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  1. Thatplantguy

    Catha cuttings

    @fyzygy I’d be interested, I can offer up some cactus cuttings I’d that’s if interest?
  2. Thatplantguy

    [PERTH] Acacia acuminata tip run

    I'll take some trimming off your hands! Not in Perth though...
  3. Reaching out in search for some Scutellaria humilis – Aussie Dwarf Skullcap seeds. I have a fair collection of spare seed of varying plants so I'm sure I've got something that may take your fancy.
  4. Thatplantguy

    Sassafras albidum seed giveaway

    Yes please, count me in for 1 entry
  5. Thatplantguy

    Lophophora spp seed giveaway/pay it forward

    Outstanding offer, entry 9 please.
  6. Thatplantguy

    Swaps - Want Spilanthes, M. scabrella

    Hey, I can sort you some Anadenanthera Colubrina and Argyreia Nervosa. I'd love some of those tricho seeds and what ever else you'd like to add. I like surprises Cheers
  7. Devastated to miss this, great give away, fantastic work. Finger crossed for the next
  8. Thatplantguy

    2015 Australian Perpetual Free Trade Thread

    Not sure which I'm putting my hand up for but I'm down either way. I can offer up Some Argyreia Nervosa seeds Some Peganum Harmala seeds Some Anadenanthera Peregrina seeds Some Anadenanthera Colubrina seeds. Can probably add LW rooted seedling 9mnths And a few others extras I'd have spare *SENT*
  9. Thatplantguy

    Prints for microscopy

    I too would be interested, pm please.