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  1. Doopie sp.

    Wanted - B.caapi for trade [closed]

    @colhawk pm'd
  2. Gday Chasing some B.caapi. I have some interesting things to trade in return. pm for details. CLOSED - SORTED
  3. Just in case it's useful to readers, and also for the sake of closure on this thread: Me 1 / Quarantine 0
  4. So you're saying you don't like the Nexus? ...or you do?
  5. Doopie sp.

    Need advice on discriminatory attack

    ...the Australian Way of Life that allows it's woman a much greater degree of equality than many islamic nations. (keeping in mind its pretty easy to argue that even in Australia's supposedly liberal society women dont really get opportunities equal to men yet.) I actually think there is a fundamental problem with the concept of Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has served Australia well for a century, but it needs to adapt to the times. We have welcomed large populations of immigrants from Italy, Greece, SE Asia, China, India and Arabic nations and we are a richer society for their inclusion. But I mean, multiculturalism has worked in the past because these communities of people were happy to come here, set up their own businesses, raise families, live their lives and enjoy the peace so to speak. Where you get a problem is if you welcome someone into your society who 1. Thinks it's ok to oppress women and 2. dislikes your particular brand of society and is going to preach hate. How can you say, 'Welcome! Bring your culture and your beliefs and live among us!' if that person's belief is 'You are a degenerate society, Im going to teach my children to hate your society and women are inferior.' Such beliefs are fundamentally at odds with the principles of the liberal society that welcomed them in the first place... So I think there should be expectations of people coming to live here. 'You are welcome to come here and enjoy the relative freedoms of Australia, but dont expect to be allowed to oppress women or run your own schools that teach backwards middle ages doctrine. Your children will be educated in schools which will abide by a state regulated curriculum... Oh and dont expect to be allowed to extract DMT even though its much less harmful than say alcohol or cigarettes ...Oh and by the way we have some good political cartoonists here, and dont get all thingy if someone draws a funny picture of some make believe dead guy who is supposedly the pillar of the universe. Such a cartoon would be best interpreted as a 'joke' and u should treat it as such, rather than as a call to bloody Jihad on western society.' All I can say to that is, I dont believe in generational guilt. Australian society today has very different attitudes to those of the early settlers. I wouldn't call myself anti-islamic. I think all the major religions are equally ridiculous. If Islamic people want to subscribe to that particlar bed time story then thats their choice, although if they come to live here they should expect to be challenged with rigorous, science-based arguments like '...ere, if god is so great... then 'ow cum he put dregs in beer, ai???' etc. Footnote: Im not some flag waving nationalist, far from it. And I am certainly not a fan of small-minded, white Australian boganism (us against them mentality). Australia is an incredibly fucking restrictive place in lots of ways, but I think in this case our relatively liberal attitudes to equality should not be compromised.
  6. Well... I think using a false name could probably still be useful coz if the plant material is somehow identified by Q or customs a person could still hide behind the argument "Thats not my name, I never ordered that, theres been a mistake...". Also, there would be nothing stopping an individual from paying for the treatment right now, regardless of the name it was ordered under. But its still not worth the risk. I should probably state at this point that this whole thread has been one big hypothetical scenario right? This actual scenario isnt happening to anyone that I know, rather I was just wondering out loud what the implications would be if a similar scenario did arise. Im sure everyone knows that already though. Cheers for all contributions, an informative discussion.
  7. Torsten that scenario is exactly what I was most worried about. If somebody came to my door at this stage, I could say 'the name on the packagae isn't me, there has been a mistake.' and I think id be in the clear. But the moment I send payment I am accepting ownership of that package and therefore basically admitting to arranging importation... Anyway I have decided that its not worth the risk. Ill leave it and they can destroy it, although it shits me to the point of tears that there are so many restrictions our supposedly liberal society places on us!
  8. Yeah you are both right... its a stupid risk to take. It would be too cheeky to pay for the treatment and have them send it to me... Dammit, thats $60 down the drain... if anyone knows how I can get MHRB in Aussie please feel free to pm me. And thanks very much for your advice dworx and Alice, u probably saved me a lot of trouble cause I was seriously considering paying for the treatment and just hoping it was all good
  9. Doopie sp.

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    Hey Marcel thanks for the tip. I googled Leratiomyces ceres and I recognize that variety, I often see them in similar habitats to where I find shroomies. I double checked my haul and I am certain I dont have any Leratiomyces ceres in amongst my subs. I have a few old subs that are quite dark, but they definitely stain blue. Cheers
  10. Doopie sp.

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    Yeah thats a good idea. I have scattered it about mixed up with some fresh woodchips and covered with pea straw. Hopefully a new bed will start.
  11. Gday I need some law related advice from Aussies who know how quarantine works. I should be posting this request over at the Nexus but its been down last few days. Ok I took a risk and ordered some mimosa hostilis root bark. I ordered it to my home address but under a different name, my thinking being I could claim Id never ordered it if things got dicey. So today I got a letter from Quarantine saying they had a package for me that contained an unidentified bark material and that it didnt satisfy quarantine regulations as there is a likelihood that it might introduce pests or disease. They give me two options: Either I can pay $40 to have it treated (gamma irradiation), after which they will post it to me. Or I can return to sender. It seems like they are not after me for importing MHRB, just that it needs to be treated... Im uncertain what to do, especially because I gave a false name for the delivery. Is there any chance this is a trap, if I send payment for the treatment am I in effect accepting ownership at which point they might hit me with a charge for 1. using a false name and 2. importing material containing a prohibited substance? Any advice is appreciated. Cheers
  12. Doopie sp.

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    Do you guys think these are subs? Unfortunately they are past their prime, they are a bit dried out and manky! They were growing in pine bark wood chips, sheltered under non-native bushes, location: inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. I didnt take any pics of where they were growing as I didnt have a camera with me, but I left plenty of small fruit, so when I go back I can take some pics then.
  13. Doopie sp.

    Spreading Spores!

    I dunno about using spores but if your goal is to encourage the establishment of new mushroom patches how about just transplanting small sections of mycelium collected from the field? Theres a section in the 'Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook' by L. G Nicholas and Kerry Ogame (you guys have probably already read this) which talks about this and also about growing new mycelium from pieces of stem which have been allowed to grow on cardboard first. If it was effective this seems like an easy way of establishing your own beds in convenient places?!
  14. Doopie sp.

    Psychotria infestation...HELP!

    Thats definitely scale. And if you reckon you have ants crawling around on the tree then that suggests scale too. Each of those little oval shapes is an insect who is sucking on the sap of your plant and excreting a sugary solution which ants love! The ants are harvesting the sugary stuff. You treat scale by spraying it with 'white oil' which is basically olive oil or vegetable oil mixed with water (Click Here). You spray it all over the plant paying close attention to where the scale infestations are. The idea is that the oil clogs up the breathing openings of the insects and they suffocate. You can buy commercial versions of white oil but its basically the same shit - water and oil, maybe with a detergent to reduce surface tension of the whole emulsion. Its probably just as easy and cheaper to make it yourself. But I reckon the safest way to fix it would be pick all the scale off by hand. If you've only got a couple of plants it wldnt take too long. Then just keep picking em off until you dont get anymore.