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  1. All sold, thanks everyone for your interest!
  2. Yep, it's a an interesting variety that's for sure! Only one cutting remaining now!
  3. Thanks for sharing all those links Wile E. Peyote, I didn't expect anyone to do that kind of research and I really appreciate you taking the time! That gives me a good sense of what a fair price might be, thank you Fyzygy, I had considered the idea of degrafting and making individual plants, athough I think it'd also be a bit of a shame to cut the plant up. All things considered, I reckon I might just hang on to this plant and leave it as is, I am quite fond of it, and I was quite proud of the wedge-shaped graft I had to do in order to save the one areole that the original scion had! If anyone is curious, I also found this auction that is currently happening on eBay, with about two days remaining. So far it's up to about $150: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fitm%2FTricho-Bridgesii-Monstrose-variety-Rare-Penis-Cactus-Sacred-Shaman%2F203205585470%3Fhash%3Ditem2f4fff2a3e%3Ag%3ANc4AAOSwZYFfx1eK%26fbclid%3DIwAR3lvbhXCnA9bbnrN18YdpmWt9GOT3KQnsoEmslt9wZgAiEeqtOVEON7Ep0&h=AT37o7vfvff8DxsAGMO1rKJzN0uzfkmbF4OmIzSK_UPmZm9v_cpzVVvRGwvZF1J48blzJDuaqG7QiojR8P3aTfctpl1yiYvzwZJNJNxiAukDQ0sLiK0HG3p0WpUQhGAXHys
  4. Thanks for that Flux, I appreciate you taking the time to write all that up. I'm not especially involved with MMA and don't plan to be, and although I think they've done some good stuff so far, I also do get a very entrepreneurial / commercial vibe from them that doesn’t resonate with me strongly, and I do keep hearing things like what you wrote from people. I'm going to forge my own path in this domain and pursue clinical psych - I already have a PhD, so getting a Masters as well will set me up perfectly as both a researcher and practitioner. I think the question of who should be able to administer PAP is an interesting one. I think it's probably necessary for this to be tightly restricted (e.g. to clinical psychs) at the outset to support a gradual shift toward decriminalisation, legalisation, regulation (and to avoid another Tim Leary kind of situation), even though this would sadly exclude many other competent practitioners. There's also the problem that, as you allude to, it takes more than just doing a course or having three trips to really know the experience and the potential of entheogens and how to handle them well, and there are many clinical psychs who would absolutely not be competent to do this kind of work. Perhaps once PAP gets established and the relevant authorities see that it won't be the undoing of society as we know it, things may become more relaxed with the possibility of other practitioners entering the scene, such as counsellors, traditional healers, etc. Whatever happens, I'm sure it's going to fascinating to see what unfolds in the next few years!
  5. Thanks guys, that's good to hear. Probably less than what I'd be willing to part with it for, so glad that I know that before putting it up for auction! The plan with PAP is to do a Masters in Psychology, to add to my PhD. I'm already well established in a field of research that's not too far away from PAP so this is the logical next step. I've met a few of the MMA people, but I'm not closely linked with them, and yeah I keep hearing not-so-good things about that group. Shame, given that they're one of the most active groups in this area in Aus atm.
  6. Update: Most cuttings are now sold, only three remaining!
  7. I'm moving interstate and I have a whole garden of HUGE cactus plants for sale! This is a great opportunity to buy some very large mature specimens and create an instant and very impressive cactus garden that would normally take decades to grow. Some of these plants are quite spectacular! Species include: Trichocereus Pachanoi (San Pedro), Trichocereus Bridgesii var Jeans, Pachycereus Marginatum, various Cereus, Spachiana, Agave Americana, and several others. See photos. Prices range from $0.50 per cm to $1.00 per cm for the Trichocereus species, and less for the others. This applies for both cuttings and if you want to dig up entire plants. Minimum purchase $100. Most of these plants are $200 or more for the whole plants. Happy to do you a good deal if you buy multiple plants Buyer to dig up and remove - I won't be able to help due to a muscle strain. You'll need leather gloves, shovel, a wheelbarrow or sacktruck, and ideally a second person to help you lift if buying any whole plants, as they can be quite heavy. You might also want to bring a ute, stationwagon, trailer or similar. The plants are located in Greenacres, South Australia. If you're interested, message me to arrange a time to come see them! Cheers, Jeans
  8. Hi All! I'm looking for a valuation of a very special and old grafted T. Bridgesii Monstrose plant that I have. I'm moving interstate for an opportunity that will allow me to move towards becoming a scientist in the area of psychedelic psychotherapy, and I'm trying to raise funds to help make this move more feasible. I'm quite attached to it, but if I can get a decent sum I'd be willing to part ways with it. Below is the advert I was considering putting up on eBay. How much do you think this is worth? I was thinking of having a fairly high auction starting price because I'm not desparate to sell, and because I'd hate for it to go for only a couple of hudred dollars or so. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated HUGE Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose "Penis plant" Cactus Specimen! It is extremely rare to find a specimen this large and in such good condition! This is for serious cactus collectors or anyone who wants a truly impressive and unusual feature plant. The plant is 57cm tall, measured from the top of the pot to the top of the plant (not including spines or the height of the pot). The plant is 31cm wide at the widest point (not including spines). The scion was grafted onto a San Pedro (T. Pachanoi) base approximately 11 years ago. If you want, you could repot the plant a bit deeper and bury most of the San Pedro base so that only the grafted scion section is visible. I'm happy to provide advice on this on request. The plant has never had any diseases or other issues. It has been kept under a veranda, which allows it to receive morning sun until about 11.00am. It has been shielded from the sun during the middle of the day and the evening. It is acclimatised to the climate of Adelaide, Australia. Being a very resilient and hardy cactus, it will thrive in most conditions. I have deliberately grown it in such a way that it looks most impressive from a front-on angle against a wall or in a corner (see photos). This plant will be packaged with extreme care to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition. Local pickup is also available from Adelaide, South Australia. Thank you for visiting!
