.Som Gigs or Mammoths Wanted

    Hi all, I have been on the hunt for some giganteum or mammoth poppy seed for quite a while. Have quite a lot of other varieties and these will be a great addition to my collection. Will trade seeds or $. Hit me up with a PM. Located NSW. Thanks,
  13. Hey everyone, first time posting here, been lurking for quite a while though I'll admit Anyway, hoping somebody here can help me out. I'm looking for some cuttings of Pereskiopsis spathulata or similar species for some grafting projects I wish to embark on. I'm in Western Australia so I'm pretty limited for postage, but if anyone is local I'm willing to buy or trade, I have some trichocereus species, seeds, and some other plants and seeds. Thanks!
  14. Im after some plastic plant labels maybe 100 or so, I have some spare seeds that are just laying around I can offer; Phalaris aquatica x50 Mixed papaver somniferum x500+ Turkish purple papaver x25+ Datura stramonium x 15 Jap maple x5 Sida cordifolia x15 Henbane x15 Wormwood x50 Nicotina tobaccum x100+ Californian poppy x100+ cordyline x26 Black and pink hibiscus *alyogyne hakeifolia* x25 all this for 100 plant labels sounds like a fair trade to me? I understand I don't have the best rep so I'm more then happy to send first.
  15. :)ALL DONE FOR NOW. Thanks all.
  16. El Presidente Hillbillios

    pair of nubian goats

    Hey guys, i have a pair (one boy and one girl named velvet and grinder2 ) of three or four month old Nubian goats for trade or free to good home (not suitable for a suburban back yard unless its 1/4acre or more). Very friendly and will be a good start to anyone wanting to start milking goats. Nubians are good duel purpose goats and do pretty well in the Aussie climate. Ill try and put up pics tonight
  17. Looking for a good number of cuttings of both the species in the title. Have a bunch of various seeds to trade, or can work something else out. A few Pereskiopsis & Hylocereus wouldn't hurt either. PM if you can help out. Cheers!
  18. PsychMaster

    Hey brothers and sisters.

    Need some Amazonian spore prints...will do a trade...! Or just general Cubensis.... Hit me up...PM me. Modalert...;), please put this in the right category if its in the wrong section...I'm just in a bit of a rush. Thanks guys...all feedback is welcomed! Peace, Psych Master.
  19. cornilius maximus

    Wanting to trade

    Hi All, I have some P. cubensis (Amazonian) prints (for microscopy purposes only) to trade. I am seeking some B.caapi seeds. Please PM me if you can help. peace cornilius maximus
  20. Even having only been here for a while, I've noticed my inbox has already started to become a mess. Separating finished trades and unfinished trades gets confusing/time consuming fast! I imagine others who have been here longer than I have might have the same problem, tenfold. So here is a simple trick I just figured out which may help you address this problem. I'll mention that this might be pretty obvious to some, but I thought it'd be worth posting anyway, for people who are new to forums, or just aren't good with computer. What we're going to do is just add some folders to your inbox so you can categorize your messages easily. Start by going to your inbox. Do this by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page, and clicking "view all messages". On the left, you'll see a section labelled "Folders". The default folders you'll have are "New", "My Conversations", and "Drafts". At the bottom of this section, there's an "Add" button to make a new folder. Click that. A box will appear, in which you can enter a folder name to add. I'm going to add a folder for "Finished Trades", so I've typed that in. Then click the "+" button to make the folder. You can add more folders if you like. You might add another folder for "Unfinished Trades", if you have lots of ordinary conversations you want to separate those from. I don't, so I won't bother with that for now. I did add another folder though - one called "Archive". This is for other finished conversations, and will come in handy if I ever exceed my 300 message storage quota... the contents of this folder will be the first thing I delete if/when that day comes. Now all that's left to do is to move some of our conversations/trades into these folders. But first we need to refresh the page by pressing [F5]. If we don't do this, our folders won't appear in our actions list. On the right of each of your messages is a check box to select that message. Check the boxes of all the conversations you want to move. In this case I'm selecting my finished trades (and received donations, for that matter). Then, click the drop down menu that says "delete" by default. Choose the option to move to the appropriate folder for you. Then click "Go". Repeat this process as needed to keep your inbox sorted. Now you don't have to dig through old messages trying to figure out what deliveries you're still waiting for! Keeping things organized will be a valuable time saver in the long run. If you need to access these old messages, you can just click on the folder name. Hopefully this will be useful to someone. I don't know what the level of internet skills is like here. Even if the process was pretty obvious, maybe it's just a decent idea. Message folders are an often overlooked feature on forums and email services alike - it's easy to forget they exist. This is the first time I've ever really felt the need to use it! Note: I wasn't really sure where to post this... hopefully if this isn't the right place, a moderator might kindly move it to somewhere more appropriate for me? (please & thanks )
  21. Hello I have a huge selection of PGR's, plants and seeds for sale or trade. Have hundreds of different plants and seeds for them, although at this very moment they arent hardly listed at my site where my PGR's and other plant laboratory type chems are all up at the moment. I've made some crash course summary pages with visual aids to help understand PGR signaling in plants, along with the importances of understanding and utilizing the other types of plant biostimulants which tends to remain as 'exotic' information for most people despite some of these concepts as beiung amongst the most important to understand for most every grower of plants. http://massspectrumbotanicals.com/learn/http://massspectrumbotanicals.com/learn/ See the pages: Biostimulants: Health Supplements For Plants Plant Biostimulants OverviewI'll update when I my plants and seeds added to the site finally. ALl thats currently up are Calea Dream Herb plants & seeds.
  22. Dear Cacti enthusiasts, I have some beautiful, caring garden patch surrounded many other new cactus friends. Have you got a lonely cactus that needs a home? I am looking to buy or trade a lots of cactus to fill up my cactus quarter of my garden. I have heaps of panchanoi, would love some more bridgesii clones or peruvianus or anything interesting I can play with and learn to grow. I am after about 6 cuts. I have heaps of interesting seeds from acacias and some cool cactus seed and other stuff for trade or I would love to buy some to support a fellow cactus grower. cheers,
  23. mutant

    Mutant Want list

    I will trade for these items or pay for them [paypal], depending on occasion. Cacti: TBM [tall form] Peruvian crest T. bridgesii melted wax Myrtillocactus geometrizans crest Seeds/plants: Ephedra Catha
  24. Hey all. Here's the deal - I'm looking for either one of the two above species. O Nidiformis is naturally occuring within Southern Australia, but I haven't ruled out finding P Stipticus, as part of someone's collection. Anyhoo, the plan is to go on a road trip down south to find O Nidiformis this winter, probably the first recorded case of someone heading down that way to find non-active mushrooms. Anyway, if someone has any advice, sightings, or better yet, a spore print, agar culture, I'd love to hear from you. If I can find anything, I'll definitely get them circulating once I've had a chance to cook up some agar.
  25. Gday Chasing some B.caapi. I have some interesting things to trade in return. pm for details. CLOSED - SORTED