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  1. PS: Very interested in obtaining some 'bitter' calea dream herb. Its virtually non-existent nowadays here in the US.
  2. Do door to door salesmen trade for plants and seeds? Maybe door to door barterman better title?
  3. Hello I have a huge selection of PGR's, plants and seeds for sale or trade. Have hundreds of different plants and seeds for them, although at this very moment they arent hardly listed at my site where my PGR's and other plant laboratory type chems are all up at the moment. I've made some crash course summary pages with visual aids to help understand PGR signaling in plants, along with the importances of understanding and utilizing the other types of plant biostimulants which tends to remain as 'exotic' information for most people despite some of these concepts as beiung amongst the most important to understand for most every grower of plants. http://massspectrumbotanicals.com/learn/http://massspectrumbotanicals.com/learn/ See the pages: Biostimulants: Health Supplements For Plants Plant Biostimulants OverviewI'll update when I my plants and seeds added to the site finally. ALl thats currently up are Calea Dream Herb plants & seeds.