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  1. Herbalist

    P.Som Gigs or Mammoths Wanted

    Sure will man, that's the only thing ill be using them for
  2. Herbalist

    P.Som Gigs or Mammoths Wanted

    Hi all, I have been on the hunt for some giganteum or mammoth poppy seed for quite a while. Have quite a lot of other varieties and these will be a great addition to my collection. Will trade seeds or $. Hit me up with a PM. Located NSW. Thanks,
  3. Herbalist

    How long till harvest? (Pics)

    yeah i knew that their all part of the Nicotiana tabacum sp. I just didnt know cowboy lite was under the burley tobacco catergory, if im correct? Cheers for the bit of information mate. What would you recommend as another good variety for ciggies i.e. Virginia Gold, Turkish etc?
  4. Herbalist

    How long till harvest? (Pics)

    Smart man nailed the source on the head. On the seed packet it says Cowboy Lite and the other seed packet says Burley Lite. Had no idea they were of the same genus. But im assuming good for cigarettes. All good man should get a fair amount that'll last me a few months anyway.
  5. Herbalist

    How long till harvest? (Pics)

    Im growing cowboy lite tobacco and burley tobacco. Thats a great tactic to eliminate weeds by making the soil malnurished. The soil i have is just straight up garden soil been there for as long as i can remember and just dropped some all purpose fertiliser and compost in there weeks before planting. The plants look quite healthy and im only growing 8 as i smoke socially and a maximum of say 2 or 3 a day, got one of those ecigarettes which really killed my habit. Im hopining i get around 200 grams for the 4 big ones and the other 4 are smaller in pots as a test for winter. Any estimates on harvest wise for 4 full grown plants?
  6. Herbalist

    Seed Giveaway (cacti & more)

    Congratulations to all winners, including my self hehe Will let people know once seeds arrive. Thanks hookahead for contributing to the community
  7. Herbalist

    How long till harvest? (Pics)

    So you must be very experienced I will definitely take that advice for next year. I do have a plant which i have topped from the begining and will continue to top her. Will be a good comparision as i can tell it makes more leaves but they are smaller. Ive also read the leaves are getting close to harvest when they are sticky? Another good sign other than the yellowing of leaves. I can imagine this plant could grow just about any where, quite a strong plant once established and no real predators
  8. Herbalist

    How long till harvest? (Pics)

    Thanks Sally, thats what ive heard i think its to late to trim the flowers off now. I harvested a small amount of lower leaves 2 week ago and they are curing as we speak definitely smelling nice. Id rather get as much seed as possible so i can give some away :D
  9. Herbalist

    How long till harvest? (Pics)

    Cheers mate yeah already have a ton of seed. So its recommended to keep topping new flower shoot in order to get bigger leaves? All have been topped atleast once before. Shes a great plant to grow.
  10. Herbalist

    How long till harvest? (Pics)

    Hey guys, Tobacco plants flowering and was wondering how long do you they've think got till they reach maturity? First year attempt at growing them, any tips or thoughts would be great. Sorry for photo quality on have an old smartphone atm.
  11. Herbalist

    What Video Games Do You Play?

    Call of Duty Ghosts and GTA V on xbox 360 and just usually play on live.
  12. Herbalist

    check out ebays item of khat look familiar

    True, supply and demand always wins I have a few khat plants, but still its a large price for such a small plant and legality issues are quite unknown about it from state to state. I saw hes sold 2 for that price already
  13. Herbalist

    check out ebays item of khat look familiar

    What a joke.... far too much $
  14. Herbalist

    Seed Giveaway (cacti & more)

    Ill give it a go, Nicotina rustica and C. annum "Medusa" would be lovely mate :D Post Number #9
  15. Herbalist

    Please help ID pest on chilli plant

    Very good advice great on veggies keeps those pesky aphids and scale off em.