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  1. Hello people, I am preparing a uni assignment on Native Australian/Oceania plants that display antidepressant properties. I'm not targeting any specific receptors etc. as such, I'm even interested in general well being properties. Anecdotal properties are also relevant for this project. So if anyone in the community can guide me with this it would be gratefully appreciated. peace cornillius maximus
  2. cornilius maximus

    Tabernanthe iboga

    Hi All, Does anybody have any Tabernanthe iboga seeds or seedlings available for trade? I have P.cube - amazonian prints, P. viridis seedlings to trade peace cornilius maximus
  3. cornilius maximus

    Wanted Piper methysticum

    Hello All, I am seeking a Piper methysticum plant. I can pay cash or trade. PM for talking turkey. peace cornillius maximus
  4. cornilius maximus

    Free Ethnobotanical's (Australian Members Only)

    Righto cog, I'm keen to take on the pumpkin challenge. I bought seeds last year but they didnt germ. vvvvvvvvvv gets blue hopi x100, loph. tex x20, nicotina tobac- virginian, virginian x venezualan, few different chill sp., amazonian print vvvvvvvvvvvvvv
  5. cornilius maximus

    Warburgia salutaris

    Thanks shortly.
  6. cornilius maximus

    Warburgia salutaris

    Hi All, Does anyone here have any Warburgia salutaris seeds or cuttings. Peace Cornilius maximus
  7. cornilius maximus

    Refrigerating Cakes

    Hi All, Just curious if anyone has had any success in refrigerating cakes to stall growth? peace cornilius maximus
  8. cornilius maximus

    Wanting to trade

    Hi All, I have some P. cubensis (Amazonian) prints (for microscopy purposes only) to trade. I am seeking some B.caapi seeds. Please PM me if you can help. peace cornilius maximus
  9. cornilius maximus

    'Ayahuasca' germination advice

    You should only use the recommended dosage for any plant growth regulator i.e. GA3, IAA, BAP. 2-4-D For example; 2-4-D is a synthetic auxin that is used as a broad leaf herbicide in high concentrations, but when auxin is used in lower concentrations as produced by plants it is a root stimulant, i.e. striking powder for cuttings. Maybe try a concentration gradiant to see what works best? peace cornilius maximus
  10. cornilius maximus

    free seed giveaway

    Hi tipz, Please count me in. peace cornilius maximus
  11. cornilius maximus

    FREE spore print/live culture trading thread

    I''l grab that off you dasyurid, cheers. vvvvvvv gets P. cubensis Amazonian (again) for microscopy only vvvvvvvvv peace cornilius maximus
  12. cornilius maximus

    potential honors project

    Hi All, I was quite intoxicated when I wrote my first post and in doing so forgot all about it. Darklight, thanks for your input. I have only just began discussing this with my potential supervisor this week. As it would be a project for next year, he suggested that I get hold of a plant of interest and develop a callus culture as you suggested and then isolate and develop a sterile hairy root culture. The equipment that I have available was designed by a Professor in Korea who now mass produces ginseng roots. Quite an amasing feet considering they take 23-26years to reach maturity in the ground, where he has a couple of month turn over, hence why all these new energy drinks can contain it for so cheap. This is also why I am focusing on a root culture system, as the equipment is purposely designed for that. Although there is a degree of flexability there if a shoot culture presents itself. The first plant that my supervisor suggested off the top of his head was Derris. Despite that it is not the soundest ecologically, it was that he new the roots contained the compound rotenone and that I would get a result out of the experiment. Not to sure if I am that keen on this one though. Also as you sugessted Darklight, my supervisor has recommended that I find a plant that has been successfully cultured and try and tweek the methods, even to compare any potential yields through comparison of hairy root, suspension, etc. Obtuse, I was not sure where to place this thread, but you may be right that it should go in the chemistry section, but now I am not sure how to move it. Heretic, I like your suggestion too. I happen to be doing a small research project next semester, testing the anti-microbial properties of some various Australian natives, of which I will post up my results if I find anything of interest. Once again, thanks for your interest people, and please keep the suggestions coming. I would like to get a culture going this year so that I will have a sterile product to begin with next year peace cornilius maximus
  13. cornilius maximus

    potential honors project

    Hi All, This is not necessarily an ethno question, I just dont know where else to put it, BUT, Can anyone please suggest to me a plant worth investigating for an honors project which is capable of developing in suspension culture in order to extract secondary metabolites that may be worthy of publication? ( of course you will be mentioned in the acknowledgments section of the paper). I would prefer if the compound was contained in the roots, as this is the infrastructure most readily available to me. I have a few ideas in mind already, but I thought I may throw it out to the community to see if there was anything someone may have had in mind that they would like to see formally studied. At least to the best of my capabilities. peace cornilius maximus
  14. cornilius maximus

    Bih Jolokia Chilli Give Away

    Count me in please mate. peace cornilius maximus
  15. cornilius maximus

    Giveaway - DONE

    I would love to look at it under my compound scope, however my noob status in mycology may not be up to standard for handling such a species. YET!!! This I endeavor to change!!! peace cornilius maximus