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  1. TheExplorer

    Preventing cross-pollination on Trichocereus sp.

    I'll keep them in mind for next year mate, thanks. I got a bit lucky this year as the flowering times ended up being quite staggered.
  2. TheExplorer

    Rainbows & lollipops

    Nice. Hope it is smooth sailing for you mate, look forward to seeing the pics.
  3. TheExplorer

    Rainbows & lollipops

    Would love to but too busy with work. I'm guessing you are involved in the main stage rigging?
  4. M S Smith started one years ago based on location descriptions in Backebergs Cactus Lexicon; could be a good starting point to start working on a google maps version.
  5. TheExplorer

    Preventing cross-pollination on Trichocereus sp.

    I'll check them out, thanks mate.
  6. TheExplorer

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    Looks like Yowie is going off this year! If anyone wants to trade some pollen let me know
  7. Hi guys, I have a lot of trichos about to flower this year and I want to make some specific crosses... What are some good methods for preventing cross-pollination that you have used before? I've heard stockings might be good? Oh and if anyone has some interesting pollen to trade let me know!
  8. TheExplorer


    1st picture is Life Cycle, 2nd is Stampede. Zoolu was the market stage. It's a shame I saw this thread after the party, I would have been keen for a meet up with you guys. Party was great as usual (5th Psyfari for me now). Nice work on the staging altenate :thumbsup:.
  9. TheExplorer

    Mold on Tricho fruits

    Hi all A few months back there was a big scop orgy (between 5 flowering plants) at my place which resulted in 5 nice looking fruits of pure scop seed. However, I got busy for a few days at work and some sort of grey/green mold has infected most of the fruits. Some only have a little bit and I will get the seeds out today, but some have just turned into lumps of mold. Thing is, it looks like the mold has eaten away all of the flesh and left the seeds behind. Do you guys reckon the seeds will still be good if I wash them out and put them in a bit of diluted hydrogen peroxide or something? Thanks, T.E.
  10. TheExplorer

    Why don't any stores sell Psycho0?

    Could be the name, or maybe it just didn't make it into their collections. I'm pretty sure most of the clones sold by SAB are ones that they have collected through trades over the years or grown themselves, and you'll notice that they don't sell a lot of the Victorian specimens. Psycho0 is pretty common though due to the fact that it grows like a weed - I have some big ones in the ground that have already put on 2 feet this season. PD used to sell heaps of it and last year or the year before was selling 50 and 100 foot lots on eBay.
  11. That's just what I have seen some people say, and a popular eBay cactus seller was selling a similar looking plant as pallarensis a while ago. Me personally, I think Yowie is a wild pachanoi form.
  12. TheExplorer

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Just plant the tip mate - it will be better in the long run. I know it sucks when you have to turn a big sexy cutting into multiple plants, but at the moment you are taking an unnecessary gamble. Also I'd ditch that vaseline, it's probably blocking the stomata and may cause issues.
  13. I've seen some people theorise that Yowie may be a T.pallarensis due to the longer spines.
  14. TheExplorer

    Determining Cacti Value by weight.

    I know where you are coming from OP, I've had similar experiences (even pictures can be deceiving), but I'm not sure a weight system will work. I mean it might work for stock standard tricho cuts, but it doesn't take into account: the rareness of different plants, the fluctuating weights of cactus, and the different weights between species. Plus as you said there could be issues regarding legality (cuttings are borderline as they are). If a seller isn't willing to provide you with more pictures or more info just don't deal with them. If they are dishonest in their dealings and unwilling to fix the situation then you can leave feedback in their trade rep thread.