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  1. Psychotraits

    ID Request - Western Australia

    That's above my head good sir.. I'm have not yet aquired that degree of knowledge. I apologize
  2. Psychotraits

    ID Request - Western Australia

    I don't touch anything that isn't a sub... Why? Because it's not worth it maaaan. Otherwise I can tell you that I think the mushroom might be a no go if it doesn't bruise blue, especially after cutting, touching or handling. peace!!!!!
  3. Psychotraits

    Hunting in the West

    I think you have him mistaken. He's quite sustainable but none the less still young at heart and loves adventure
  4. Psychotraits

    Hunting in the West

    Hello folk So. had this wicked dream.. let's say a lucid one... saw a friend hop in a car, seemed excited. watched him drive for some time before reaching a town that screamed MAGIC Balinyup, experience the magic... saw him drive east saw him drive west saw him drive all over the place and between driving he kept hoping out, looking for something in the grass, in the forest.. all over the place. He found orange things, he also found red things. white, green, yellow, black.. but never did he raise his head in excitment. Quite honestly, a very scenic dream but with no excitment He even went and saw his old mate Jayes who bore bear hands. feel at such a loss for him, in all his hunting experience, visiting what he thought to be prime, sometimes risky, but discrete locations to find the rarest of treasures in abundace in the season any insight to his dream is welcomed as he seeks to find enlightenment, he just needs proper direction.
  5. Psychotraits

    Bulk Substrate Dramas...

    Yeah, go on, sacrifice a bit of your personal fae, hahaha So happy to see you have success dude! congrats. I'm just about to change my pf cake in a shotgun to a bulk in a tray. Going to follow those pics you got there
  6. Psychotraits

    Bulk Substrate Dramas...

    Even this dude got it
  7. Psychotraits

    Bulk Substrate Dramas...

    I'm going to go for the long shot and say the airtight is the problem. This is why I say so. I have been making Jars for two years and only just have started having success and granted, moisture content and the kind of water does play a roll, i would like to think that because youve had a lack of spawning and even contam for that matter, nothing is getting air. I used micropore tape before with very little success when its application was used soley as the ONLY FAE. Micropore tape with, what I thought at the time was tyvek, didn't work Only Polyfil has given me a solution to my growth stalls. Just try it, better than nothing and yeah, it's what I think the problem is
  8. Psychotraits

    Chlorociboria aeruginascens

    Wicked little guys
  9. Psychotraits

    Mazatapec Mexican Mushroom Grow

    A look at what's been going on as of late My Mazatapec Mexican Mushroom Grow
  10. Psychotraits

    Amanita Muscaria

    Hey guys. Recently found and confirmed Amanita Muscaria. Upon drying we forgot to use a screen and some of the mushroom beame somewhat mushie, hahaha, however we made further attempts to dehydrate it and are continuing to do so but wanted to see what you guys recommended, after having this minor setback. I read on a forumn that the kind that were native to australia were not nearly as active as those found in other regions and I wanted to know what were your experiences with them, have you ever found them? How did you prepare them? Were they any good? Thanks for the help guys, hope you enjoy the find