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  1. So, what’s the lucky numbers?
  2. altenate


    Hi havent logged in for ages, but looking for seeds or plants. thankyou
  3. If only I was home in Australia I could send pics- very interested though! Next week ( if I remember)
  4. altenate

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Defqon will most likely be called something else if qdance decide to put on an event this year. Its very questionable.... & will poss not be in Penrith from what i presently know. but who knows! I know the organisers well & have built stages for it for the past 5 years. Weve been building giant robots in their warehouse for vivid in sydney. If you go to vivid make sure you check out Darling harbour.... Its going to look pretty good. Robots mining trash & turning it into new life......
  5. altenate

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Sweet, look forward to seeing some of you all on Saturday!
  6. altenate

    Rainbows & lollipops

    Yep, rigging....
  7. altenate

    Rainbows & lollipops

    Any one else coming to Rainbow Serpent? You should! As the main stage is going to look awesome - just my opinion.... I'm sure the rest of the place will be ok too.... but that main stage!! ;) we should arrange to meet somewhere sometime
  8. altenate

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I might even make this one! It would be good to catch up you with ya all.
  9. altenate

    mimosa from finke river

    Hey all. I collected a bunch of mimosa seed from Finke River NT a month or 2 back. Still viable.... Im looking to trade approx 40g of seeds for some other seeds or a cutting. Be aware these can become weedy if not managed properly & grown in the right climate.
  10. altenate


    Glad you had fun CrayZ. Glaukus - you should have come! Pretty family friendly event! Sure -we had issues with the police this year but it was being made an example of..... & we implemented a stack of stuff to try & make it work - welcome to the new laws of festivals! It was a lot of hard work this year! But I think we made it work. Hoped ya liked Lifecycle stage & stampede (that's my build rigging & install work along with a bunch of other good chickens)
  11. altenate

    Duboisia hopwoodii

    Such similar flowers in a kinda similar way! I'm sure I'm not the first to be confused;)
  12. altenate

    Duboisia hopwoodii

    Think your right Gerbil. I better keep looking....
  13. altenate

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Give me a few weeks but I could possibly be able to open up our bush block for a camp. 1 hr from Sydney... It never too cold.... Just need to get some of those Melbourne people up here... There's a few good un's in that crew!