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  1. LokStok

    covid 19 vaccination

  2. LokStok

    Which mugwort?

    I think the other is Chinese Mugwort (A. argyi), the other 'Moxa' plant.
  3. LokStok

    Great grower maybe sage?????

    looks like Leonotis leonurus. https://keyserver.lucidcentral.org/weeds/data/media/Html/leonotis_leonurus.htm check the second picture down.
  4. LokStok

    Ashwagandha powder sourced from Australia

    pointers: -never buy powder, always whole bits of root then grind yourself. -sow your seeds anyway, whilst still looking for root sources. -contact https://theherbalist.worldsecuresystems.com/index , he grows his own, but may be reluctant to part with any non tinctured root. -if all else fails, why not whole root peices from India? Its the home of Ashwagandha after all.
  5. LokStok

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    whoa...glad i dropped in. Happy Birthday Torsten!!
  6. LokStok

    Indoor Ethnobotanical Plants

    Piper betle
  7. LokStok

    Sick ficifolia

    they are drowning. get them out of that styro box & let them drain.
  8. LokStok

    Favourite Ethnobotany related books?

    currently reading 'Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice' by another of Schulte's proteges, Mark Plotkin...interesting. Although his works are now widely considered to be at least partly fictional, the first three books by Carlos Castenada changed everything for me (way back then).
  9. https://www.change.org/p/https-www-tga-gov-au-protect-damiana-and-other-herbs-d58d5a3f-9c3c-4326-9245-6a98742896cc
  10. LokStok

    Excerpts on Pituri

    this is also interesting http://lib-ojs3.lib.sfu.ca:8114/index.php/era/article/view/589/381
  11. LokStok

    Tips on fertilising potted Catha Edulis plants

    Scale are a real pain with catha, however, they seem to prefer certain individuals and not others (identical clones, so there must be other variables). Darklight, your strain is much stronger and has more essential oil. It gives an inebriating stimulation, while the broadleaf strain gives a clear focussed stimulation. I am intrigued about individual plants that are not potent! If we cna work out what makes them weak, then we can probably increase the strength of our other plants by providing ideal conditions. Yeah, blog, too much water and good soil will cause strong growth at the expense of strength. However to get no effect at all is quite extraordinary. fertiliser?? we use only dynamic lifter (pelleted compost of chook manure and sawdust).
  12. LokStok

    Gonoderma polypore?

    yep. G. australe i reckon