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  1. stona86

    Cactus seed giveaway #2

    Mate I bet that pig came up tasty as hell gave me the munchies just looking at it ..
  2. stona86

    loph id

    Hey cheers for that info and how does my clump look I noticed it was a bit softnand the bottom but watered and hot with light and kind of harden up but us it healthy is the root area suppose to be brown colour? Its how I got it supposed to be 5.5yo plant? How come only my lophs are screwed? All my trichos are OK and used same new cactus soil... And fellas a bit late I cut in half yesterday at the solid bit off the button and regrafted it so I just hope I got it all an it does t transfer to this rootstock...
  3. stona86

    loph id

    Hey ya right mate didn't even click on and cheers don't want anything incriminating on public forum
  4. stona86

    loph id

    Its soft on the edges so thats rot I take it?
  5. stona86

    loph id

    Thanks bro for that info. Yeah the rootstock looks shithouse I agree and the wrinkles are soft as hell so it's rotten aye? Its still flowering and dieing at the same time wtf? So thanks I'll regraft it man in that case
  6. stona86

    loph id

    Hey crop, umm mate truthfully my grafting skills arnt that advanced I can impail graft with 100% success but worried I will kill my only fat and juicy loph bro.. Do you know what all the wrinkles is at the bottom.of the button? Is it trying to separate off the rootstock or it it just getting ready to throw pups? Do you think a impail graft would be a bad idea?
  7. stona86

    loph id

    Thanks mate its was sold to me as a willamsii but I was worried it could be a diffusa because of the shape but yeh your spot on its bloated as hell as I have a pretty solid watering routine as its under HPs lights and dries quickly . will it throw pups? Or will have to cut in half and regraft the top to a tricho? Also its getting wrinkles at the base of the scion what does that mean? Thanks man for all the info too I learnt a few things
  8. stona86

    loph id

    Hey could someone please tell me what species she is
  9. stona86

    Cactus seed giveaway #2

    Im in mate
  10. stona86

    Lophophora seeds

    I'm also interested mate if you have any left
  11. stona86

    Coffee please...

    Lol damn bunnings need to expand there range...
  12. stona86


    Also is there a particular spot to cut the seedlings? Like half way or 1/4 or something?
  13. stona86


    Firstly thanks mate for getting back with such great detail much appreciated, I will try the parafilm/cling wrap method and persist until I succeed. I have a feeling I may in the past been a bit heavy handed and as a result failed I had a lot of trouble getting the seedling to stay still so that wrap and pinch way might just do the trick.
  14. stona86

    forget about it

    Keep a eye out on gumtree and eBay also Facebook cacti or succulent groups in your area man they will pop up some were