  9. ALL SOLD! Thanks everyone for your interest _______________________________________________________ Hi All! I've got another 9 beautiful Trichocereus Bridgesii "Jeans" tip cuttings for sale! These are all nice thick healthy tip cuttings. I only do this once per year, so this is your chance if you'd like to grab yourself a cutting or two! In the top photo below, you can see that each cutting has a number written on the bottom (from left to right, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.). Use these numbers to identify which cutting/s you would like when you PM me: This variety grows prolifically with many branches / shoots, a beautiful blueish color and nice long golden spines that become more brown as they mature. Here's an example of one of my older plants (incidentally, I have a couple of older plants like this that I want to sell whole - if you're in Adelaide, Australia, and if you're interested in coming to dig one up and collect one, send me a PM!):  See here for an Erowid report about this variety: https://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=89217  The cuttings range from 35cm to 60cm. All cuttings are $1.00 per cm + postage cost. I take great pride in the way I package my cuttings, and you can be assured that these will arive in good condition to you and with the spines intact. I use Australia Post mailing tubes to make sure they arrive in excellent condition. If you're interested, send me a PM and let me know which cutting/s you want (you can see the numbers in the pictures), and also let me know your post code. That allows me to calculate the total cost + postage for you. Preferred payment method is PayPal, but I can also do bank transfer. I'll update this thread as the cuttings are sold: #1 - 35cm: SOLD! #2 - 39cm: SOLD! #3 - 40cm: SOLD! #4 - 42cm: SOLD! #5 - 42cm: SOLD! #6 - 42cm: SOLD! #7 - 42cm: SOLD! #8 - 60cm: SOLD! #9 - 58cm: SOLD! Cheers, Jeans
  10. Update: All cuttings are now sold! Thank you to everyone who expressed interest!
  11. Update: Three more cutings now sold, only three remaining!
  12. Update: Two cuttings already sold, six remaining!
  13. UPDATE: All cuttings are now sold! Hi All! It's that time of year again, and I've got another 8 beautiful and healthy Trichocereus Bridgesii "Jeans" cuttings for sale! This variety grows prolifically, developing many pups and branches in a short amount of time. This variety also has a beautiful blueish color and nice long golden spines that become more brown as they mature. These particular cuttings are about seven years old and have been growing very slowly under harsh conditions - in a pot containing the original "mother plant" with many months between waterings.  See here for an Erowid report about this variety: https://www.erowid.org/experiences/exp.php?ID=89217  The cuttings range from about 29cm to 38cm. Tip cuttings will be sold first, followed by the other cuttings. Rest assured that if you don't get a tip cutting, your cutting will produce at least two (and often three) new pups very quickly from the top, and then usually at least one from the base a bit later on. Regardless of what kind of cutting you get, your new friend will end up looking fantastic in no time! All cuttings are $25 each. Buyer must also pay postage. I take pride in the way I package my cuttings, and you can be assured that these will arive in good condition to you with the spines intact. I use Aus post mailing tubes for these ones. If you're interested, send me a PM and let me know how many cuttings you want, and also let me know your post code. That allows me to calculate the total cost + postage so I can give you the total cost. First come first served; these usually sell out pretty fast! Payment is via PayPal only. I'll update this thread as the cuttings are sold. Cheers, Jeans