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  1. Hellonasty

    Huge grafted loph for sale on eBay

    Wow I sold one more than twice that size for half that ! Good job.
  2. Hellonasty

    Cacti Sale - This Sunday Seven Hills Syd

    Anyone who is keen and is able to get to my place in Seven Hills 2147 drop me a PM we should be able to sort somwthing. NO POSTAL SALES
  3. Hellonasty

    Cacti Sale - This Sunday Seven Hills Syd

    Hi you can come late but you will need daylight to ID the plants. Still heaps left.
  4. I'm having a yard sale this Sunday at my house in Seven Hills Sydney. Come and cut your own cactus and grab a serious bargain. Some freebies also available. HEAPS of trichos, some monsters and a few miniatures all need to go. Send me a PM if you can make it and I will give you the address. HN
  5. I have 26 metres of Trichocereus Pachanoi PC (San Pedro) to sell in bulk. Either as one lot of 26m or as 2 lots of 13m. The majority of the growth is nice and thick it has been raised in the ground over the last 10 years or so, on average 7-10cm thick and really nice mostly problem free growth. If you have ever dreamed of making a cactus fence, like I have, now is your chance !!!! That is what I planned on doing with it. As one lot of 26m I'm looking for $950 which equates to about 35c/CM. As two lots I'm looking for $550 per 13m Comment here with your interest and send me a PM please. Please note this is NOT first in gets them, people who I have traded with in the past will take priority, as well as people who have the means of collecting them. HN
  6. I have a large greenhouse, from memory 3.7m x 2.2m, in a box that has never been built. It also come with a shelving unit that goes all the way around in three levels. Total cost was over 3.5K when I bought it some years ago. I wasn't able to put it up due to life getting in the way. Send me a PM if interested I'm only looking for $500 for it with the shelving unit included, the shelving unit cost me $800 alone. It is located in Seven Hills in Sydney and you will need a truck or similar to move it, the boxes are super heavy and 4m long. HN
  7. Hellonasty

    Bulk Cactus Sale

    WTF ?
  8. Hellonasty

    Bulk Cactus Sale

  9. Hellonasty

    Bulk Cactus Sale

    Box Building ! In Progress
  10. Hellonasty

    Bulk Cactus Sale

    Yeah ok I will take 5 ! All done for now.
  11. Hellonasty

    Bulk Cactus Sale

    I'm in the process of moving and need to get rid of a heap of cactus. I don't have time to list everything so I'm going to do bulk deals which will be amazing value for the buyer. Basically you send me $120 + postage and I will fill a box with cactus and send it your way. Send me two preferences and I will do my best to accomodate that. You will receive at leat one Tricho cut and one mexican miniature. I guarantee at least a $200 value (some will be $500+) of cactus sent to you, no one will be unhappy I guarantee that. First in will get the best value and I will start with just 4 boxes available, after these are sold and delivered I wll do another lot. I will give preference to my loyal traders !!!! You know who you are. Anything and everything has to go so nothing is off limits as to what will go in each box, cuttings, grafts, crests, freaks etc. Astrophytum, Ariocarpus, Lophophora, Trichocereus, Lophocereus, Pchycereus, Stenocereus, Helianthocereus, Echinocactus, Echinocereus, etc etc. Please COMMENT here to secure your box and shoot me a PM with your preferences. Please note it may take me a week or so to cut, callous, package and send your box. Peace HN
  12. Hellonasty

    Ariocarpus X2 for Sale (Price reduced)

    Price reduced on the Bravo make me an offer?
  13. Hellonasty

    Ariocarpus X2 for Sale (Price reduced)

    Number 1 is SOLD 2 Still available