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  1. looking for legal highs safe for human consumption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and looking for info on the effects of nunu 2g herd mix and the safty of it.

  2. thank you, what about a safe legal high like incense but safe for human consumption?
  3. Hi, id like info on safe legal highs from herbal mixes to dryed herbs. id also like trip reports, effect info and more. For eg: is betel nut safe to consume, I herd that 8grams of betel nut is an LD. so this would then be unsafe to smoke as a legal high> http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/pan_masala_red_betel_nut_fennel_sandalwood_pr_289.php Things like this websites mixes should be good though may be weak an then pointless to buy like most legal highs. http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/herbal_blends_cp_145.php Though id like to try nunu: http://www.shaman-australis.com.au/shop/nunu_pr_1266.php so please list all websites of good safe legal highs. things like blue magic herbal incence are not safe and should be off the market. so should things like slapper, fuck that, thank you.
  4. matt1720

    Id request 2 acacia

    Oh thanks, ill deff check it out
  5. matt1720

    Id request on acacias

    Thanks for all the help any ideas on the other?
  6. matt1720

    passion flora id

    ah no i remeber its Edulis. Thanks for the help guys. I reay Apreceate everys ones input.
  7. hi ever 1. Last plant for a while, thanks for all the help. is its flowers toxic or bush tucker?
  8. matt1720

    Id request 2 acacia

    Thanks, i heard some have nicotine in it, would be cool to try. dose any one have any chemisty info
  9. a few others in the same location less then a k away in town.
  10. matt1720

    Id request on acacias

    though from memory it didnt have the star in the middle of the flower, not sure it may have.
  11. matt1720

    Id request on acacias

    Thanks mate could be poinciana because it has red flowers from memory. any idea on psychoactivity? i heard some have nicotine ps: the seeds have black/brown lines on them
  12. p1 senery 2 from a distence 5 the long pod is 2 seperate ones its nere a machienry yard, wherehouses, mangrove an a road.
  13. matt1720

    A.muscaria in aus, locations, enviroments an more.

    also is this colour difference from poisionous mixes of species with A.m sorts? Youd think if it were people would die an youd hear about it if it was possible but still, what the go?
  14. matt1720

    A.muscaria in aus, locations, enviroments an more.

    so what i dont understand is why they can a red, gold or green caps for the same species?
  15. matt1720

    A.muscaria in aus, locations, enviroments an more.

    Thanks so much, i found this info a Great help guys, ill get to it. And any id tips? (other then red or god cap with whit flecks, white gills, white frill, an an egg it grows from. im refering to id tips about differences betewen the looklikes an so on, but ill take Photos of what i find an post them to see if i seen the actule amanita or not.