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  1. Wow. Fascinating. They are now on my wish list. Thank you.
  2. Budding ethnobotonist here. Besides a few Cacti and some Acacia Accuminatas, I don't have much. Will obviously include Caapi eventually. Assuming one lives in a non-tropical part of Australia, What should the ideal ethno -botanic garden include? With or without a greenhouse? Keen to hear the collective wisdom!
  3. stjimi

    Aussie cross tricho packs

    Hey mate. Have you still got some for sale? Cheers, Stjimi
  4. stjimi

    Wanted Cacti

    I used to come here all the time but it has been a while. Some time ago, I moved into a small house and had to give away my cacti garden. I have just moved into a house with land and would like to start a magic garden again. Looking for some plants to get me started. T Pachanoi and/or BRidgesii or anything else. If you could help, please let me know! Cheers,
  5. After some eye opening experiences in South America, I came back here determined to "introduce" Cactus to Australia. Little did I know that there is and has been a thriving community here for ages. NOt only that, the stories, twists, characters and dilemmas that this community has experienced have been, not only numereous but incredible. I find it absolutely enganging reading through some old posts. Has anyone written a complete history of Ethnos in AUstralia? If so where can I buy the book?
  6. stjimi

    free seed giveaway

    Yes please! Anything would be great!
  7. stjimi

    Artificial joints

    Sounds like a pretty traumatic experience. I have a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon who does hips but knows alot about knees. I will ask him and get back to you.
  8. stjimi

    WTB Bridgesii

    I am a new "ethnobotanist" looking forward to growing and improving my cactus garden. I am off to work next week and am spending my time in the veggie garden and researching plants to grow in my ethno-garden. I am launching a cider company in the Adelaide hills next week and only time and the desire to plant my magic garden until then. I have been looking for some cactus to buy. Not looking for any particular clones at this stage. Just want some bridgesii that I can practice caring for keeping alive over winter. So, I am looking for: 6 X 30cm tip or mid of any Bridgesii clone or unnamed. (will take s more or less than this) Will pay reasonable price and postage to Adelaide. Can sweeten the deal with some rare acacia seeds or a case of Adelaide's next premium Cider if you live locally! Greatly appreciate any help. Cheers.
  9. stjimi

    Reverse Auction.

    Fascinating. So a Yowie is closest to the "pure strain" being a "real Pachanoi"? What incredibly fun it would be to intentionally breed your own cactus using other varieties that have characteristics that you admire. The possibilities would be endless. I can't wait untill my little ones flower to continue the 1000 year virtue. That is true! I am probably a bit too eager and need to have more patience. At the moment I am really busy but have some stretches of time off where I can do some gardening, I should probably check more regularly and slowly build up my collection rather than try and get everything all at once. I will take your advice on the edit. BTW most* of you seeds have germinated and are growing really slowly. Can't wait for then to grow and flower! thanks again. *some
  10. stjimi

    Reverse Auction.

    That didn't work
  11. stjimi

    Reverse Auction.

    So a pachnoid is a cross breed? Or is it a more 'pure' variety? I am still not sure about the taxonomy of cacti. How different does the characteristics need to be to constitute a new name? Is Bridgesii and Pachanoi different species? I was under the impressions that species can't interbreed? Yet there seems to be as many cross breeds as there is pure breed. Perhaps this rule doesn't apply to cactus or maybe they are sub-species? I need to do some googling.
  12. stjimi

    Reverse Auction.

    Yowie is PC? Shows how embarrasingly green I am. I did mean Pycho_0 and my name is stjimi. It sucks writing on my phone!
  13. stjimi

    Reverse Auction.

    I have seen this on another site so I thought I would try it now. I have been trying to buy some cacti for a while. Someone was going to sell me some but it fell through. I have been given a couple by some of the many exceptionally wonderful and generous members on this site. That being said. I have some money set aside to get Cacti and would like to plant some before it gets to cold and I get too busy. So i am looking for Bridgesii clones that I don't have (or don't have enough of): Pyche, Yowie, Bruce, Eileen, Bendigo or any other interesting ones. I am offering $100 + postage for as much as possible to be sent to Adelaide by Friday. The winner of the reverse auction is the member who offers the most. Entries close 10:02am CSt Tommorrow. 19th march. if you don't won't money please tell me what charity you want me to give it too on your behalf. cheers, St jimi