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  1. this is an amazing offer and a testiment to your generousity and the health of your plants! would love some seeds please :)
  2. wezza

    Lionsmane access

    Just hoping someone can help me locate lionsmane mushies or spores (-:
  3. I've had to relinquish my hold on the Peru #3 cut, so it is available. I'm sure Ambient will update the post soon, but want potential buyers to know sooner rather than later
  4. wezza

    Various Tricho's

    Awesome, glad for ya mum about to head of our Sydney for a few weeks but perhaps when I'm back! Catch you soon
  5. Thanks for the love from you both, will discuss with Alchemica. Good luck selling you Macro, someone will be lucky to get is so affordable
  6. can you do 15cm cuttings of each Macro and Scop?
  7. Peruvianus cutting #3 please :D Can you message me per favour
  8. wezza

    2x unreleased trich bridgesii

    could be convinced, send me a message with your best deal on a pair of 33cm cuts
  9. wezza

    Various Tricho's

    i spose i could take 1. Eileen off your hands...
  10. wezza

    Cacti Sale - This Sunday Seven Hills Syd

    is it likely this will take place again? coming back to Sydney this week :S
  11. Hey guys, i'm hoping for a few recommendations for plants as we have recently had our family driveway renovated, and have had 6 planter boxes installed along its length. As they're along the driveway id prefer not to have big bushy plants that will require constant attention to prevent blocking cars. Cactus are the obvious choice, but was wondering if there's some other plants that would pair well. Don't necessarily have to be native, but would be preferable. Vines would be ok, but an invasive creeper that will entirely infiltrate the brush fence is going to be a hassle. The boxes measure approx 15cm wide, 50cm long and 30cm deep. any recommendations would be grateful. Thanks :D
  12. wezza

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

    Opening a bid- wassaname: $6.66
  13. wezza

    Moonunit cacti seed auction

    I have a facination with pricks that has nothing to do with dicks. They have inoculated my household, but all things told, It's better than thinking I'm 'fully sick'.