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  1. Alienteaparty

    Free 7 mm scoria and sandy loam from preston

    All gone!
  2. I have a cubic meter of sandy loam and 7mm scoria free to a good home pickup from Preston area. you will need a trailer and shovel.
  3. Alienteaparty

    Wanted: Anadenanthera colubrina seed (yoppo)

    cheers for the info. i always forget about herbalistics!
  4. Alienteaparty

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Super keen to meet some of the Melbourne folk. Please keep me filled in. I don't have much to offer in terms of seed or pants as i am still getting my garden up and running over here, but i am definitely up for meeting some new people and conversing. If anybody is interested in meeting up whilst its still warm please chuck up a post or pm me as to a good time that will suit everybody.
  5. Alienteaparty

    Wanted: Anadenanthera colubrina seed (yoppo)

    Hello chaps. I am after some Anadenanthera colubrina seed for propagation. can anybody help me with acquiring a few. The sab shop is currently out and i am itching to start growing some new plants from seed. thanks in advance
  6. Hello everyone. Sorry guys All gone! I'm back in Perth for a week and have a lot of cacti i need to thin out. I have bulk Pc patch and hybrid Bridgesii going for cheep! -KK242 tip cuttings. -Yowie Tip cuttings. -TBM pieces and established in pot. -1x Spatchinus in a terracotta pot. -+many more I also have one large catha edulis PH+ - SOLD! anyone who picks up can help themselves to brugmansia candidas double white cuttings :). I haven't added any prices yet as i will cut cacti to order by size, so please PM me with your inquiries. i can send you photos and customize your order. Pick up is preferred, but I can send orders to every state but Tasmania. Hope to hear from you lot soon!. Sorry guys All gone!
  7. Alienteaparty

    Start of season cactus giveaway

    number 37 for tricho heaven.
  8. Alienteaparty

    Looking for red vein catha edulis in Melbourne

    I always forget about looking at the store. thanks a lot Dood!
  9. Hello. I'm looking for red vein catha plants, preferably with established root systems. If anybody can help point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Alienteaparty

    Assorted Trichocereus tips and catha edulis for sale!

    Sorry guys, back in Melbourne now so Sales over! All of these cuts and more will be available in a few months when I'm back in Perth. So keep your eyes peeled!
  11. Alienteaparty

    urban myth...

    If anybody is still interested, I have found an article from ABC that was updated in February 2016 stating that although alternative methods have been trialled the Yarra city council in Melbourne is still using glyphosate in their parks for weed control. Here is the link : http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-16/councils-still-using-herbicide-that-probably-causes-cancer/7168464 I think it would be wise to avoid any mushroom growing in a public park that doesn't have weeds or grasses growing in close proximity. Then again many mushrooms are really good at bioaccumilation and can absorb a variety of heavy metals and other compounds that are present in their growing medium. So even if you find mushrooms growing in the wild it could pay to find out if there has ever been any human activity in that area. I know that old fashioned gold prospectors used mercury as part of the processing stage. This or any other chemical could potentially be absorbed by the mushrooms and lead to some unpleasant symptoms. I could easily see how the strychnine myth could have manifested over the years.
  12. Alienteaparty

    Assorted Trichocereus tips and catha edulis for sale!

    Sure is! They are yours Nicsplash!
  13. Howdy peeps. I'm in Perth until Friday, so I decided to do a speedy sale and thin out my cacti collection a little bit. If you are interested in anything else just ask as I still have a lot of different cacti that I have not listed here. I am also open to trades for interesting plants and cacti. Just let me know what you have and i will get back to you. Thanks guys, happy looking:) All orders over $100 get freebies! SS02 x Julls Giant 47cm - $40 Jess 30cm - $20 T. Bridgesii 40cm - $30 Psycho0 30cm - $25 T. Bridgesii ( Open pollination) 50cm - $40 Icaro (super fat) 20cm - $20 T. Patchanoi (PC) 30 cm - $15 each Eileen 25cm- $25 / 30cm - $30 Super Pedro 29cm - $25 Catha Edulis PH+ strain $30 Catha Edulis PH+ strain $10 Postage will be calculated depending on your postcode and size of the package. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. PEACE!
  14. Alienteaparty

    Aya pack

    What kind of caapi varieties do you have?