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  1. Solipsis

    phyllodium pulchellum seeds :)

    Heya whats you guys' status on your seeds or plants? i received some seeds from a friend a little while ago and germinated some. Out of 2 i lost one, that was def my bad.. but the other one seems to be doing quite alright under stronger lighting. Also checked out some info on micropropagating it potentially.. very interested to learn how delicate and particular this plant is in its needs...
  2. Solipsis

    Tek for cross-pollinating cacti?

    Thanks! Ah Misplant..., not = you? I also got another tip i received, this vid: Anyway a tek for manipulating flowers is in here even if most of us don't speak the language. I tried once with Loph flower so far (forcing my way in that is), it went procedurally alright but i just need to perfect it - i still think i got some pollen onto the pistil.. or more problematically actually, it seemed that i didnt cover and protect it well enough and it just dried out very fast. i didnt use a proper cover but an Eppendorf tube over the pistil with some tape.. dumb.. Also maybe i was kinda late cause the pollen already seemed mature to me, idk if you can just judge by the yellow powder or if you cannot really see maturity with the naked eye, much less how long it remains viable. I grow indoors in my apartment which is challenging anyway lol. Also picked up a little info on mentor pollen and how they can help, wow thats fascinating - I also think it explains various stories where people were supposed to have made a cross but instead apparently just self-fertilized their normally self-sterile plant. Makes the most sense to me to just try and keep my pollen preserved and alive and can always intentionally kill some of the older pollen i have stored to use as mentor pollen. Sagi, maybe that can also help your fero viri for the part where they are not fully self-fertile. Basically foreign pollen can trigger fertilization mechanisms which the own pollen can then hijack, i suspect foreign pollen will always be preferred which is why it can in nature probably be afforded but if all the foreign pollen applied is dead thats different. I have UV-C i wonder if it could cause interesting mutations in pollen or at the very least just kill it but not destroy entirely, to turn into mentor pollen.. anyway getting ahead of myself Ty @nothinghead i will probably just use a bag or something, but for now the first hurdle to me seems to just remove pollen that are present to avoid self-pollination from the flower and i guess i will get to accidental open pollination after. which may present as a bit different problem growing in apartment. I find it hard to judge the odds that in this climate where these cacti normally don't grow, you would accidentally open pollinate. of course if you have multiple plants flowering in same space yes, but otherwise i guess not really. I also experiment with some success with micropropagation and have plans to give a basic tek and support for people on this forum, but i havent done it in a little while and it needs to be a good time to do so. It seems to be done mostly by people who grow mushrooms and have a flowhood anyway, or i guess very serious people but its apparently an uncommon 'hobby' and secretive. I know some of the plant growth regulators are involved in and used for flowering of plants in general but i guess it would be way too much to ask to use one to suppress formation of pollen while still leaving the ovary functional.
  3. Hey! Does someone have a tek or references for how to do things with cross-pollination, how to avoid having a flower self-pollinate itself and things like that? I figure it would be the easiest to use a self-sterile variety if possible - but that isnt always possible, right ? So do you have to go in before the pollen ripen (how do you see this, is it the yellowness?)? Do you also have to go into the flower if it doesnt open itself yet? Any special effects of plant growth regulators on flowers that can be applied? Very interested in cool tips, including how mentor pollen could be used!
  4. Solipsis

    Can people become immune to shrooms over time?

    Being on the spectrum is definitely not a guarantee or give a high chance of psychedelics not working as far as I know. (I am on the spectrum) Yes some are prescribed neuroleptics such as Seroquel which can block trips. However medication is not really that common for autism. However aside from that anyone can be naturally "immune" to either some psychedelics or all of them. Sensitivity to psychedelics is not associated with body weight like various drugs, but much more with CNS receptor populations like particularly 5-HT2A but also 5-HT1A among others and depending on the psychedelic. 2C-B for example is something of an exception with regard to the receptors it acts on. Anyway, IMO one of the best explanations for being "immune", highly insensitive to psychedelics or so-called hardheaded, is having polymorphism of these brain receptors. It means they are built and shaped slightly different and since the binding of drugs works a little like a lock and key this can mean that the psychedelic either cannot bind to the receptor or can bind but does not activate it at all, or does not activate it with the same effect. Because activating 1 receptor can have multiple different effects. It's not impossible that those with autism have a higher chance of having such polymorphism but I am not aware of evidence to suggest this besides very limited anecdotal. Tolerance is a much different topic but yes, when you take a psychedelic you tend to get a very fast and strong tolerance effect which makes you less sensitive to them for a while and that can mean even to other types of psychedelics than you took. Chronic tolerance can also mean that despite waiting in between trips, the tolerance can become exceedingly high over time and repeated tripping.
  5. Solipsis

    Edible/Medicinal culture seeking thread

    I don't wanna say that it is not harmful in any way, i don't know exactly. But the Alzheimer's concerns of aluminum have been debunked decades ago. Still, I def agree. It's just not nice to get a hole in your aluminum tray when you're growing. Get other trays or use a liner. You could save plastic trays you might buy meat in or other packagings of food items. Anyway, I would like to help you guys out with your requests as I have an extensive collection of fungi. But I do hail from the Netherlands so that can pose a problem. Could be worth trying tho and even retrying, esp with the right trade. I may accept the risk of seizure, depending. take care everyone.
  6. Solipsis

    Psilocybe cyanescens balcony planter

    Psilocybe cyanescens balcony planter
  7. Solipsis

    LW cristata

    LW cristata
  8. Echinopsis cv. Orange California x Clyde not entirely variegated
  9. Solipsis

    E. shaferii f. monstrose

    E. shaferii f. monstrose
  10. Solipsis

    LW Manchaca

    LW Manchaca
  11. Automated grow cabinet (not up to date)
  12. Loph W callus culture (meristem)
  13. Solipsis

    Lophophora TC

    Lophophora TC
  14. Solipsis

    fricii x fricii variegata

    fricii x fricii variegata
  15. Solipsis