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  1. Ambient

    WA Cactus Clear Out

    Years later and I'm still trying to clear out the majority of my collection... I think I'm slowly starting to get ahead of the growth link below to my Gumtree profile, adds updated regularly, postage available to all states in Au excl. Tas (sorry guys) https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-seller/Gumtree/1007818662
  2. Ambient

    Meet up: Perth

    Congrats to Uda, the proud new owner of the cliff cutting giveaway Hope to see more of you there next time.
  3. Ambient

    Meet up: Perth

    Heading off now, free cliff cutting for the first person who spots me in my cactus shirt, and two more for trade if anyone else would like them.
  4. Ambient

    Will Trichos Grow Here?

    Glad to see the cut is doing well Skellum Aerial roots will generally terminate on their own, you can remove them if they bother you, I can't see there being much danger from a few tiny well aerated wounds. Terracotta pots are nice if you can find them cheap and don't intend to move your cacti very often. I used almost exclusively use terracotta pots for the drying and aesthetic value. Now days I'm thinning out my terracotta in favour of terracotta coloured plastic for my display collection, and large cheap second hand black plastic pots for the farm. Plastic can still have the aesthetic look of terracotta (in my opinion at least), weighs exponentially less with increasing pots size, and allows me to buy food at the end of the week... student life ya'll haha. I actually prefer the slower drying of plastic pots for the dry Mediterranean climate I'm within, or maybe I just make my soil mix just too dry. This might not be the case for some eastern states users though. Really, type of pot doesn't matter so much when compared to size of pot or lack there of and going straight in to the ground. As long as you have a good well draining soil mix just go for the largest one you can reasonably afford to fill, and bare to look at. I can't remember who it was, maybe someone from here, said they water their tricho's like tomato's and feed them like tomato's and they grow like tomato's. This has more or less been my experience, within the hot sunny dry climate I'm in.
  5. Ambient

    Meet up: Perth

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking 10am at the Vic Park farmers market (McMillan Park, Vic Park, WA). I've not been to the park before so I figure I'll update this thread with a good location to meet once I'm there (also open to suggestions if anyone already knows the lay of the lands on market days). Looking forward to reuniting with a few fellow cacti enthusiasts and meeting some new ones, cya this Sunday 16th April, Mcmillan Park ,10am.
  6. Ambient

    Meet up: Perth

    2 easy, hopefully ya can make it BT. I've also had some interest from a few mates outside of SAB, so I'll be there either way.
  7. Ambient

    Meet up: Perth

    Sunday16th of April, 10 days from now, Vic Park or otherwise. Bring trades if you want to, or just come and chill. Spread the word, fellow cactus heads and friends welcome
  8. Cheers Wezza, just updated the add.
  9. Just PM'd you Wezza, sorry for the slow reply, been flat out at uni over the last few days. No worries Skellum, glad you're happy with the cutting, Cliff is a beautiful clone and my favourite non mutated bridgesii.
  10. Ambient

    Post your track of the day

  11. Ambient

    Meet up: Perth

    I'm keen, Sundays are usually good, just not this weekend.
  12. Cheers for the heads up man, I wasn't aware of the species affinis nomenclature and as Mapacho suggested was just using it as a best fit naming. I can see the problem it may have caused, fortunately in this case I already knew the guy who bought the cutting from me and was able chat to him about the ID being a "as best as we can tell" type ID and not an official cross. I'll keep aff. in mind for future ID
  13. Two new Psycho0 cuttings and a Peru x Knuthianus added.
  14. haha pretty much, I feel like the more I know about cactus ID, the more I realise how much I don't know. Hopefully Patrick's new book will help me out a little once it arrives
  15. Prices reduced on Cliff and Psycho0